Bedbug bites in children

Bedbugs in the apartment are a real scourge of not only rural two-story houses, but also quite modern megalopolises. Of all the unwanted insects in the house, bugs are still a serious problem in apartment buildings, because, unlike cockroaches and ants, dirty old barracks and apartments with European-quality repairs are also inhabited with equal ease. Moreover, the good condition of the apartment can sometimes be very favorable for them.

Where do bugs live in an apartment?

Apartment bugs, unlike many insects, do not form colonies with a clear structure, but they are almost always found in clusters, so-called “nests.” Such nests consist of adult insects, actively breeding, larvae and maturing eggs. Older larvae hardly differ from adults in lighter coloration. Younger larvae (nymphs) are rather light and in a hungry state have a translucent body. The eggs of bedbugs are very small, and therefore it is almost impossible to detect them with the naked eye.

As a rule, a large number of insects and their larvae of different ages, as well as remnants of their chitinous shells after molts, eggs, dead insects and excrement, are simultaneously located in the place where the bugs accumulate. All this resembles a similar place for the accumulation of cockroaches, only more neglected.

In general, for a sufficiently rapid detection of bloodsuckers or traces of their vital activity, it is enough to know where to look for bedbugs in the apartment, and at least a cursory look at these places.

Usually in the daytime such colonies can be seen in quite secluded corners of the home.

For example, if you look at the joints of furniture products, especially soft (sofas, beds, armchairs), behind the bookshelves, and sometimes between the book bindings themselves, in the cracks on the floor and under the wallpaper. In general, there are no specific preferences in choosing a place for dnevk apartment bedbugs, except perhaps for one thing: they prefer to live as close as possible to food, and therefore they are most often found under mattresses of beds, in the joints of sofas, in dressers and behind baseboards of bedrooms .

How to find out if there are bedbugs in the apartment: step by step instructions

Before you find out whether there are bugs in the apartment, you need to talk with your neighbors and find out if they had problems with bugs during the year. If at least one apartment adjacent to the surveyed premises was disinsected during the year, it means that there is a risk of contamination of the premises.

Before you start looking for bedbugs in your apartment, it is helpful to ring the main disinsection services in the city and ask if there was a treatment in the neighboring apartments during the year. The services themselves do not need to hide anything here, and it will be quite simple to get the necessary information in this way.

However, even if the neighbors do not know anything about bedbugs, their housing should be examined in detail for the presence of parasites and inspect the most likely habitats of bedbugs in the apartment. For this you need:

  1. Sniff around. If the apartment is contaminated strongly enough, a sufficiently distinct smell is established in the apartment that resembles the aroma of cognac.
  2. Raise the mattresses of the beds and all reclining sofa backs. Ideally, there should be no signs of insects at all.
  3. Inspect the sheets on the beds. Sometimes fat insects are crushed on them, after which a brown hardly removable stain forms on the sheets.
  4. Examine the corners, baseboards and floor under the beds and cabinets. It is enough to sweep a broom there and inspect the garbage. If black spots like small poppy grains or skins of dead insects come across in it, then this is an alarming signal.
  5. Raise the carpets from the floor or move away those that hang on the wall. Insects often form beneath or behind them.

It has been established that more than half of the people who are occasionally bitten by apartment bugs do not notice their bites, which makes the detection of these parasites rather difficult. It is difficult to meet a domestic bug in the daytime: they are active mainly in the predawn hours, between 3-5 o’clock in the morning.

Waking up during this period of time in bed, in a room infected with apartment bugs, one can find on the sheet either the insects themselves, or their excrement. If a person is bitten by several bedbugs at once, then in the morning there will already be noticeable bite marks on the body.

Very often, bugs in an apartment appear with purchased items, both new and old, and sometimes rare (see the photo below for bed bugs on furniture upholstery).

For example, a purchased sofa or chair stored in a furniture warehouse or even in the store itself, or a picture in a beautiful wooden frame, like virtually any other item, may contain a hidden surprise. And quite unpleasant …

How to destroy bedbugs in the apartment

For the fight against bedbugs in the apartment has developed a lot of effective techniques and chemicals. Even more recipes offer craftsmen.

