Baby with a tail

The devil in Russian folklore is the most popular character. In numerous stories and stories, he appears in the habitual for himself and those around him as a sworn enemy of a man who tries to defeat human wits with all available evil forces.

Baby with a tail

Alien battle from the next world

On the other hand, the devil is the most beloved fairytale hero! Despite the seeming paradox of such an assertion, the fact that, if the devils were not at all, they would have invented a substitute, does not require proof. To assert the triumph of the human mind over the evil spirit without the obligatory scapegoat at all times was considered a farce unworthy of the public. And the devil could not be more suited to the role of “goat”: horny, bearded, tailed. In general, a freak on whom you can write off all the adversity.

In cases where the devil materializes, a creature appears more like a nightmare: black, with claws, tail and horns, wide muzzle, long nose, or, conversely, with a pig nose and brightly glowing eyes in the dark.

“Last summer, I and two of my friends rested on the coast of the Azov Sea,” says Vladimir Novikov, a Muscovite. – Due to a number of reasons of civilized rest, we did not succeed, therefore, for three weeks of vacation, we were forced to live, having become like “wild” tourists – in nature.

One evening we settled down for the night on a sandy beach near Mariupol. My friends quickly fell asleep, but for a long time I tossed on my uncomfortable bed. In the end, just by giving me a side, I lay down on my back and tried to sleep, counting the stars in the sky. But soon my attention was attracted by two bright spots that were moving at great speed down the sky. Continuing to observe them, I realized that these were not cosmic bodies. The points on the eyes increased in size and were about to fall in close proximity to me!

I did not hear the noise from the fall of unknown bodies to the earth. However, about five minutes after their alleged landing, it seemed to me that behind the nearest stone ridge someone had thinly and loudly squealed. There really was no time for sleep!

Baby with a tail

And behind the stone ridge suddenly there was a frequent snort, heavy sniff, and finally, I saw THEIR! These were devils, real devils !! With horns, tails and hooves. They were clearly visible to me because their fur glowed in the night, as if it had been rubbed with phosphorus. With each step the devils approached the place of our overnight stay. I closed my eyes in horror, opened my mouth to scream and. could not utter a sound. You know how it happens in a dream: you are persecuted, you want to call for help, but for some reason you cannot.

Continuing to pose as a sleeper, I raised my eyelids and. immediately shut them. I was staring at one of the devils. The spectacle was so impressive and at the same time repulsive that even with my eyes closed I still kept his incredible image in my memory for a long time. The monster was two meters tall, an ugly physique — like a huge, horned black goat reared — and with the boring, crazy look of large and round eyes of bright yellow color. When after some time I opened my eyes again, I saw that both my sleeping friends and I were already considering both features.

I do not know how long this exchange of views lasted. I only remember that while we were looking at each other, I asked myself an idiotic question: why does it not stink from them — as in most fairy tales — gray?

I didn’t have time to answer him: one of the devils bent down, picked up a weighty weight from the ground, about thirty pounds, a cobblestone and, holding him like a feather in his hand, or his paw, took a step in my direction. I realized that now the end would come to me, but, I repeat, I could not flee: all my members were paralyzed. I closed my eyes, saying goodbye to life, and. the next moment I heard the sound of a struggle!

Opening my eyes again, I saw that the devils were fighting! The fight was terrible: one of the devils bludgeoned around the other with the cobblestone that was meant for me. The air was quickly filled with their inhuman shouts and a real pig squeal. I suddenly felt that I could already control my body, and tried to push my comrades apart. But neither my cuffs, nor the heart-rending cries of fighting monsters could not wake them up. With what it was connected, I still can not understand. How can I not understand the other: why did one of the night monsters decide to stand up for me?

The fight between the devils ended as suddenly as it began. They quickly jumped up from the ground, shook themselves, like dogs, with their whole body and. I missed the moment of their disappearance, closing my eyes from the first rays of the rising sun.

. In the morning I told my friends about my night adventure and showed them a broken horn with gore and a large shred of wool – all that I found at the site of a night fight of devils. In response, friends made me laugh.

Offended, I did not tell them about the most important thing. The fact that the tuft of hell continued to glow in the dark! After returning home from vacation, I gave a few wool to a familiar expert from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He, having passed them through a dozen spectrometers and other “smart” devices (I don’t understand much of them), expressed unequivocally: the hairs belong to a hominoid unknown to science, whose hair is partially similar to the coat of the so-called “snowman”. As for the luminosity of wool, he did not say anything concrete here, merely stating that he did not find phosphorus in wool.

Now they are engaged in my mysterious finds in one closed scientific research institute ”.

Mystery of Shatura Pond

The devil is no stranger to family life, but since there are no women among them, they marry, like they are thirty years old, on witches, stranglers or drowned women.

With the newly born imps, adult devils are treated rather unceremoniously. On dark nights, they sneak up on a house where there is an unbaptized or damned baby and perform a substitution. Changelings (imps) are, as a rule, “skinny with their bodies and extremely ugly.” They constantly scream and eat a lot. Their head is prohibitively large and hangs to the side. Two years later, they strangely disappear.

Many people know the expression: “In the still waters there are devils.” And they are really found there! These are the devils, which adult devils carry into the pools from the houses. Here, the descendants of evil forces live up to seven years.

… This pond was dug on the outskirts of the Shatura Forest with the help of a crawler excavator by dacha owners, whom the Moscow region authorities allocated here, in a completely uninhabited place, six hundred-meter areas. The pit was dug on the spot where the dowsers found underground keys. The new pond turned out to be 13: seven were located on one side and six on the other.

Ten years have passed since then, and the history of the pond has been overgrown with numerous secrets and riddles. One of them is a green mist, which envelops the pond in quiet moonlit nights, and at that time eerie screams and sobs are heard from under the water.

Local now in this pond do not swim: fear. It does not take a year for someone not to drown in it and, what is especially strange: around seven keys. And only boys and men are drowning, and children and women survive in an incredible way.

A year ago, in the middle of July, a girl with a large inflatable ball was bathing in a pond. She was splashing close enough to the shore, when suddenly a funnel appeared in the middle of the reservoir, and the child began to pull up to seven keys.

The forces of the elements and the child were unequal, the whirlpool pulled her to a black spot, snatched the ball and … again threw her back to the shore, where the poor girl was picked up by her hands by the running up adults. The ball spun in a whirlpool, stopped, then two shaggy hands rose from the water and dragged it to the bottom.

Rescuers do not believe in tales about the creature living at the bottom of the reservoir, but, nevertheless, they don’t even go there once again.

Naturally, the anomalies and devilry, created on the damned pond, attract the attention of all kinds of adventure lovers. So, right after the incident with the girl, a certain Eugene appeared in the dacha village, who introduced himself as the capital researcher of paranormal phenomena. For several nights in a row, he was guarding an unknown creature in the thickets of a pond, until, finally, one morning the summer residents found him lying unconscious on the beach.

Arriving a few hours later, Yevgeny told the audience a completely incredible story. Immediately after midnight, the surface of the pond, he said, began to seethe strongly, and then a creature on four paws climbed onto the shore. It was about the size of a large dog. The creature shook off the water, got on its hind limbs and headed just in that direction, where Eugene was sitting in the undergrowth. At this time, the moon came out from behind the clouds, and in its ghostly light, Eugene saw that a real devil was moving right towards him! With a tail, horns and eyes glowing in the dark.

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