Birthday contests and games

The essence of the competition is to draw someone else’s portrait blindfolded. For the competition will need a few people who want to demonstrate their creative abilities. Participants are blindfolded, given a brush or a pencil, and they proceed to the portrait. What happens in the end, amuse everyone.

Inflatable balls are laid out on the floor, the more – the better. Players on the lead team must rush to collect them. The winner is the player who collects and holds the largest possible number of balls. A large number of balls are needed to make the competition interesting. In the end, it is necessary to calculate who collected the balls and how many balls, and select the winner.

The essence of the competition is that one of the participants is invited to read a quatrain written on a piece of paper. However, it should read only the first two lines. The task of the rest is to guess or think up the ending, that is, the last two lines. It is clear that rhyme must be observed. After this, the resulting quatrains are compared with the originals and the players who have the talent of the poet are identified.

Songs with numbers

Guests are divided into several teams. Each of the teams takes turns singing a song with any number. On whom the game stops – the team leaves, and the winner or the birthday man will award the prize to the winning team. There are many songs with numbers, for example, once a year the gardens bloom; Two by two is four; Three tankmen, three merry friends; Attempt number five and so on, so the game should be fun and interesting.


It would seem a simple and simple competition, but it delays and will be able to cheer up even the saddest guest at the festival. Each participant is provided with soap bubbles, which can be bought at any market or children’s store. The task of each of the participants is to blow out the biggest soap bubble. Each participant has 5 attempts. Those who inflate the most presumptively large soap bubble will receive a prize, for example, a pack of bubble-gum.

Birthday contests and games

Week for birthday

All guests are given a few minutes to think. Then each one in turn gets up and says to the birthday man: Suppose you have such a week: Monday is _, Tuesday is _, but instead of dashes inserts his made-up word, for example, Monday is a slacker, Tuesday is a chatter with friends, Wednesday is a happy moment etc. Who will have the best week for the hero of the occasion, he will receive a prize.

Birthday contests and games

Peculiar song

All the guests are sitting or standing in a circle and, at the command of the host, each participant silently begins to sing any song that comes to mind. On the word “stop” everyone stops and remembers his last word. Then the birthday boy or birthday girl call any tune to which the guests in a circle together (by inserting one word of their own) sing a song. It should be a very interesting song with fun and diverse content.

Compliments to the birthday

It’s simple: the age of the birthday man – the number of compliments. At the “start” command, each of the guests on the leaf writes his compliments for the birthday man, respectively, with his age, that is, if the birthday man is 25, then there should be 25 praising words.


Participants on the back around the perimeter hang the same number of pegs. The leader declares that on the back of each spider and need to remove it. At the “start” command, participants begin to take off their clothespins from their backs. Whoever copes first, won it and drove the spider away.

Guests are divided into 2-3 teams with the same number of participants. Members of each team become a zigzag, that is, one participant, and slightly diagonally opposite the second, and so on. The first team members get the ball. At the “start” command, the first participants throw the ball to the participants opposite them, they do the same. As soon as the ball turns out to be at the last participant, he puts it on the floor and with his foot already pushes the participant opposite, and he does the same. As soon as the ball passes through all the legs and is again at the first member, the winning team will be determined.

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