Bed rest during pregnancy

Bed rest during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very pleasant and responsible period in the life of every woman. But, unfortunately, not always everything goes smoothly. Some women have to be especially careful about their health and reduce their activity. In the event of any threat to the health of the mother or child, the doctor may be placed in a hospital for preservation. This means strict bed rest, it can be different in duration and severity. It all depends on the detected pathology.

What is bed rest

If the doctor has discovered a very real threat of miscarriage or a complication has arisen that could later affect the development and growth of the baby or adversely affect his health, then he suggests that the woman go to the hospital for preservation. If the condition of the woman is relatively satisfactory, the doctor can give her a sick leave so that she can rest at home.

Bed rest during pregnancy

Many women, especially pregnant women, are frightened by the word “hospitalization”. Women in the position of fear that will have to be in the hospital before giving birth. There are cases when almost the entire pregnancy has to be maintained, but very rarely. In most cases, rest and decreased activity are needed only for a while. As soon as the threat passes, you can return to the usual rhythm of life, but you should not overwork.

Causes of hospitalization

The main reasons for referral to hospital can be such threats of abortion:

1. Hypertonus of the uterus, which is accompanied by pulling pains in the abdomen.

2. Spotting or bleeding.

3. Isthmico – cervical insufficiency, in simple words we can say that this is a cervical failure.

4. The threat of placental abruption.

Bed rest during pregnancy

If you are hospitalized with such signs, then it is most likely that you will have to spend a long time there. As soon as the danger passes, they will immediately transfer you to free mode.

Causes of strict bed rest

It is also worth noting that bed rest during pregnancy (14–26 weeks) is not always a constant stay in bed. Get up and walk, of course, allowed. But there are special cases in which you can not even go to the toilet. Of course, I would not want to spend the whole pregnancy in a hospital ward. Such cases are very rare and caused by such reasons: the postoperative period, bleeding, placental abruption. This period can last from several hours to several weeks.

Options for bed rest

Let’s take a little closer look at what the regimes are and what is the importance of their observance.

1. Strict bed rest, during which the woman is forbidden to sit down and get out of bed.

2. Advanced bed rest. During this mode, it is allowed to sit several times a day for several minutes.

3. Ward bed rest. During this period, you can spend in bed only half a day. The rest of the time, you can change the position – reclining or half-sitting, as well as do short walks at 100 – 200 meters at a slow pace.

4. Free mode. This mode allows movement up to 1 km per day. You can walk the stairs. It is important to take a breather every 200 meters in order not to overwork.

5. Gentle mode. This is the usual rhythm of life, but with a lot of rest. This type of bed rest is common even for quite healthy women in the position. If a woman was engaged in sports before pregnancy, then during a gentle regimen, average exercise is permissible.

Now it probably became clearer that hospitalization does not provide for only strict bed rest. As soon as the condition of the future mother improves, the regime expands. Long bed rest is not only very tedious, but also not very useful for pregnant women. After all, with insufficient movement decreases muscle tone. This is fraught with such consequences as atrophy, development of osteoporosis, leaching of calcium bones, impaired mobility of joints. Therefore, as soon as the threat to the health of the baby passes, you will be allowed to get up and move.

Bed rest during pregnancy of 14 – 28 weeks is not as easy to move as in the first weeks, but not as hard as the last. During this period, the uterus takes a sufficient part, which sometimes causes discomfort. At this time you can lie on your back, with a raised head end, as well as on the right or left side.

Tips to use during bed rest

Assign bed rest can only a doctor who monitors the course of pregnancy. He knows the true cause of the threat, and how it is caused. The reasons may be associated with complications during the pregnancy itself or with the exacerbation of chronic diseases that the pregnancy has provoked. In order to avoid circulatory disorders, it is necessary to change the position, roll over from one side to the other. If the baby in the womb is lying wrong, then apply special ways of positioning in bed.

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