Baby sweats when falling asleep

Sweating is an integral process of the normal functioning of the human body. Functions of the sweat glands begin to work at about the age of two months. However, up to six years can be formed, showing its imperfection failures, expressed by strong, weak and excessive sweating.

If this phenomenon takes place, it is referred to as normal phenomena, and the problem is eliminated gradually, by itself, along with the growing up child. It happens that the phenomenon has nothing to do with the natural restructuring of the body and then it is desirable to undergo a certain course of diagnostics and treatment.

Why does a child sweat when he falls asleep

Parents often come to the clinic with complaints that the child begins to sweat a lot just in the process of falling asleep, regardless of whether it is a night rest or a day rest.

The symptom is certainly unpleasant, its causes are as follows:

  • cool, hot in the room;
  • the air is dry, stale, breathing hard;
  • too wet, damp;
  • the room is rarely cleaned, dirty, not enough oxygen;
  • the bed is made up with synthetic bedding, which provokes excessive sweating;
  • the child falling asleep is wrapped tightly with a blanket, pulling it literally on the head;
  • before rest he ate well, ate too much, drank a lot of excess liquid;
  • food consists more of junk food;
  • Intoxication of the body, both chemicals and vapors of alcoholic products, if the parents use alcohol;
  • smoky, smoke filled room;

Baby sweats when falling asleep

However, if a child has hyperhidrosis while falling asleep, this does not mean anything. Perhaps the problem is committed at the genetic level, and someone in the family suffers the same way. It is rarely possible to determine an irritating factor on its own, but only when they are connected with food, room comfort, and lifestyle. If it comes to health, then only an experienced doctor can help.

Opinion doctor Komarovsky

Children’s body works a little differently than an adult. Often there are problems that are not even suspect. For example, falling asleep baby begins to sweat, and in other children who sleep beside like this is not marked.

  1. heavily wrapped;
  2. worried, crying;
  3. tired or scared;
  4. stuffy in the room;
  5. sleeps close to heating devices, he is hot;
  6. recently suffered a cold or still ill;
  7. was too active shortly before the rest, overexcited;
  8. The problem develops at the genetic level.

In general, when a child’s sweat does not exude specific unpleasant odors, it is too early to sound the alarm. However, when the excreted fluid smells like acetone, alcohol, chlorine, urine, ammonia, something musty, and the baby is often weak, sluggish, lifeless, then the danger is on the face.

Pathology in the development, the flow of which the child, falling asleep sweats: allergies, rickets, phenylketonuria, cerebral edema, digestive problems, heart failure, improper circulation, parasites, cystic fibrosis, central nervous system diseases and lymphatic diathesis.

What to do and whether to worry

It is unambiguous to say that it is not worth worrying about this – it is impossible. From the point of view of medicine, excessive sweating is not referred to the normal physiological processes of the body. Excessive perspiration is manifested as a result of a fast desire to cool down, which means that inside, around, there is an “overheating”. That is, the body is in some unnatural state of discomfort and thus tries to defend itself.

Understanding all this, the first reaction of parents should be:

  • inspection of the room where the child is located most of all;
  • it is necessary to comprehend the lifestyle of the whole family and perhaps change something;
  • create comfortable conditions for recreation, games;
  • organize proper, timely meals;
  • include in the diet more fruits, herbs, vegetables;
  • walking in the open air more often;
  • if possible, start tempering.

Baby sweats when falling asleep

It is necessary to realize that self-treatment, the preference of traditional medicine in cases with children can lead to very dangerous consequences. The developing disease can become neglected, take a more complex, chronic form and then eliminate the problem will be even more difficult.

Adequate parental response to a similar phenomenon, which has unexpectedly become a part of life for a child, leads to the immediate elimination of the phenomenon without harm to health. Excessive sweating of the child while falling asleep passes as soon as the main symptoms of the provoking pathology begin to be suppressed.

The only thing that is in the strength of the parents is to brighten up the unpleasant state of the child, namely, together with the main course of treatment, until the sweating passes:

  • systematically take a shower, with older children a contrast;
  • the area of ​​problem areas that sweat the hardest, wash the broth of medicinal herbs: succession, burdock, chamomile, St. John’s wort, celandine;
  • rinse, wipe the body with apple cider vinegar diluted 1: 1;
  • water to which a small amount of baking soda or regular salt is added;
  • Additionally, you can use pharmacy tools that are highly effective in terms of suppressing the work of sweat glands.

Such procedures are simple and quite accessible, but it is important to understand that they cannot be perceived as the main course of treatment. Before you begin to perform them, you need to consult with a specialist and find out how relevant they are in a particular case.

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