Bike for a child 4 years old reviews

The first serious transport in a child’s life is a bicycle. How much happiness this purchase brings to the baby. The choice of models, manufacturers, colors is huge. In the warm season, the goods that are in high demand on the market are bicycles. Children (4 to 6 years old) vehicles should be chosen carefully and carefully! The main thing is not to make a mistake and get a convenient and high-quality vehicle. At this age, kids are very active, and such a gift will be by the way. As soon as the child learns to ride, he will spend most of the time on his iron horse!

Choosing a bike for a child, you need to pay attention to many details. First of all it is safety. High frame, uncomfortable pedals, and as a result – frequent falls can discourage the desire to master such transport as bicycles. Children (4 to 6 years old) vehicles can be found in many shops in the city. But it is worth considering the parameters of the baby. After all, some children do not develop quickly over the years, while others, on the contrary, are too small for their age. Be sure to take the child with you to the store. Let him sit on the bike and try to spin the pedals.

Manufacturers care about the safety of young athletes. Therefore, the wheels must be covered with protective wings. A bicycle for children from 4 years old for a boy or girl is usually equipped with additional wheels. After all, to keep the balance from the first attempts is very difficult. Therefore, ask the seller to attach additional wheels, and you can start learning! This is a very fun and exciting process. But just in case, keep antiseptics on hand to treat abrasions!

At the peak of popularity

The first two-wheeled transport – every child remembers it! After all, this is no longer a children’s toy, but a real means of transportation. The huge range provided by the market simply baffles. But among the manufacturers there are clear leaders producing children’s bicycles. From 4 years old, height 95-110 cm – for such parameters it is not easy to choose a purchase.

Stels Magik is a Russian manufacturer that has established itself as a quality product. Customer reviews are only positive. This bike is equipped with everything necessary for beginners “riders”. The frame is understated, resistant to deformation and corrosion. The steering wheel and seat are adjusted for the growth of the child. The steering wheel is protected by a foam pad, which is important for beginners. The wheels are wide, you can travel on uneven roads, bumps without feeling discomfort. The chain is well protected, extra wheels are included. Such a bicycle for children from 4 years old is perfect for a boy. Stylish design and quality – a great combination!

Trek – these bikes are world famous. The American manufacturer produces powerful and durable vehicles. The Trek Float Boy is exactly what a little tomboy needs. The frame is of good quality, steel, will serve faithfully for more than one generation. Classic foot brakes, chain protected, height adjustable. The rear wheels are included with the kit. The only negative, in the opinion of buyers, is too heavy a weight.

Bike for a child 4 years old reviews

Made in Germany

Scool company produces only children’s bikes. The age group of 4 years can safely choose the Scool XXlite 12 model. One of the best and high-quality iron horses produced by German firms. The frame is understated, the chain is protected, there are light reflectors – all for comfort and safety. Distinguishes this model from other strong, but lightweight aluminum frame. For convenience, there is a step, the parking will be just a joy for the kid.

The German company Puky has been producing brand new shiny bicycles from factories for over sixty years. During this period, the company’s specialists perfected the children’s bicycle. For 4 years, you can teach the boy a model Z2. Everything is provided here: a low security frame, a soft steering wheel, an adjustable mechanism, a footboard, light reflectors and a stylish design. Large selection of colors, and most importantly, hand and foot brake. For little active cyclists, you can’t think of anything better than this miracle.

Go Russia

Forward is a major domestic manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles and sports goods. Russians trust the quality of the product of this brand and speak with delight about the products. The design office of the company uses modern technology, constantly improving products. A group of designers gives a fashionable and bright look to transport. After all, children love beautiful and colorful things so much. Forward Leo – a children’s bicycle, from 4 years old for a boy such a model would fit perfectly. Laconic design, reinforced wheels twelve inches, steel frame. He has a small weight, so the kid will be comfortable traveling across the country. The frame is lowered so that the child can jump at any moment without any obstacles. You can still consider Forward Racing 16 boy. Saddle leather, comfortable, adjustable. Brakes in tandem – foot and hand. This bike is pleased with safety, quality and bright design. The kid will get a sea of ​​emotions after riding on this wonderful transport!

A bit higher

If the child is tall and strong, you can offer him a bicycle with a wheel diameter of fourteen centimeters. Do a little test in the store: put the child on the saddle. Feet at least half a step should reach the floor. Ask your baby to get up; there should be about twelve centimeters from the frame to the crotch. If all these conditions are met, you can safely take the iron friend home!

Bike for a child 4 years old reviews

A good option for a boy is Novatrak Tetris 14. The steel frame, the product weighs eleven kilograms. Therefore, suitable only for large out of time tomboy. The blue model looks stylish and manly. Please your child with such a useful gift!

Solid benefit

Bike for children from 4 years old for a boy is not a luxury and indulgence, but a necessity. Cycling is one of the best. During the walk, all muscle groups will be used, the child will develop correctly and quickly. Long skating contribute to the good work of the heart. Practically all of his free time, the young cyclist will spend on the “iron horse”, and therefore, in the fresh air. Immunity will be strengthened, and in the winter you will forget about colds. Buying a kid a bicycle gives you a healthy lifestyle.

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