Birthday of olga buzovoy

Romashov believes that all the guys who come to the project to Yulia are trying to assert themselves at the expense of him. Ira and Roma went to the cinema, returned to the clearing separately. Tatyana Vladimirovna thinks Olya needs to get a divorce from Dima. Cherkasov suggested to Ilya to find out the reason for leaving Alena from the project. Tanya Strokova gave a surprise to Daniel Sakhnov. Olya Lautner left the project.

Borodina nominated for leaving Olya and Dima Dmitrenko, Milena and Bezus. Buzova nominated Roma Golikova and Dima Abramov. The experts nominated Roma, Dima, Lesha and Milena. Cherkasov and Orlova saved Milena.

Gritsenko went on a trip not to a friend, but to the ex-girlfriend Zhenya. Roma confessed Ira that he loves Zhenya. Buzova invited Zhenya to the frontal place, she was disappointed in Roma. Gritsenko left the project, and Zhenya and a friend stayed for a day. Zakharu likes Olya Lautner. Anya Bryanskaya cried after a frontal place due to the fact that Zakhar first chose her, and then said that she would think.

Anya and Zakhar visited the best SPA salon on Mahe. Marina and Roma Zhukov were selling coconuts on the beach. Zakhar considers Anya dull and rotten, although she is trying to build relationships with her. On the frontal view, it turned out that Zakhar corresponded with Olya Lautner and was waiting for her on the island. Kupin arranged a date for Maya, and Mondezir Yulia.

Daniel and Alain Chizh together painted birdhouses. Amir and Yazilya Nabiullina flew on an exit date in an aerotube. Tanya Stegantsova visited the stylists. Yulya Lubentsova is on proper nutrition and wept today because she cannot eat what she wants. Marat and Yana are going to fly to the Seychelles.

Yulya Shcheglova is trying to build relationships with the new Denis Bondarev. Roma Gritsenko was going home for two days, Iru was not invited. Ilya shared with Rita his feelings about the baptism of his son. Tatyana Vladimirovna told Ole that Alena had left the project. Olya’s mom believes that Olya and Dima need to leave for a while in order to understand whether they need each other or not. Oksana Mikhailovna, the mother of Roma Golikova came to the glade to congratulate her son on his birthday.

The show “Borodina against Buzova” – “The Island of Love” was held by Ksenia Borodina. The topic of discussion is “Jealous Simon or total distrust of a woman.”

Birthday of olga buzovoy

Tatiana Vladimirovna came to the glade today. Tatyana Vladimirovna believes that Ole and Dima should live separately from each other. Dima asked his wife not to complain to his mother. Olya Lautner and Nastya Stetsevyat will go to the Seychelles. Simon and Nastya will return to Moscow from the island. Tanya Strokova and Daniil Sakhnov returned from vacation.

Maya is in tears all day, she wants a child, but she cannot become pregnant yet due to health problems. Simon and Nastya had a fight on a date. Nastya has feelings for Sam, but his short-tempered state during a quarrel frightens and repels her. Zahar and Anya will go on a sweet date, and Roma and Marina will go on a sharp one.

Tanya Stegantseva on an aunt with a psychologist admitted that she had become too jealous, it even reached the point of paranoia. Svetlana Prel on the island managed to help the spouses Kvedaravičius Ana and Kostya to improve relations. Alla and Sasha Pakhomov continue to quarrel. According to the results of the voting, a new pair of Marat Tyulenov and Yana Umanskaya will go to the Seychelles.

Today is Alexey Bezus’s birthday. Ira in the kitchen discussed with Valera her relationship with Roma, Gritsenko got angry. Dima Dmitrenko suggested that his wife write down claims against each other, Olga refused. Alyona Savkina arrived in the field. On Aunt Orlova suggested that Alena talk to Ilya, she burst into tears.

On the project “Save Your Love” the new participants are Anton and Tatyana Stegantsevy from Tula, Marat and Yana Umansky from Moscow. Adam Sadek and Alena Korolev left the project on their own.

Three new participants came to the project – Anastasia Miloslavskaya to Dima Abramov, Denis Vasilkov to Milena, Denis Bondarev to Yulya Scheglova.

Simon with Nastya and Zakhar with Anya returned from the hotel without cameras. Nastya wants to fly to Moscow with Sam and support him in competitions. Zakharu likes Anya, but doesn’t always like her behavior. Relations of Mondezir and Yulia are developing, he wants to fly with Julia to Moscow.

Alena Chizh met with her husband Olesya’s mistress today. Kostya Kvedaravichyus arranged for his wife a romantic date on the island. Andrei Lubentsov struggles with his wife’s excess weight. Yazilya would like Amir to become the head of the family. New couples came to the project – Anton and Tatyana Stegantsevy from Tula, Marat Tyulenov and Yana Umanskaya from Moscow.

Dima Dmitrenko moved his belongings to the second floor. Rapa is not going to run after Dima, she is hard on the project, she is not happy with her husband. Roma is not in love with Pinchuk, but appreciates her good attitude towards him. Milena and Bezus passed a polygraph test test today as part of the Wedding for a Million competition. Bezus was hugging Lena, the mother of her child, on the road, Milena gave a tantrum. Zhenya and Julia agreed not to cling to each other. Olya Lautner cooked Dima Abramov cabbage soup with cabbage and noodles.

Milena and Bezus went to the main stage of the “Wedding for a Million” competition.

Simon held the Battle of the Sunday contest, the guys won, and gave the trip to the hotel to Sam. Nastya does not believe that Simon will change and does not want to go with him to a hotel without cameras. Anna Bryanskaya and Roma Zhukov arrived on the island. Zhukova likes Marina Gadzhimuradova. Zakharu is nice Anya, Julia sent them to a hotel without cameras. Nastya and Simon will go to the hotel.

Yulia Shcheglova is jealous of Zhenya Romashov for the former participant Yana Shevtsova. Roma Gritsenko organized an entertaining meeting for Ira Pinchuk. Ira wanted to apologize to Buzova, but she refused to talk. Olya Rapunzel calmed down after yesterday’s tantrums. Dima Dmitrenko was offended and gave Ole a phone, although he planned to donate him for Olya’s birthday. Yabbarov no longer insists that Allen give his son his middle name.

The project left Elizaveta Kravchenko, Ira Pinchuk’s girlfriend.

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