Breast Anna Semenovich

You can safely argue that every friend of yours knows such a famous person as Anna Grigorievna Semenovich. And the majority will say: “Ah, this is the one with big breasts ?!” And I will not be mistaken, because it is around her magnificent forms that discussions, conversations and disputes are constantly being held! No one can say with absolute certainty that the singer used the services of a plastic surgeon. But, besides, no one argues that it is not. Many believe that before the plastic Semenovich chest was completely inconspicuous, but now everything has changed.

Forms of Anna not only intrigue, excite the imagination and tease the eye, but also shrouded in mystery, which no one has yet been able to unravel. Journalists often investigate, they are in search of truth, because it is also clear that popularity requires an ideal physical form from a star. And, of course, it is not a secret that many resort to various tricks in order to hide the effects of fatigue and aging.

Anna Semenovich to plastic

Breast Anna Semenovich

But in the case of Anna Semenovich many questions arise. Of course, you can start an investigation from the beginning of her career in figure skating, after talking with her partner, Roman Kostomarov. And this move was made. You will be surprised to learn from Kostomarov’s words that, in his opinion, Anna’s 5666 had absolutely ordinary forms, which under concert clothing did not look as appetizing as they are now. Although it is accurate and clear that Semenovich made plastic, it was not voiced by him. Whether by virtue of his upbringing, whether it is simply a talented PR move, or whether he really didn’t pay attention to the figure of his partner – history is silent.

Discussions about the fifth size of Anna’s charms flare up not only among ordinary fans of her work, but also among professionals of the surgical industry. Many claim that she not only inserted the implants in the chest, but also added silicone to the lips, and also corrected the features of the face and neck with the help of Botox injections.

One of the most famous Russian masters of plastic surgery, Elchin Veliyevich Mamedov, the one who “corrected” the appearance of many celebrities of the national stage, directly said that, in his opinion, Anna Semenovich had plastic surgery on her chest.

He is like a pro, to whom there are no complaints, referring also to the credibility of his intended eye, you can believe. He says that in its natural form, such a huge chest is exposed to a large force of gravity and, if it were of the fifth size by nature, it would have a dangling appearance. And what we are seeing today is achieved through the introduction of an elastic implant into the breast cavity that holds such a wonderful shape.

Oddly enough, Anna herself does not try to deny any of the facts voiced. But at the same time, she constantly asserts that her breasts become larger due to a small weight gain after increasing calorie intake. The ex-singer of the group “Brilliant” insists on the opinion that nature has endowed her body with the property of gaining weight only in those places where it is “necessary.” These statements are perceived critically by the majority of women, knowing how the consumption of high-calorie foods affects the figure of each person, but at the same time the whole body grows in proportion, and not just the chest.

And the more disputes and discussions around the forms of Anna, the more its popularity grows. Semenovich not only tested her abilities in figure skating, but also excelled as an actress and singer. She easily sets tasks and copes with them with her head held high.

This beautiful woman proved that God presents not only appearance, but also talent. The beauty leaves behind herself shocked and discouraged men’s glances, broken hearts, crowds of admirers, as well as envious and frustrated looks of potential rivals.

And even if it is an artificial beauty, but it brings its fruits. Men go crazy, looking at such a figure. And it is not surprising that a certain advertising company did not regret paying Anna half a million dollars only for making a commercial about a preparation for raising potency (information from reliable sources). Colleagues in show business are critical of this trick Semenovich, but she calmly replies that she is ready to bring joy and pleasure to men. And this again raises its rating over its more modest rivals.

Of course, it was not without serious consequences from such beauty. After all, everything has its price. There was a sad case recently with one of Anna’s fans, who repeatedly beat people who had been unflattering about her. For this, he was even isolated in a psychiatric clinic, but soon escaped from there.

What is beauty capable of? Will she either save the world or destroy it? But beauty must definitely be! Anna Semenovich is not just a charming, attractive, but also talented, intelligent, cheerful, independent woman whom you want to be equal to. To this level is not ashamed to strive and grow. She was able to make herself famous and keeps a high bar to which not everyone is destined to touch. If surgery helped her in this, then so be it. We accept such sacrifices, enjoying a quality result.

What is Anna Semenovich’s breast size now?

At the moment, she has six size breasts.

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