The main folk remedies active against bugs that were used by our great-grandfathers are kerosene, turpentine, naphthalene, camphor, and vodka (and sometimes vinegar).

For example, among the recipes based on them there are such:

  • 2 teaspoons of naphthalene diluted in two glasses of kerosene, mixed with turpentine (1: 1);
  • 1 teaspoon camphor dissolved in a glass of solution of turpentine and vodka (1: 1);
  • 2 teaspoons of naphthalene add to the glass of denatured alcohol.

Any of the resulting solutions must be lubricated bedbug habitat, both already installed and suspected, for several days, sometimes daily for a month.

Another natural remedy that frightens apartment bugs is freshly picked wormwood, which must be laid out in wardrobes, under carpets and in bed. However, according to the latest research, it became known that the smell of bugs is frightening weakly, and if they are hungry, wormwood will not stop them.

Among physical factors, high temperature – above 50 o C – has an impact on apartment bugs. Both adult insects, larvae and eggs do not withstand the treatment with hot steam or air.

Special disinsection teams do this, but sometimes you can do it on your own. For example, clothes, bedding, bedspreads can be washed at high temperatures. You can also load them into a car, close the windows in it and leave it for a day in the sun.

Freezing of bedbugs is also effective. These insects die during the day in the cold at minus 18 o C. All you need to do here is to carry infected furniture to the street in winter or just leave the apartment for a few days and leave the windows open.

Bedbug bites in children

Among the chemical agents, drugs based on chlorophos, karbofos and other insecticides have recently been considered the most effective. The range of such chemicals is quite wide, the number of names exceeds a dozen (Hangman, GET, Tetrix, Fufanon, Raid, Raptor, Forsythe), but undoubtedly, when choosing, it must be remembered that any of them can be toxic and toxic to humans or domestic animals.

From the room where the destruction of apartment bugs will be carried out using appropriate chemicals, all its bipeds and quadrupeds, and especially children, should be removed. Even small amounts of products from residential bugs can be dangerous for young children, causing them to develop serious allergic reactions. Also, you can not handle these substances cabinets with dishes, places behind the refrigerator or stove.

It is necessary to work with similar means with rubber gloves and, at least, wearing a cotton-gauze bandage for respiratory protection.

The person who performed the treatment should wash hands thoroughly and all exposed skin with soap and water. After using appropriate aerosols or emulsions, it is necessary to ventilate the apartment before re-occupying it, and wash those areas or apartment objects that are most often touched by hands (door handles, window valves, water taps, dining table).

When using chemical agents for the destruction of apartment bugs, it must be remembered that some of them may be initially ineffective, to which these insects have already managed to adapt, others will act too slowly, especially given the high rate of reproduction of these bloodsuckers. This can happen: at first, the drug will be effective, and as a result of repeated use, the bugs will get used to it and calmly experience the treatment of the room with its use.

The most effective, fast, safe and reliable way to deal with bedbugs using chemical insecticides or thermal processing of the room will be the call of special disinsection teams. Such services are quite expensive, but guarantee the complete deliverance of the apartment from parasites. And if the independent struggle with bedbugs can be delayed for a long time, then the experts carry out all operations in a few hours.

We are protected from bedbugs: what to do to prevent parasites from appearing in the apartment

The appearance of bedbugs in the apartment is not always associated with cleanliness in it and the number of cleanings carried out per day. However, there are activities that will help significantly reduce the likelihood of colonization by these insects.

Bedbug bites in children

It is necessary to make sure that there are no cracks in the floor, walls and ceiling where bugs can settle. You should also check and glue, if necessary, departed wallpaper; tightly screw baseboards, switch panels. If possible, close the gaps between the joints of the shelves and other wooden furniture. Thus it will be possible to reduce the number of possible shelter of apartment bugs in the house. Dry processing of the premises using a vacuum cleaner should be carried out at least twice a week. After it, the dust bag is preferably either thrown away or cleaned outside the apartment.

And the main thing is to stop any possibility of bedbugs entering the apartment from the neighbors. Here it is important to place repellents in the vents, securely isolate the joints of windows and doors, isolate sockets. So you can with a high probability that the bugs will never appear in the apartment.

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