Beautiful kids photo

They are not afraid of the scene and camera flashes, from a young age they are accustomed to increased attention, because these children are young models. The girls are keen on sports and dancing, have traveled to many countries and speak several languages ​​… And most importantly, they are incredibly beautiful!

Anastasia Kasyanova, Saniya Galeeva, Olga Astafieva, Yuliya Evteeva, Ekaterina Nagel · May 27, 2015

Age: 9 years.

I’m proud of: “The titles“ First Vice-minis Miss Saratova – 2011 ”and“ First Vice-minis Miss Crystal Crown of Russia – 2011 ”.

What i like to do: “Draw and read books. I love fairy tales of the peoples of the world, adventures, encyclopedias about animals, and also … various dictionaries! For example, sensible and synonymous. I have been dancing since I was four years old and I often go to competitions. ”

My dream: “Become a designer to do beautiful things that people will wear afterwards.”

Lina Dergacheva

Age: 10 years.

Beautiful kids photo

What I am proud of: “Titles of the Little Super Model Fashion House International, Little Miss Fashion Russia 2010 (Moscow) and“ Little Beauty of the South of Russia – 2012 ”, winner of the contest Little Miss Planet (Russia, 2012)”.

What I like to do: “I love to dance and learn foreign languages. I want to learn a lot and do everything for it. ”

Beautiful kids photo

My dream: “I dream of becoming a famous actress. I’m sure if you strive for a dream, everything will definitely work out! ”

Eva Settarova

Age: 8 years

What I am proud of: “Titles“ Superdaughter Schools of the South of Russia – 2013 ”,“ Young Talent of the North Caucasus – 2013 ”.”

What I like to do: “I like to draw, play UNO, ride roller skates with friends and of course dance!”

My dream: “Fly around the world tour (I’ve already laid a route!). And in the future I want to become an actress. ”

Maria Sundeeva

Age: 11 years

What I am proud of: “By the fact that at the age of seven I represented my country as a member of the Russian team at the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood. Out of 1,500 participants from 54 countries, including 36, reached the final. ”

What I like to do: “Most of all I like to do vocal and dance, to take part in various creative contests.”

My dream: “Become a famous singer and travel around the world with concerts.”

Adeline Mishchenko

Age: 7 years

What I am proud of: “I study well and that I am a fashionista. I participated in an environmental competition and received the title of “Cutie”, and in the beauty contest – the title of “Vice Miss Young Lady”.

What I like to do: “I like to draw, sew, write, read, answer questions in test papers. I love to roller skate and cook with my mother. I love to play with my brothers – I have four of them! ”

My dream: “Learning to sing and process photos, like my mother.”

Alexandra Eliseeva

Age: 10 years

What I am proud of: “I graduated from four schools of models in Yekaterinburg, I am engaged in the production center“ Talents and Fashion ”- I sing, dance, practice acting. “Vice mini-miss” in “Mini-miss Ekaterinburg” 2010 and 2013, special prize in Little Top Model 2013 “.

What I like to do: “I love skating and skating, I mastered snowboarding this year, and recently bought a skate. I like to communicate with friends. There are plenty of fans – older guys often meet, but when they find out that I am only 10 years old, they immediately lose interest. ”

My dream: “Link your life with choreography, pop vocal and modeling business.”

Dasha Kreis

Age: 8 years

What I am proud of: “I participated in four beauty and talent contests, I won all of them and only one won the title of First Vice Miss.”

What I like to do: “I practice acting, I visit the Yeralash studio in Novosibirsk, I practice ballroom dancing, I have been learning English since I was three years old. But my main hobby is oriental dance, where I have already achieved a lot. At the age of six she was a member of the Russian national team in Eastern directions in her age group, becoming the European champion in 2013, and also won several European and World Cups. Belly dance is my life! I am going to go further in this direction. I take part in promotional photo and video filming of Novosibirsk and Moscow, in clothing shows. ”

My dream: “To become a model and dance coach, because I really love to do it!”

Sofia Izrajleva

Age: 9 years

What I am proud of: “From the age of 2.5 I started taking pictures and began winning victories at every stage. The most expensive titles for me are „Miss Little Siberian Beauty“, „First Princess of the Planet“ at the contest Little Miss and Mister Planet in Bulgaria (2012) ”.

What I like to do: “I love to draw, I go to the studio, I have been singing since the age of six, I was a laureate in vocal competitions. Starting from this year, I started classes at the hippodrome of the long-familiar equestrian club Favorit. I really like horses, even toy ones. At the racetrack my favorite horse is Shrek, a gray suit. I distinguish him because he is very affectionate. I also often participate in photo shoots, clothes shows. ”

My dream: “To be a model. I love to show off clothes. And I like myself when mom curls me and paints her eyes. ”

Christina Schmidt

Age: 9 years

Beautiful kids photo

Than proud: “I often go to the podium, showing children’s clothes. Several times participated in the St. Petersburg Fashion Week, and still starred in advertising. Doing rhythmic gymnastics. At the qualifying tournament of the festival “Alina”, which Alina Kabaeva herself conducts, in 2011 I won the first place, and in 2012 I won the Grand Prix. I also participated in Irina Viner’s festival “Star Children – 2011” and also won first place. The finals were held in Moscow, in a circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and Irina Alexandrovna said that she really liked the “baby from St. Petersburg” – I am very proud of it. I also have many victories in city and away competitions – there are so many medals that you can hang the whole wall with them. ”

What i like to do: “I really like to draw and needlework – weave bracelets and felting from wool. True, I rarely succeed, because after school I work out until late at night, and then I do my homework and go to bed at one in the morning. Even in the courtyard with girlfriends can not walk. I really like to perform in public. I used to take the first places and, of course, every time I am very worried at competitions, but even if I don’t get the grade I wanted, I still smile. In my first place now is school and sport, and the podium is more for fun when there is free time. ”

My dream: “To win the first in my life children’s international beauty contest Baltic Baby Face 2015, for which I am preparing now.”

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