Bad breath from a baby

When surfing the Internet on how to reduce body temperature, one of the first queries proposed by the system is: “How to reduce the temperature of vodka to a child.” According to medical statistics, a smaller proportion of mothers struggle with hyperthermia with the help of drugs, and a large part begins to look for recipes for traditional medicine.

Bad breath from a baby

What to choose – use medication or vodka? To decide mom, but it is important to clearly understand what you are doing and what it can lead to.

What is the temperature and should it be beaten down?

Increased body temperature is a natural reaction of the body to the invasion of pathogenic flora. These can be viruses, bacteria, a reaction to intoxication with food or drugs, and even the effects of stress.

Doctors insist that it is not necessary to shoot down the temperature to 38.5 degrees! The body of the baby is fighting, and do not interfere with it.

But there are a number of diseases in which hyperthermia can and should be started to fight with lower values ​​on the thermometer. These are the following cases:

  • a child with a history of heart and pulmonary system disease – antipyretic drugs should be given at around 38 degrees;
  • the kid is prone to convulsive seizures – the temperature should not rise above 37.5 degrees.

If the thermometer shows 39 o C and above, you need to act immediately: try to bring down the temperature with the help of drugs and call the ambulance brigade.

Bad breath from a baby

First Aid Kit with Antipyretics

The house should have a minimum first aid kit. From the mass of antipyretic drugs a child can only 2 names:

  • Paracetamol preparations – Paracetamol itself, Panadol, Panadol Baby;
  • ibuprofen drugs – ibuprofen, “Bofen”, “Ibuprom”.

These medicines are available in the form of tablets, drops, syrups, suppositories. If you wish, you can choose the form that suits you and your child.

Known and beloved aspirin, analgin and their analogues are better not to give to children.

Vodka – a folk product and folk healer?

You often hear: pills are bad for children! That was my son’s temperature 39, wiped vodka and quickly fell! Excellent helps to bring down the heat!

Are vodka wipes so good, as the Internet and some forums on traditional medicine praise them? Let’s start from the beginning!

Vodka is a mixture of water and ethyl alcohol. According to the chemical literature, has a pleasant alcoholic smell and burning recognizable taste.

The main active ingredient – ethyl alcohol – has a lower boiling point than water. Evaporation begins at 65 o C, the chemical formula provides high volatility of ethanol and products based on it.

It is thanks to this feature of vodka the body increases heat transfer, and the temperature can quickly bring down.

Advantages of this method:

  • efficiency;
  • environmental friendliness – depends on the purity of vodka.

Cons of this treatment:

  1. High heat transfer can cause vasospasm. This can lead to the fact that on the surface of the body of the child the temperature drops sharply, and in the internal organs – rises to critical values.
  2. Burns of the skin and mucous membranes. This applies to contact not only with the eyes or genitals, but also into the nasal passages, lungs, and oral cavity. Yes, and the skin absorbs ethanol.
  3. Alcohol intoxication in a child – a small dose is enough for a baby. This will only aggravate the condition of the little patient.

So before trying to bring the temperature down with vodka, carefully weigh the pros and cons of this method.

And if there is nothing besides vodka?

This is sad and characterizes parents from the bad side! But anything can happen in life, so stick to the following rules.

  • Do not use pure alcohol or vodka. Be sure to dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 1 for vodka and 1: 2 for alcohol.
  • Wipe the places of close location of blood vessels – wrists, armpits, elbows and the area under the knees.
  • Do not wrap the baby in a sheet soaked in a solution of vodka or ethyl alcohol.
  • Do not use this method for children 1 year of age or younger.
  • Do not wipe face and genital area.

Bad breath from a baby

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