Best of all children

Actors and team 2

The best

Channel One show, revealing the amazing talents of children.

Broadcast time: Sundays at 19:30

On the launch of the casting as part of a large-scale entertainment and educational project “The best“The first channel was announced in October 2016, and already at the beginning of November, the start of the show was announced under the slogan” We found born to win. “

Best of all children

On November 2, 2016, on the eve of the start of the project on Channel One, it became known that the host of the show “The best»There will be a famous showman Maxim Galkin.

A selection of videos with gifted children appeared on the channel’s website, including videos about a clever tennis player who was beating the ball with her eyes closed; a young stuntman, simultaneously unwinding a pot and a basketball on the index finger; boys and girls who move their ears and eyebrows to the music, etc.

Such a show – “Amazing People”, which is an analogue of the popular in the world project The Brain, started on September 25, 2016 on the channel “Russia 1”. Everyone who has unique talents was invited to participate in it, without age restrictions.

The best. About the show

In project “The best»Young Russians, whose age varies from three to twelve years, are given the opportunity to declare themselves to all of huge Russia.

Best of all children

Each of the participants in the program certainly has outstanding abilities. For example, it sings great songs or beautifully dances, skillfully shows tricks or professionally stands on its head, deftly mints the ball or easily engages in dialogue with adults. In a word, children can do something amazing and bright, and still dream of a big stage.

Within the framework of the project, extraordinary abilities to sport, creativity or science are demonstrated in the Channel One studio by young talents.

The first release of the show “The best»Channel One viewers saw on November 6, 2016. Opened the six-year program Stefan otto, which can already be called a real ballet dancer, because the kid was dancing on the stage of the Alexandria Theater and the Musical Hall. What is the fee Stefan does not know, but he gladly demonstrated his talent, and also taught Maxim Galkin several steps.

Also in the first issue, the audience saw: 11-year-old scroll Sofya Bogdanova from Moscow; very serious 5-year geographer Timofey Georgievich Tsoi, who knows all the flags of the countries and the capital of states and asked Galkin to call him to you; the most jazz and virtuoso 9 year old saxophonist Sophia Tyurina from Balakovo, who played The Flight of the Bumblebee at a frantic pace; a fan of Brodsky and Maldenstam, a silver age princess and queen Ardeco 6-year-old Nicole Plievu, fascinated not only the presenter, but all those who were in the studio; talented 5 year old singer Victoria Kim from Vladivostok.

Best of all children

Completed the first edition of the show “The best“Four year old Anna Pavlova, who dreams of becoming an actress and knows that for this “you have to plow like a horse.” Ana, in principle, and the presenter Maxim Galkin was not particularly needed on the stage – she played the violin, recited the verses of the poetry with different emotions, walked to the mother and Sergey Zhilin, who was sitting among the audience.

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