Beautiful birthday greetings in prose

Greetings Format

Good words of congratulations

Happy birthday to the most precious and soulful person! Let there be no place for grief and sadness in your life, let harmony and serenity go hand in hand, and true friends will be known only in joy!

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Wishes of health, love and happiness to the man in prose

On the day of birth, it is customary to desire what all people on the planet dream of. Everyone wants to be healthy and from the bottom of my heart I wish you good health for many years. Everyone wants to be loved and I wish you with all my heart. I want to always see you joyful, warmed by mutual love, with a happy gleam in your eyes. Of course, in order for happiness to be complete, you need to do what you love, to feel necessary and successful. I wish that work always brings you not only decent income, but also pleasure.

Words of wishes to the girl happy birthday

I congratulate you on the day of jam! May always faithful friends warm you with smiles, like summer sun rays! To the warm breeze always protect you from all adversity! Be always healthy and let everything be OK. And also I wish you strong, strong love!

Original Birthday Words

I wish you health, temper yourself in small troubles and develop immunity to all troubles. Regularly take vitamins of joy and taste the sweet moments of happiness, and start the morning with a smile! And more vivid impressions – they are needed, like air!

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Beautiful birthday words from myself

On your birthday, I want to wish you spiritual harmony, determination and a reliable environment that will support you in any endeavors. Let life be full of rich and bright moments, and goals achieved motivate new achievements!

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Universal wish from the heart

Happy Birthday to you from the bottom of my heart! May everything always come true! I wish you many smiles, kindness and joy, so that you have true friends, pure and mutual love, good health, happiness of infinite, great life patience, all unearthly blessings and everything, all the best, beautiful, and radiant!

Beautiful birthday greetings in prose

I wish you live to be a hundred years old! Let the motor in your chest work without interruption and without repairs. Let your life be a wide and level track without bumps and potholes. I also wish that you shouldn’t get stuck on sharp turns, so that you always hold tightly the steering wheel of your life in firm hands. Good and happy road to you!

Easy birthday greetings in prose

I wish that with each sunrise one more dream you conceived came true. Let the stock of desires be infinite, but each of them is reserved. Happy Birthday.

Beautiful birthday greetings in prose

Please accept my sincere and heartfelt congratulations on your birthday! Let summer rain, health, love and happiness spill on you! We wish your house to be a full cup, and fate always protects against unhappiness! Happy Birthday. Let life flow under the sign of happiness and love, will be warmed by kindness, tenderness, and well-being, and next will be loved ones and friends. Every day you are in the blessing, in your accounts of years, the percentage of happiness increases, without credits on account of colors, falling stars of desires, new fateful days, loyal friendship and luck to your friends who love you.

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Today is your day, your birthday. I would like to sincerely congratulate you on him and wish you only success, joy, carelessness, happiness. Let your every moment in life be filled only with indescribable emotions and love.

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Happy Birthday! I wish you the best of health, success in all your endeavors, wealth and more love. Let the Lady Luck always keep pace with you, and any goals that you set yourself become real and achievable! Let only good, faithful and sincere people always surround you, and each new day will bring happiness and joy!

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Today you have become a year older, but is this a reason for sadness? Life does not stand still. And today I wish you to always go forward, do not stop and do not look back! And then everything will be great! Happy Birthday!

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