Can Glycine Pregnant

Glycine is an amino acid that our body uses as a neurotransmitter. Thanks to neurotransmitters, the impulse passes through the nerve cells, transmitting information to the brain centers or internal organs. Glycine regulates the transmission of impulses, so during pregnancy it puts in order the nervous system of the expectant mother.

What is Glycine for pregnant women?

Glycine amino acid is a completely harmless component, and you should not be afraid of it. The human body independently synthesizes this substance in the same form as when taking Glycine tablets. Therefore, the use of this medication is not capable of harming a child.

Glycine is a non-toxic and non-teratogenic drug (

During pregnancy, the central nervous system of a woman is extremely unstable. This is due to hormonal adjustment and change (surge or fall) in the level of certain female hormones.

Therefore, pregnant women can prescribe Glycine with complaints of:

  • depressed mood or its drops;
  • sleep disturbance (drowsiness or insomnia);
  • psycho-emotional stress, anxiety and frequent stress;
  • distraction, forgetfulness, fatigue;
  • over-irritability or, conversely, lethargy and apathy;
  • neurosis-like condition arising from pregnancy.

Glycine helps to improve mood, thereby reducing aggression and conflict.

Also, this drug is recommended to take 2 weeks before passing an important project or examinations to reduce psycho-emotional stress, improve memory and increase mental performance.

And when you move to another apartment / city or when you change your position / place of work, Glycine will help a woman to quickly adapt to changes in life.

How to take and in what dosage?

Standard treatment: one tablet two to three times a day for two weeks. But the duration of admission during pregnancy depends on the state of the woman and the reason for the appointment, so the course may increase up to a month.

Method of application: the tablet can be crushed and pour the resulting powder under the tongue (after all, it is in this area of ​​the mouth that the suction capacity is highest) or simply dissolve until it is completely dissolved.

Glycine is sweet to the taste and does not have any pronounced taste, so taking the drug does not cause discomfort.

If a pregnant woman does not sleep well, then you can take 1 tablet of Glycine 20 minutes before bedtime or just before going to bed.

With regard to overdose, then this phenomenon has not been identified. However, the instructions for use reports that in rare cases, possible manifestations of side effects in the form of allergic reactions: itching and rash.

Can Glycine Pregnant

Is this dangerous for the fetus?

Glycine penetrates the blood well, so the placental barrier, the protection of the spinal cord and brain is not a hindrance to it, and it easily gets into all fluids and tissues of the body. But this does not mean that it is dangerous for the fetus. Glycine, like any other amino acid, is needed for the formation of proteins that promote the growth of the baby. Therefore, for a tiny organism the drug is not only safe, but also useful.

Half-tablets of glycine are prescribed even for children up to three years old in the form of a pounded tablet into powder. And since the age of three, the child is prescribed an adult dose. These recommendations for use are listed in the official instructions of the drug, which confirms its harmlessness to the child’s body.

In addition, overdose medication is impossible: the amino acid is easily excreted, not accumulating in cells, tissues and organs.

Therefore, on the recommendation of a doctor, safely drink Glycine during pregnancy, but you should not begin a course on your own or increase the dosage. Any drug during pregnancy can be taken only strictly as prescribed by a doctor.

Note! Glycine and Glycine Forte are two different drugs. Both are sold without a prescription, but in the second medium the dose of the amino acid is increased almost three times and the B vitamins are added.

Can Glycine Pregnant

Expectant mothers, be careful: do not confuse these medicines. Glycine Forte can cause an overdose of vitamins during pregnancy (especially if the doctor has already prescribed vitamin supplements): this is fraught with disturbances in the nervous system.

Glycine is a safe drug, but it will not cure serious diseases of the nervous system. It is prescribed only as an easy sedative.

In conditions that adversely affect the course of pregnancy (chronic insomnia, constant stress, prenatal depression), treatment with Glycine will not bring the desired effect, you should seek help from a highly qualified specialist.

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