Baby sobchak

During pregnancy, Ksenia Sobchak’s photo in the position appeared periodically in her instablog and media (for example, on the cover of Tatler she was captured naked in the style of a la Demi Moore). But after the birth of their son, the couple does not really extend the life of the baby. With such popularity (from the official account of Ksyusha on Instagram – 4.7 million subscribers) public people have both fans and a fair amount of ill-wishers. They often spill out a stream of negative energy in the comments. That is why the child Sobchak and Vitorgan grows up without undue attention, which is truly the right decision))

Baby sobchak

The birth of a son in a star pair Sobchak and Vitorgan

Journalist Ksenia Sobchak and actor Maxim Vitorgan formed a relationship in February 2013. Vitorgan from his first marriage already has an adult daughter and son. Sobchak gave birth to a baby on the morning of November 18, 2016 at the Lapino VIP clinic near Moscow with excellent parameters for a child: 3350 g, 52 cm. On Vitorgan’s Instagram list that same day, a photo appeared on the back of a pregnant Ksenia lying on the water on her back. : “Mom son! Happy swimming! ”

Star couple at a social event.

The name of the child Xenia and Maxim

The fact that the son was named Plato, information leaked from the actor’s instagram record dated December 30, 2016. In the photo he is holding a name star – a Christmas decoration, and in the signature he thanks Aya, the wife of the Bi-2 soloist, for the gift. Knowing the couple’s excellent sense of humor, there was a version that this was another joke and the name of the child is still unknown. On March 18, Sobchak uploaded a comic video surprise from the “terrific husband” to the social network, where the pioneers congratulate her on the boy’s date of birth, give flowers and hold a humorous placard: “Mother of Plato – glory! Plato’s father – 0.5. ” Prior to the release of information, there were assumptions that the baby could be called by the names of his grandfathers – Emmanuel (in honor of the artist Emmanuel Vitorgan) or Anatoly (in honor of the first mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak). The media featured information that Xenia changes his last name to Sobchak-Vitorgan. The roots of the male name Plato are rooted in Greek etymology, which translates as “broad shoulders,” and has become common in Russia since the time of the adoption of Christianity.

The official position of star parents

Ksenia made a number of statements in her Instagram about their position with Max regarding the coverage of Plato’s life. In response to the accusations of angry readers that she is a cuckoo mother and does not deal with a child, Sobchak said: she would write about fashion in her blog about what she considered necessary, without littering the Instagram tape with mimic photos of the child to improve her image, for her this is not the image, and the real life that it protects from strangers. She wrote that, together with Maxim, she would share with subscribers via social networks the information they consider important about her son’s life. The first video of the son of celebrities was a short video that Vitorgan published on his Instagram. On it, Plato bathes in the pool. Video: the son of a star couple is swimming.

Baby sobchak

The secret life of little Plato

Based on this position of young parents, very little is known about Plato’s life. From the posts of Xenia and Maxim in the social network it is clear that the boy often walks with his father and other relatives on the street in a wheelchair. In one of the photographs of Vitorgan on the background of the carriage, the book by Yury Olesha “Envy” is presented; Maxim recommends her to be read to the fathers himself and to advise his sons. In the video, dad boasts that his Samsung brand phone can shoot underwater. We see an underwater shot of a child swimming in the pool, saying “one guy turned up training.”

In the blog of a young mother on Instagram, you can find advertisements for children’s products (cradles, strollers, toys, medications, a cream under a diaper, etc.) that Xenia uses herself after careful selection and testing for quality. Sobchak demonstrated sets of clothes for the baby, which she chose him in the winter.

The media recently leaked information that Xenia is pregnant with her second child. According to psychic Makhsen Norouzi, Sobchak will give birth to a girl.

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