Baby weight at 36 weeks

Until the New Year, there are 7 weeks left. It seems that there is a whole eternity ahead. But if you start preparing for the holiday in advance, you can save money and save time. And the forces too: it will be possible to avoid at least some of the December traffic jams in front of supermarkets.

Baby weight at 36 weeks

From year to year before the big holidays groceries are becoming more expensive. Before Easter – eggs and cottage cheese. And before the New Year – caviar, delicacies, even champagne. So while the sellers have not remembered that the New Year is just around the corner, one can have time to buy some products before the price rises.

We tell what can be bought for the New Year in advance.

Caviar. Last year, caviar has risen in price greatly. This year – has fallen in price. True, not all, but only pink salmon caviar: in the Far East there was an unprecedented catch of this fish. Pink salmon caviar costs about two times less than caviar or salmon caviar. Although this variety was cheaper than the rest (pink salmon is the cheapest fish from salmon). Pink salmon caviar, like coho salmon caviar, has a light bitterness in taste, but it is larger and lighter. The eggs pleasantly burst in the tongue, almost like the eggs of chum, the largest salmon caviar.

Perhaps, closer to the holiday, pink salmon caviar will rise in price, but for the present there is no tendency to rise in price. You can buy and freeze. But be careful: you can only freeze the eggs once. And it is very important to defrost the caviar correctly, slowly, best of all – without opening the container, just rearrange it in the refrigerator and wait a day. Then the delicacy will not lose in taste.

You can buy factory tin cans with caviar. Usually their shelf life is several months. Only there is a small nuance: the eggs must be immediately put in the refrigerator, it will not remain at room temperature.

Pickles and pickles. Prices for pickled and pickled cucumbers or mushrooms dropped slightly after the autumn harvest. So you can buy them for future use. Billets are stored all winter, you can keep them at home. Just look carefully at the shelf life of the product and the brine transparency. At home, put the banks in a dark cool place before the holiday.

Canned food. Like pickles with marinades, jars of canned food are stored for quite some time. So now we are buying canned salmon for Mimosa, tuna for filling of pita bread, eggs and other small brushes, peas for Russian salad, corn, olives and olives.

Chocolate. The most delicious candy – fresh. But it is not always possible to buy the necessary right before the holiday. And they will be better kept in your home, in the right place, than in a store where temperature changes occur. So chocolates and truffles can be bought now (the main thing is that the shelf life on the label is marked by the beginning of the next year). Note that chocolate cannot be stored in the refrigerator and near the battery. Storage should be cool and dark, with a stable temperature.

Uncooked sausages. A dry sausage stick has a shelf life of two months. Only need to store it in wrapping paper and in the refrigerator. You can also buy dried meat, basturma.

Vegetable oil. One and a half to two months? Vegetable oil can be stored longer. Again, you only need to check the expiration date on the bottle. And the oil, most likely, will be needed for the holiday a lot, one pan for dishes is fried a few pans. Yes, and for homemade mayonnaise butter is useful. And there is still a whole vacation ahead. So one spare bottle, maybe, business will not manage.

Red frozen fish. Why in a month? Because frozen fish also have a shelf life and can be kept in the freezer for no more than a month. Otherwise, it will freeze, too much moisture will leave it, and after defrosting you will get a dry rubber fish. But stock up on fish for the month is quite possible. Only it must be stored in a tight bag in the freezer (and try so that it does not defrost on the way). And it is necessary to defrost very slowly, in the refrigerating chamber and not taking it out of the package. Frozen fish is suitable for salting. Since it still loses moisture, and when it comes into contact with salt, it will lose even more, you can smear it with vegetable oil before filling it with salt. Then it will not fall apart and retain its elasticity.

Frozen Goose and Turkey. Frozen bird also lie for a month. Geese, ducks and turkeys are often sold frozen. But if you are going to make chicken or something from pork / beef, it is better to buy chilled products right before the holiday.

Mayonnaise. On packs of mayonnaise is usually indicated expiration date of 30 days. We believe and buy it a month before the holiday. Although we recommend making homemade mayonnaise: not too difficult, but much healthier and tastier. How to do this, we told here >>

For two weeks

Herring. Many people think that herring can be bought a few weeks before the holiday. We hurry to disappoint: herring is kept in brine for 20 days. Therefore, it is better to buy it not earlier than 15 days before the New Year. And store in the refrigerator. And it is best to buy herring intact, from the barrel, with pickle. The fact is that herring, filleted, is treated with a special solution to soften the bones: who will be carefully selected at the plant? Therefore, the herring will have to be cleaned if you want the most natural and useful product on the table.

Fish and meat in vacuum packages. The shelf life of a product sealed in factory vacuum (note that it is in the factory, and not in the box covered with film, as they do in the store) – three weeks. But keep in mind that imported products in vacuum packs usually pass all circles of veterinary control, so they definitely do not need to be bought in advance. They just can not be made a week or less back, do not have time to come. But our meat and fish, especially from a well-known and good manufacturer and supplier, you can buy. Veterinary control, they also pass, but at least they do not need to cross the border. So look carefully at the factory shelf life and buy if it expires after the New Year.

Cheese. In wrapping paper in the fridge, fresh cheese can easily lie for even a month. Unless he lay in the store for several weeks, as is often the case. Therefore, for safety net, we would not recommend buying cheeses many days before the holiday. But two weeks is a reasonable time.

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