Books about pregnancy

So, here is our list of books for pregnant women, the reading of which can be spent with the benefit of all 9 months of waiting for the baby. Of course, it is not necessary to study them all, and you end up with your own list to read. We only list what is most popular with future and successful mothers.

1. Benjamin Spock “Baby and care for him.”

The books of the famous Dr. Spock are still among the most popular among his parents, despite the fact that some of his ideas have not passed the test of time. For example, he argued that it does not matter to the baby’s health how he is fed: mother’s milk or artificial formula. And later it was refuted by the WHO. Or recommended to put the babies to sleep on the tummy, which today pediatricians is regarded as a dangerous position of the child. However, of course, there are much more sensible and useful recommendations in Spock’s books, and it’s certainly worth reading to the expectant mother.

Books about pregnancy

2. Komarovsky E. O. “Child health and common sense of his relatives.”

Known in Russia and in Ukraine, and equally beloved, both here and there, the doctor wrote more than one of this book, but it was her readers who themselves advised as the beginning of “education according to Komarovsky”. Especially since this is the first part of a series of books for future and already established moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers. Available about the complex, not scary about the dangerous, fascinating about the boring – such is the style of Komarovsky, who wrote this textbook for future and current parents.

3. Grantley Dick-Read “Birth without fear.”

Why is labor giving such pain to women? A painful reaction is a response to fear and stress! The father of the natural childbirth method is convinced of this by the doctor of medical sciences from Cambridge Grantley Dick-Reed (1890-1956

4. I. Bauer “Life without diapers! Gentle wisdom of natural hygiene of kids “.

From natural care to natural education! Well, and then, to natural life. This is the main message of this book. And the diaper is an unnatural thing. This is something superfluous in the life of the infant, which prevents him from exchanging special signals with his parents, which are capable of laying the foundation for their emotional communication. A common language, the author argues, parents and children can find long before the crumb learns to speak. Just how to do it? I. Bauer will help adults recognize the signals of the baby and teach how to respond to them correctly. But the first thing to do is get rid of diapers.

5. William and Martha Sears “Waiting for the Baby.”

This is not only a detailed and very useful, but also an exciting benefit for each month of pregnancy. The authors are recognized throughout the world experts on the birth and upbringing of children, supporters of the so-called “soft approach” and “natural care”, pediatrician and obstetrician, authors of more than 30 books (which continue and continue to be reprinted) William and Martha, themselves raised eight children . The spouses tempted in this question will tell about all the physical and emotional changes that occur with the future mother, what is the norm, what is not, about the difficulties on this difficult path and about ways to overcome them.

6. H. Vanderayt and F. Ploj “Is it capricious? So it develops! ”

The unexplained behavior of an infant under one year often makes parents nervous. “And the whole thing is in quite natural races of its development, of which there are only eight,” the authors of the book explain to the fathers and mothers. Horse racing is a very difficult period for a child, and therefore his mood at this time does not change for the better. The authors will tell you how to understand whether the time has come for such a jump and what to do with this further. They will also give advice on how to raise a genius, teach parents to play useful games with their children and tell you how to help a little man when he cries.

7. M.-L. Hopgud “How Eskimos Keep Their Children Warm or the Most Practical Approach to Raising Your Child.”

Acquaintance with the traditional customs of raising children from different nations, collected in this book, raises doubts about some of our modern stereotypes. What is true and what is imposed on us by civilization? To be simpler in upbringing is to achieve more? Others’ parental achievements will allow not only to bring something new into their parental style, but also to get closer acquainted with the life of different families inhabiting our planet.

8. E. Sai “Happiness to be a mother, or 1000 ideas, so that the child grows up to be loving, intelligent, healthy.”

And this happens precisely after the birth, says the author of this book, the mother of two children. The book contains not only answers to questions related to the upbringing and development of a child, but also the secrets of how to remain in harmony with the world and with yourself, with your husband and grandmothers, how to organize your life so that it becomes even more interesting and richer. . And, of course, here are practical tips on education and development, recipes for children’s dishes, games, and much more.

9. E. Burmistrova. “Irritability”.

Isn’t it true, children, at times, are terribly annoying? But not you, you are not such a person? Well, then this book is for those who are able to admit: yes, this happens, and often.

Ekaterina Burmistrova is a professional psychologist and the mother of 10 (!) Children thinks that irritable parents in the conditions of modern life are not uncommon, but we must fight this. And most importantly – you can. She analyzes the causes of irritability and gives very good advice on overcoming this common condition.

10. Leeds R., Francis M. “Complete order for moms.”

Experienced people know that everything needs to be planned for order and make life easier. This useful book is a weekly plan for organizing life with an infant (or in anticipation of it), calculated for a year. Not only is it just crammed with the necessary and very original advice for all occasions, from cooking and arranging furniture to searching for nanny and makeup tips, it is also written vividly and wittily. A advice can be used not for a year, but for years!

11. N. Latta “Synology. Mothers raising sons. “

Even if you have a daughter or, if you still have no children, after reading the first page of this book, you will surely turn one more and more. Oh, if you have a son. The author, the father of two sons himself, the famous psychologist Nigel Latta, with 20 years of experience, not only knows how to get parents and children of all ages out of the most hopeless situations, but also teaches them methods of proven and effective prevention of such cases. Destroying the usual stereotypes, he gives hope to even the most desperate parents.

12. Masaru Ibuka “After three it’s too late”.

The fact that the Japanese do not prohibit anything for children under five is known to all. And we don’t know anything more about upbringing in the land of the rising sun … This gap will more than fill the book by Masaru Ibuki, whose merits (apart from participation in the founding of the Sony Corporation) include the creation of the Japanese Association of Early Development and the School of Talent Education. The author is convinced that every newborn has a natural need for early development and the parent’s duty to satisfy her as much as possible. And how – Ibuki will tell.

