Books for children 12-14 years

7:45 – the beginning of the landing in the car at the station Irkutsk-Passenger.

8:00 – departure of the retro train (on the road – travel information).

Exit at the following stops:

Slyudyanka station (167th km of the BSR railway)

Excursion on the main and largest station of the Circum-Baikal railway. All the main facilities of the station were built at the beginning of the last century by special projects. The most famous architectural masterpieces are the railway station lined with local white and pink marble and the reservoir building made in the Art Nouveau style using Gothic motifs.

Books for children 12-14 years

Angasolka Station (149th km of the Circum-Baikal Railway)

Excursion with a tour of the engineering structures of the Angasolsky complex – reinforced concrete bridge of the second stage, metal bridge of the first stage, viaduct, tunnel and retaining walls.

Stop point “Kirkirei Creek” (123rd km of the Circum-Baikal Railway)

Excursion through the tunnels № 18 and № 18 bis, inspection of the lower arch retaining wall. This tunnel is a complex architectural structure. Over its Irkutsk part a powerful and fast river Kirkirey flowed. For its withdrawal, an unusual structure for those times was created – an aqueduct – a drainage system, conducted over the tunnel.

Station Polovinnaya (110th km of the Circum-Baikal Railway)

Excursion through the longest tunnel of the BSRC. Information about the Circum-Baikal Railway, its construction (surveys, choice of direction). Walking route with access to Baikal. Return on the cape (a small gentle ascent and the same calm descent).

The stopping point “Italian wall” (102nd km of the Circum-Baikal Railway)

Excursion to the two neighboring complexes. The first one includes Cape Shumikhinsky with a tunnel and a bay, a sandy beach and a stone pipe across the river. The second consists of engineering structures: a bridge, a viaduct, a gallery and retaining walls. One of the walls – arched, called “Italian” (built with the participation of masters from Italy) – the only one preserved in its original form.

19:30 – Arrival at the station Port Baikal (73rd km of the BSR Railway).

Visit the Museum of the Circum-Baikal Railway in a renovated station building.

Books for children 12-14 years

Crossing to Listvyanka village, boarding buses.

21: 00–22: 00 – return to Irkutsk.

Do not forget to bring along a good mood, as well as items that may be needed during the move and stay on excursions:

  • warm clothing;
  • the most comfortable shoes;
  • photo and video equipment;
  • chest wallet;
  • personal care products;
  • necessary medications;
  • spray spray from ticks and mosquitoes;
  • in the summer period – bathing accessories, blankets for relaxing on the beach, sunglasses, a hat, sun protection cream;
  • optional – meat for frying kebabs (skewers or grates), favorite foods, juices, mineral water, books, board games, paper and felt-tip pens for children.
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