Calculation of pregnancy by week

Pregnancy calendar is a new and very visual online service that allows you to see all the processes occurring in the future mother’s body. He informs about the main changes characteristic of both the most pregnant and developing fetus inside her. Using the pregnancy calendar, you will get a visual representation of the developmental characteristics of the embryo; you will be informed both about the current gestational age, and regarding the expected date of birth, and the moment when you can start talking about repositioning in order to avoid negative consequences. Always available (and, most importantly, free) online pregnancy calendar allows you to predict the zodiac sign of the unborn child, having the opportunity to get acquainted with his character before birth.

Pregnancy calendar – calculate everything you need

The pregnancy calendar was created on the basis of many years of medical and obstetric experience, and represents the quintessence of the knowledge and observations of doctors about the course of the gestation process. It also presents the subjective feelings of the future moms themselves about what feels and worries when it all begins and passes.

If a desired child is expected in your home, the pregnancy calendar will help to imagine from the very first weeks how this little miracle grows, because it has already appeared next to you, and very soon will appear on the light. It is necessary to agree, it is very important for young parents, in particular, for the first time in their lives experiencing such joy.

Also, importantly, the weekly pregnancy calendar allows you to evaluate the signs at a particular stage, and you can avoid medical errors in determining the exact duration of your pregnancy. This, unfortunately, happens, inexperienced or unscrupulous doctors can arbitrarily “underestimate” the term of gestation, and the mother leaves on maternity leave much later than expected. And for many, even two extra weeks at work in the final stages of pregnancy may seem to be an ordeal.

Calculation of pregnancy by week

Using the weekly pregnancy calendar, you can compare your feelings with the proposed descriptions, and if necessary, if you have serious doubts, you can always double-check the information received from your gynecologist.

Also, the description mentions how the belly grows and how the uterus changes so you can understand when to take care of purchasing new clothes. In addition, you can visually see in the online pregnancy calendar indicators of growth and weight of the fetus in each week, and you can accurately monitor the adequacy of the development of the child.

Moms with an irregular cycle, or those whose menstruation period differs from the average indicators, can make a special clarification for themselves. If you have a too short (long) cycle, in addition to the calculations made by the obstetric pregnancy calendar, you can calculate the duration of pregnancy based on the OVULATION date. To do this, you can use another of our online service. In this case, you will receive complete information about the estimated date of conception and you can make your own adjustments to the estimated timing, orienting your pregnancy calendar to the date of conception.

Why do we need a pregnancy calendar

The interactive calendar of pregnancy is an assistant for young parents, which allows you to make plans for the near future and get an idea of ​​what to prepare for, what it is important to do at each stage, and what should be discarded. At some stages, when the active formation of the fetus takes place, it is very important to observe almost “perfect mom’s mode”, and you will be able to see these periods with exact dates. It is very convenient to use the pregnancy calendar to calculate the date of delivery, to see the moment when the expectant mother needs to prepare the bag at the maternity hospital, or when you should calmly treat the rapid growth of the tummy (at some stage this process is caused by the high-speed growth of the uterus), and

A pregnancy calculation calendar will tell you what should happen during each of the forty obstetric weeks, and you will be prepared for some of the “surprises” presented by the body, including “memory loss,” toxicosis, and fetal movement.

Calculation of pregnancy by week

And if earlier a less convenient and less informative pregnancy calendar was used by months, in which it was easy to get confused, today, more accurate technology for calculating pregnancy and childbirth, the weekly pregnancy calendar is presented to your attention.

After all, the truth is that nine months of pregnancy sometimes seem so long, and the thoughts of the future mother are so busy with the child that it is no wonder that they get confused, forget all the dates and dates, and remember only the expected date of birth. Use the weekly pregnancy calendar, it will allow you to remind yourself at least daily what time it is now, how much is left and what you need to do, how to behave and what inner feelings you should listen to.

And all you need to start using the service is to record the day of the beginning of the last menstruation, and the online pregnancy calendar will be able to calculate all your important dates at any time. Even if you forget something, you can remind yourself of it without difficulty.

How to use pregnancy calendar

The pregnancy calendar for weeks is very simple: you can calculate your time and see the “symptoms” of this stage any day you like. It is enough to enter in the table the day of the beginning of the last menstruation and today’s date. Based on these parameters, the pregnancy calendar by days will calculate the exact term of gestation, and you will be able to orient yourself in your sensations and actions.

As you can see, using a pregnancy calendar is very easy. Try it, and you will appreciate this service, created specifically for future moms!

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