Breast in the first month of pregnancy

True pleasure is to observe how the child’s development proceeds. At 5 months, your baby is no longer like a baby; he finally got rounded and became a plump rosy-cheeked little man. Parents carefully monitor what a child should be able to do in five months, because so much of interesting things appear in the life of the baby!

Baby mastering new movements

The physical development of a child at 5 months allows him to try out new poses and new types of activity.

  • At this age, the crumb picks up the head and shoulders from the “supine” position.

It may seem to you that the baby is trying to sit down, however it is not. The child will start to sit down later, and will do it from the “standing on all fours” position.

At five months, you can briefly put the baby, but not with a straight back, and at an angle of 45 ° -60 °. Seat him in a special chair with a slope, taking into account the features of sitting down boys and girls. Reliance on the pillow is harmful to the spine, since the soft surface does not support the back.

  • Baby already confidently rises on the forearm, lying on his stomach. Your baby is learning a new position: it rests on straightened handles. At this age, vision is already very well developed, and from this position, the kid gladly looks around the entire room.
  • The development of the crawling skill begins – in the prone position, the baby tries to push its body forward. At five months, the most active kids are already crawling in their bellies. More on when a baby starts crawling?>>>

How can you help your baby crawl?

  1. Put interesting toys in some distance from the baby. Only if the crumb can not reach them, give them to him so that he does not get upset;
  2. Remove socks from the baby, if the temperature in the room allows. So he quickly realizes that you need to push off with your fingers;
  3. Play with the baby: when he lies on his back, put your hands on his feet and bring your knees to the stomach. The child will push you with your feet. Here you need to picturesquely stretch your hands, as if the baby pushed very hard, and praise the baby. This game trains the muscles needed for crawling.
  • The children are already well turned; some are able to move in shallows.

Important! Do not leave the baby alone on the couch or bed.

It is better to let his wakefulness on the floor: on the carpet or a special children’s rug. So the baby will not only be safe, but also learn how to crawl faster – on a hard surface it is much more convenient to do this.

  • Psychomotor development of the child in five months is in close conjunction with the game. The kids well determine the distance to the toy, they can capture it even with their right, even with their left hand, shift from hand to hand. It will be useful to play with a crumb in finger games: “white-sided forty”, “we shared an orange”, etc.

Against the background of mastering new skills, sleep problems may begin. The child may refuse to sleep, cry when falling asleep, or fall asleep for a very long time. Night sleep can also become more sensitive and disturbing. A child may whimper, worry, spin and not go into a deep sleep. These are age related sleep disorders caused by new skills.

Breast in the first month of pregnancy

Useful games

In the fifth month of life, the baby’s wakefulness takes place mainly in the game. The range of what a child can do is gradually expanding; and his relationship with the outside world goes to a new level. This time is another test for parents, as the development of the baby requires constant contact with new items.

The little man sends everything he finds into his mouth. It is necessary to watch all the time so that the baby does not eat something small or harmful. In addition, at this age, the baby may begin to cut teeth. Offer him special teethers; Gums can be massaged with clean fingers with short cropped nails.

It is interesting! Children are pulling in the mouth, because its mucous membrane is much more sensitive than fingers. That is how they study new subjects.

At five months, the baby is actively playing with his legs: feels them, licks, pulls in his mouth. Do not interfere with it; acquaintance with your own body is an important milestone in the development of a child of the fifth month of life.

At this age, baby is a full-fledged participant in interaction with an adult. The kid supports joint games: she takes a rattle from her mother’s hands and gives it back, she is happy when her mother hides and plays with him in the “cuckoo”.

For more information on what a child should be able to do at 5 months, what rhythm of dreams and feedings he needs to ensure, how to develop a child of this age, but still have time to do chores, look in the online course “My favorite baby: the secrets of child development of the year” >>>

Now the kid is interested in books. It is very important to read the crumbs, to tell what is depicted on the pages. This contributes to the overall emotional development of the child and the development of his speech.

The little man loves to swim. Do various exercises with water in the water, and your baby will have strong muscles and good sleep.

Five-month-olds like to look in the mirror. Arrange the child so that he saw himself well. This lesson will entice him for a long time.

What changes occur in the skills of a child at this age, see in my video tutorial:

Emotions and communication

The mental development of the child allows him to experience and reproduce a wide range of emotions.

  1. to laugh
  2. require;
  3. angry, happy;
  4. the baby can express his good mood or dissatisfaction not only with laughter or crying, but also with the intonation of babbling.

Social, family development of a child is expressed in the fact that in 5 months of life he willingly spends time with close people, recognizes them, rejoices in them. But if a stranger tries to take it, he may be on his guard and even cry.

Breast in the first month of pregnancy

In five months of a child, mental development does not differ in girls and boys: what a boy should be able to do, then girls can.

At this age there comes a turning point in the psycho-emotional development of premature babies. It is then that most of them begin to roar, take a toy, roll over, actively contact with adults.

The development of a premature baby in the fifth month of life should take place in an atmosphere of physical and emotional comfort. In such children, sleep should be in the first place, and only then various types of physical activity should occur.

Speech development of the baby

At the age of 5 months, the child has time to move from grunting to babbling; uttering syllables is what a girl should be able to do at this age. The speech development of the boys is a little slower.

Kids clearly pronounce vowels and some consonant sounds. Can repeatedly repeat syllables: “ba-ba”, “pa-pa-pa”. So far, the child does this unintelligibly, just trains the speech apparatus.

To speed up the development of speech, talk with the children, tell the kids about everything that surrounds them.

Analyzing information about the necessary skills of the crumbs, do not forget that there are features of the development of the child, and in five months someone will be able to more, and someone less.

Take care of your baby, spend more time with him, and he will constantly delight you with his success in development. After all, the main guarantee of the formation of any skills is the love and support of family members.

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