Can blood erosion during pregnancy

Often there is a situation when cervical erosion is detected during pregnancy. The woman was not disturbed by anything, the pregravid preparation was not carried out, and the desired conception that had come was an unexpected but happy event. At the first examination, the doctor will see pathological changes: if, apart from visual changes, there are no deviations, then there are no obstacles for carrying the fetus. However, an unpleasant situation is possible when erosion on the cervix of the uterus is bloody, both during contact and in the absence of physical influence. In this case, the doctor will conduct a full examination to understand what causes bleeding from the eroded surface.

Why there is bleeding from the neck

In pregnancy, on the background of pronounced hormonal changes, the outer surface of the cervix changes, which contributes to slight traumatization and bleeding of tissues. It is normal in pregnant women when taking smears from the cervical canal with a special cyto-brush tissue sometimes bleeds.

The main reasons for this are:

  • loosening of the cervical tissues;
  • proliferation (hyperplasia) of cellular structures;
  • increased secretion activity of cervical cells;
  • decidual cervical tissue reaction caused by prolonged exposure to progesterone;
  • marked increase in vascular blood flow.

If there is erosion of the cervix, then bleeding can occur with a minimal touch with a spatula, because inflammatory disorders are added to the changes typical for pregnancy.

In a small part of women, on the background of a fetus, cervical erosion is complicated by the following problems:

  • decidual polyp (proliferation of cells of the cervical canal, triggered by progesterone);
  • deciduosis (tumor-like growth of tissues in the form of well-supplied blood nodules);
  • papillomatosis (activation of human papillomavirus infection);
  • dysplasia (precancerous changes).

With these problems, minimal trauma causes bleeding: an examination by a physician or intimacy causes bloody discharge from the vagina.

What examination is required

Bleeding erosion of the cervix requires a full examination, including the following studies:

  • infection smears;
  • cytological smear for the detection of atypical cells and dysplasia;
  • bacterial inoculation from the cervical canal to determine the type of bacterial microbes;
  • identification of chronic infection by PCR (papillomavirus, chlamydia, herpes, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis);
  • colposcopy;
  • ultrasound scan of the fetus and placenta;
  • determination of the length and viability of the cervix using ultrasound.

Can blood erosion during pregnancy

For a pregnant woman it is very important to calmly communicate and give birth to the desired child. Any bleeding during pregnancy scares the woman and the doctor, so the main diagnostic goals will be:

  • identifying threats to gestation;
  • risk assessment for malignant degeneration;
  • detection of pregnancy complications in which bleeding from the genital tract is possible.

Treatment of cervical erosion during pregnancy is not carried out. It is necessary to prevent the risk of recurrent bleeding, and to create conditions for a quiet bearing of the fetus before the term of physiological delivery.

What treatment options can be used

Any bleeding from the genital tract during pregnancy should be treated in a hospital setting. Inpatient treatment allows you to provide the most effective care. The doctor will prescribe hemostatic and preserving therapy in the form of tablets and injections when cervical erosion is bleeding. Most often this is enough to solve the main problems in a few days – to stop the bleeding and to keep the pregnancy.

Can blood erosion during pregnancy

After discharge, you must strictly observe the following rules:

  • complete rejection of sexuality;
  • it is necessary to eliminate hard physical labor;
  • do not use vaginal suppositories without a doctor’s prescription;
  • it is necessary to exclude the effect of high temperature (bath, sauna, hot bath);
  • gynecological examination and taking smears is carried out strictly according to indications.

Uncomplicated erosion during pregnancy is asymptomatic. However, for complications, emergency medical care may be required. With the utmost care for the cervix and vagina, erosion will not re-bleed. Cervical bleeding may reappear at birth, but this problem will appear after childbirth, when surgical methods of therapy can be used. In the postpartum period, it is necessary to continue treatment using modern methods of removing cervical pathology.

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