Breast size 2

Determining the size of the breast is carried out according to clearly defined parameters and rules. For any woman it is important to know how the size of the mammary glands of nature rewarded her and what advantages hides behind her breasts. Usually, many inexperienced girls define their data “by eye”, which entails an erroneous choice of underwear and continuous disappointment. And only having knowledge of how to measure breast volume, you can eliminate any trouble and embarrassing situations.

But, despite these data, many of them are dissatisfied with their volumes in the decollete area and tend to increase their bust in every possible way. To understand how justified such unrest and discontent, it is necessary to understand in more detail the advantages and weaknesses of 2 breast size.

How does it look in the photo and how to measure the second breast size

Initially, in order to make sure that a woman has a second bust size by nature, two measurements of her body circumference are taken:

  • body circumference under the mammary glands;
  • torso diameter in the area of ​​the most protruding point of the bust.

Further, from a larger number you need to subtract a smaller parameter, and compare the resulting difference with the data of the dimensional grid. When performing such measurements of the body, it is imperative to maintain a flat back and tightly apply a centimeter to the body.. For the second size of the mammary glands, the difference between the above two parameters will be no more than 14-15 cm. Now you can begin to visualize 2 breast sizes in the photo.

It looks like the 2nd breast size in the photo

Usually women of different body types not only have thin bodies, but also women of large body constitution. Visually, the second bust size can be associated with such fruits as medium-sized oranges. At a time when the first breast size will not exceed the size of two apples, and the third bust size is comparable to two grapefruits with a decent shape.

2 breast size in the photo

The second breast size: the pros and cons

The second breast size is considered the most uncertain, since some women with such breasts are satisfied with their parameters, and consider their breasts lush and attractive. For others, this size is insufficient and becomes the reason for the complexes.

To dispel unnecessary thoughts, you just have to compare the advantages of such a breast with a large bust:

  • The second breast size always has a huge selection of sexy trendy underwear.
  • A woman with such breasts can afford to wear any styles of dresses, T-shirts and blouses with or without a neckline.
  • The second-size chest in any outfit will look elegant and not vulgar.
  • This breast size is almost not subject to age-related changes and deformation.
  • In women after 30 years, such a bust does not suffer from skin laxity, the shape and circumference of the mammary glands do not lose their pristine appearance and look attractive for many years.
  • During lactation, the breast of this size will retain its tone and relief, the woman will not have problems with the spine.
  • Small breast size is easier to restore after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Looking at such a large list of advantages of the second breast size, many women will probably reconsider their views on their bust. But he still has several drawbacks:

  • compact breasts in dresses with a deep neckline look less appetizing than large breast sizes;
  • the wrong choice of clothes can give a woman with a second breast size a boyish physique.

Increase the second breast size

To significantly increase the breast of the second size is possible only by plastic surgery.

But only a few women decide to take such a step, because besides the high cost, the prospect of wearing a foreign body in itself few people are tempted.

It is possible to increase the second breast size through exercise, adjusted diet, special breast care and at the expense of cosmetic preparations.

  1. Course of exercise. To always look breasts breasts, you must have strong pectoral muscles. To do this, you need to do several exercises, such as pushups, waved his arms, lifting weights and others. As mentioned in the previous article, you need to perform such training three times a week.
  2. Diet. The mammary glands and their size are predetermined by the amount of adipose tissue in them. In addition, the hormonal background of a woman affects breast growth. Therefore, every day you need to eat foods rich in healthy fats. And you can improve the hormones by such foods, in which there are many plant hormones like estrogen.
  3. Water treatments and massage. To improve blood flow and nutrition of the mammary glands, it is possible to carry out procedures for a contrast shower and after it perform a simple breast massage. These actions perfectly tone up and improve the shape and relief of the breast.
  4. For breast growth, many cosmetics have been developed, which include plant and natural female hormones, which are often lacking in a woman’s body.

Breast size 2

If you follow all the methods in a comprehensive manner, the results will not be long in coming.

Breast size 2

The second breast size: a gift or punishment?

Do not think that the second breast size is not attractive enough for the opposite sex. Men much more appreciate the aesthetic data of the breast, namely, its elasticity, grooming and youth. Lush bust under its own weight very soon begins to sag and lose its tone and elasticity of the skin. In women with a second breast size, on the contrary, the pristine forms and breast relief persist throughout life, emphasizing the diminutiveness and femininity of the lady.

For good reason, the small size of the breast in ancient times was considered a sign of aristocracy and the elite class, many women from rich pedigrees were especially tied up with corsets.

Today, the podium of many fashion designers and designers is fragrant with slender beauties with zero, first and second breast size. And rarely here you can find a model with magnificent forms. Therefore, the desire to change and increase the second breast size can be safely considered unreasonable and inexpedient.

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