Birthday with friends

We all love holidays since childhood, especially birthdays, especially our own. However, in contrast to the times of distant childhood, as an adult, apart from gifts and treats, we are concerned about another important question: how to celebrate a birthday in an unusual and inexpensive way. After all, when you celebrate your birth for at least 30 years in a row, fantasy, to put it mildly, goes into retirement and yours holiday turns into another feast with banal toasts and eloquent cards in the form of indecently large double-digit numbers. Everything would be fine, but I want to spend this bright day somehow unusual, and not even lower the entire monthly budget for the celebration. We will help you organize an unforgettable celebration, tell you about the most interesting ways to celebrate and find a cool option for you.

How to celebrate a birthday: options for any season

Birthday is celebrated at any age. Regardless of whether you are 2 years old or 92 years old, this holiday brings many surprises and pleasant memories. Practice shows that best to celebrate your birthday with friends or with close people: relatives, fathers, mothers and pets. Of course, you can try to celebrate this holiday in proud loneliness, but these are already materials for another article.

What do we know about the birthday? Celebrate this holiday can be at home, and you can outside. Everyone knows the standard picture of any birthday: guests, gifts, cake, greetings. Plus a couple of contests, a song from a cartoon about Cheburashka, a round dance and candy. Maximum balloons. But we will reveal to you some of the secrets of a cool birthday for any age and season.

Summer birthday

In fact, there are many options to celebrate a birthday. Special, if you are lucky enough to be born in the summer. Then you can take a cheerful company of your friends, arm yourself with skewers, a grill, bedspreads, tents, a ball and go on a trip out of town. Variations on nature is suitable for both adults and adolescents who are 11 years old (under the supervision of adults, of course).

For kids 5 years old, you can also make a picnic:

  • to decorate a forest glade with balls, flags, toys;
  • organize outdoor games;
  • hide treats and invite young guests to find them;
  • invite animators or reincarnate themselves into heroes from favorite fairy tales.

In general, a birthday in nature is always fun, useful and, most importantly – budget.

Birthday in autumn and winter

  1. If you are celebrating a birthday in the autumn-winter period and do not want to spend at all, can celebrate it at work.
  2. Decorate your desk or the doors of your office to bring the mood of celebration and fun into the work atmosphere.
  3. Bring sweets and treats to colleagues.
  4. Restrainedly accept congratulations and compliments. Treat the chef with a cake, laugh at his jokes about your age.

Of course, not the best holiday on earth, but still a very good birthday party option for rednecks. Or for those who, in principle, do not like their holiday.

But if the weather is not a hindrance for you – it would be a mood, then you can celebrate a birthday in nature all year round. Autumn is a bright time for photo shoots. You can invite a photographer, and you can get by with your own good camera.

If you want to spend this day in an original way, think about the location (park, forest, river bank), choose the decor and props, think about costumes and images. And the birthday will pass, as they say “with a bang” and do not need to wash the dishes. Especially this option like a girl, with any age, because most women like to be photographed and publish their photos in social networks.

For a winter birthday, you can arrange a cozy party at home, with board games, homemade sweets and hot drinks. In the pre-Christmas time, it will also be nice to arrange a joint viewing of Christmas comedies, decorating the Christmas tree or attending a master class on making New Year’s toys. If such a pastime seems boring to you, invite friends to the rink, rollerdrom or to the theater. You can also pay for 1 dance class and come off in full. After – a small buffet. Inexpensive, but very memorable holiday you provided.

For spring birthdays

If you celebrate your birthday in spring, you also have an unlimited field of imagination. And you can choose a small budget.

Birthday with friends

  1. Spring photo shoot with friends.
  2. A trip to the country or on an agrotouristic excursion (to the farm or to the equestrian sports base).
  3. Popular modern fun – quest. You can visit a special quest club or come up with a fascinating story and together with your friends solve the real puzzles and secrets or find treasures (for example, gifts, movie tickets and

    How to celebrate the birthday of a child at 1 year

The first birthday of a baby is a great celebration for him and for parents. Of course, a small birthday or a birthday woman will remember his first holiday with fragments, so it is better to give the kid a fairy tale. This can be a costume show with animators, or parents themselves can be reincarnated as fairytale heroes. So it will be more soulful and cheaper. We offer you some tips on how to celebrate the first birthday of your baby.

  1. Do not invite a lot of guests – The baby can get scared and upset. Remember, this is his holiday. At the birthday party, of course, there should be the closest relatives of grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles and aunts, brothers, sisters and godmothers. And a few babies of the same age or older. No need to overload the baby with unnecessary emotions and greetings. Moreover, he will stay a short time during the holiday, and then you will remove all this.
  2. Decorate the room, in which you will spend the holiday. Pick up the design of the children’s room and the style of the holiday according to the age and sex of the child. For example, a boy will like napkins, balls, plates and other trifles with cars painted on them, and girls will be delighted with luxurious butterflies, princesses and ponies. Even if you are celebrating at home – the holiday atmosphere must be present.
  3. What is a holiday without a cake? And let the baby not have it yet, try to make beautiful and truly “childish” treats. Add to the menu dishes with the original design, it will be more fun and tasty.
  4. If you are celebrating the birthday of a crumbs in nature or in the country, do not ignore such mandatory attributes as cake and children’s decor. Take joint photos that you show your baby when he is a little older.
  5. Contests. At the birthday of a one-year-old baby you can also have great fun. Take his very first sliders (clean) and put there little notes with congratulations, write about the habits of the baby or tell interesting facts about him. Let the guests take turns reading these little notes out loud. Believe, it will be very funny!

How to spend a birthday at home fun: scenario for adults

Do you like surprises? Then arrange them for yourself and your guests on your own birthday.

Birthday with friends

The easiest scenario for a girl who decides to celebrate her birthday with her friends is to have a hen party. You can invite a stripper, or arrange a pajama party, or even Day of beauty and style to appoint. Of course, it’s better not to do all this at the same time, and so that the neighbors do not resort to a manicure, but this is your birthday, so you and your cards.

By the way, about the cards. If you have a very mixed company, then a team game, such as the mafia, will help to save the situation. Make a party in the style of the Italian mafia, with the appropriate dress code and treats, cocktails and entertainment rooms. Everything must correspond to the style of the era and, most importantly, you and your guests will like it.

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