13. S. Klaas “Your favorite little man from conception to birth.”

Seven chapters of this book are dedicated to the hero who, once becomes the main thing in the love story of a man and a woman. In any case, this is how it should be … His name is Tiny, and his life has already begun, the truth so far only in my mother’s belly. Before the birth of another nine months, but already hundreds of questions – with mom and dad. Modern scientific information, practical recommendations and confidential style of the author will allow parents to better prepare for the upcoming trials.

14. K. Yanush “Supermam”.

The author of numerous books, a sexologist, a psychologist, but first of all a mother of five children, Katerina Yanush wrote a whole encyclopedia on the development and upbringing of children. In Sweden, she is considered the most respected expert in the field of family relations, and here health is very serious, it’s not for nothing that the Swedes rank third in the world in terms of this indicator. The book, covering all issues related to children from conception to adolescence, will be a reliable assistant to parents for several years.

15. A. Faber, E. Mazlish “Brothers and Sisters. How to help your children live together. ”

A. Faber and E. Mazlish are American moms who raised six children for two. The theme of the book is close to millions of parents: rivalry and mutual relations of brothers and sisters, enmity and jealousy in a large family. And all the tips here, and the methods and techniques specific, understandable and effective.

16. Traub M. “What babies are talking about.”

We were all them, but none of us remembers that time. What does the baby really feel? What does he really want and not want? Does he understand more than he can express? And does he have a meaningful inner world inherent in us, adults? The author of this book is convinced that children are like adults, not more stupid than them, but they cannot speak. In any case, the little one, on whose behalf the story is being told, is not at all inferior to his parents in intelligence and wit.

17. Surzhenko L. “Education without screaming and hysterics.”

The subtitle of this book: “Simple solutions to complex problems,” of course, disingenuous. Simple everything connected with children can not be. And to bring up your child, alone, even if all-consuming love, is not enough. It turns out that you need to educate too. For a start, for example, read this book, in which there are reasonable advice for parents of beginners, full of high hopes, and for those who are almost desperate to find a common language with their children.

Books about pregnancy

18. T. Solomatina “Obstetrician HA!”, First and second books.

These books are not exactly scientific. But purely entertaining them, too, of course, can not be called. Tales from the life of the hospital on a documentary basis, written by a doctor, that’s what it is. Breaking away from witty, forcing laugh in the voice, and, at the same time, very useful stories on topics relevant to any woman, is simply impossible. “If even my second book makes at least one little girl wear warm pants in winter, a woman is protected, and a pregnant woman is more serious about her own health and the life of her child, I don’t smoke this sky for us all together,” the author writes. Not in vain.

19. Makarova E. “To give birth to a healthy baby without pain and fear”.

What is needed in order to safely have a healthy baby? There are no universal recipes for solving this major human problem. But there is the experience of other moms. And the knowledge of medical practitioners. “And yet – faith in yourself,” says the author of the book, a midwife and a mother of four sons in one person. The unbanned advice of the collection complements its beneficial psychotherapeutic effect.

20. J. Ledloff. How to raise a child happy.

Have you noticed that cats have kittens crying less often than we have – our children? We all do something wrong, there are some significant gaps in the generally accepted upbringing. But what? An American psychotherapist shares her recipe for not raising even a happy life of children near her parents, who has lived for two years in the tribes of South American Indians, where full harmony reigns between adult and children, which is so lacking in our civilized

21. Radio operator K @ t “Notes of a pregnant woman.”

9 months of truth or her own pregnancy without embellishment and now fully documented happy mom, singer, journalist, writer Ekaterina Sorokina, radio operator K @ t working under the pseudonym This time turned out to be for the author not so rosy and serene as it seemed in her dreams. And the sudden family financial crisis only aggravated the situation. By the way, the description of this problem has given the book a special relevance right now. And it inspired hope – after all, everything ended well!

22. Small S., Siburin A. “I or we? How to raise twins.

An interesting, informative and very useful book for anyone who already has twins and those who are still interested in them. Written by specialists who deal specifically with twins, she talks not only about their development and upbringing, but also about ideas about twins in culture and mythology, about preparing for twins, and even about their relationships in adult life.

23. N. Bashkirov “Baby from birth to three years.”

How long does it take to feed the baby? What toys to buy? Do I need to teach your baby to swim from birth? How to choose organic products? About this and many other things this book will tell – the universal reference book of young parents. But the main thing: the book will tell you, not only how to raise a healthy baby, but also to enjoy the process, finding time for yourself and for your husband.

24. “Feed the child. A complete guide to the nutrition of children from birth to two years. ” Publishing house Klever, 2011.

The theme of this book, a joint project of the magazine “Happy Parents” and the publishing house Clever, was one of the most exciting moms and dads topics: baby food.

How to adjust breastfeeding? How to choose a suitable artificial mixture? How to introduce new products? These and other questions will be answered and shared by the most current and relevant information by leading Russian pediatricians, gastroenterologists and nutritionists, members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

25. “Your healthy child.” Publishing house Klever, 2013.

A great addition to the reading of the magazine and the website “Happy Parents” was a book, which contains advice from experts: scientists, doctors, teachers about the most common childhood diseases and the latest methods of their diagnosis. The first chapter is devoted to diseases of the newborn, the second – information about the most common diseases of the crumbs, the third will help you know what to do in case of injury to the baby, and the fourth will teach you to understand the drugs. A convenient table of contents and a list of diseases alphabetically will quickly orient readers, and cute illustrations will raise your spirits.

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