Baby sex at 13 weeks

At the 13th week of gestation, great changes occur with both the mother and the baby. The kid shows high activity, his teeth grow and his bones become stronger. In the photo ultrasound, you can easily see the features of his face and other parts of the body.

In women, too, there are changes: in the mood and in the physical plane. The future mother usually feels well, drowsiness and nausea disappears. The tummy is not big yet, but it can already be seen due to an enlarged uterus. For the same reason, intestines periodically fail. In the second trimester, you need to carefully monitor your diet, because not the products are equally well absorbed.

Changes in the thirteenth week of pregnancy

The thirteenth week of pregnancy is suitable for ultrasound, because at this time you can consider not only the general condition of the baby, but also find out its sex. If you look at the photo taken during the procedure, it is not difficult to notice the sex differences between the boy and the girl. The only thing that can interfere is the activity of the baby. He is able to turn so that nothing will be visible, and then you have to wait for the next survey.

The size of the fetus during this period is about 7 cm, it weighs 20 g. The norm allows for parameters a little more or less, in any case, the doctor will tell you if the ultrasound shows pathology and developmental delay. It is noteworthy, but the child’s head is equal to half its entire length.

Although all organs are already formed, they are still in the stage of active development. The norm provides for the production of insulin and bile, as the organs begin to work actively. This week is very important for close contact between parents and child. The kid can already hear sounds from outside, reacts to the light. He himself has long been moving and sucking his finger, which is often seen in the photo ultrasound.

Baby sex at 13 weeks

In the photo the doctor determines how the child develops. Sometimes it is immediately obvious what deviations from the norm are. In pregnancy, it is important to identify possible problems as soon as possible, and week 13 is great for visiting a doctor and examining.

What shows the photo ultrasound

This week of pregnancy is the beginning of the second trimester, so women expect serious changes. Some of them are pleasant: for example, the disappearance of toxicosis. But in the future, something may upset if you do not already find a way to prevent unpleasant consequences.

If you take a photo, you will notice that the tummy has slightly increased in size. However, so that subsequently no stretch marks appear, you need to take care of it now. Lubricate the skin with oils and special creams, so that it is always moisturized and supple. The uterus will continue to grow, which means that the abdomen will increase, stretching the skin.

You may experience itching in the abdomen and chest area, but you cannot comb these areas. This symptom is a natural reaction to changes in the body of a pregnant woman, so do not touch the skin, better buy yourself more spacious clothes and go for an ultrasound.

Baby sex at 13 weeks

A growing uterus is sometimes the cause of lower abdominal pain, but to be sure that you and your pregnancy is not in danger, you need to consult with a specialist. Discomfort is not always normal, it can signal the tone of the uterus, a possible spontaneous abortion, and other problems.

According to the photo, the doctor will determine whether to worry, and whether the uterus is in good shape will show other examinations. If there is a risk, you will be given the necessary medication or sent to save the pregnancy. However, pain can be associated with the usual stretching of the muscles that support your stomach. If there are no suspicious secretions, most likely your baby is fine.

Photo ultrasound will show:

  • The size and weight of the baby;
  • Floor;
  • Pathologies and possible problems;
  • Amount of amniotic fluid;
  • The condition of the uterus and placenta.

Also, the doctor is able, estimating indicators, to calculate the term of labor. Of great importance is the place of attachment of the fetus. According to external signs determine the possible presence of syndromes and hereditary diseases. But this week of pregnancy is too short, therefore, to make sure or refute the results, the doctor may prescribe a second ultrasound in a few weeks.

You should immediately consult a doctor if, in addition to pulling pain and discomfort, you notice bloody discharge. Often they are a sign of a beginning miscarriage. If you get help in time, pregnancy can be saved.

Ultrasound methods during pregnancy

Ultrasounds are performed in different ways, but the 13th week of pregnancy is the second trimester, which means there is no point in doing a 3D study, because, although the baby already has the outlines of the face and other parts of the body, they are not so clear, and the size of the fetus is too small . It is better to use other methods:

  • Transvaginal method. The most standard way to do an ultrasound. Allows the doctor to see the main problems and compare the results with the results after the examination. Do not be afraid that such a study will harm the child. During the thirteenth week of pregnancy, all systems are formed in the fetus, it is securely fixed in the uterus and is actively developing. On the contrary, ultrasound will help avoid trouble, if any pathology is detected. With the help of internal ultrasound, you can say for sure what is your week of pregnancy at the moment;
  • Abdominal method. If you need to know more about the condition of the fetus, you should carry out such an ultrasound. The procedure is simple and consists in the fact that with the help of a sensor moved along the belly of a pregnant woman, data on the state of the child and the uterus are obtained. In order to get a good and clear photo, you need to drink plenty of water before the procedure;
  • If the indicators show a regression from the norm, the doctor may order an additional examination. You should not refuse it, because now the fetus is actively developing, it changes daily, so you need to periodically monitor how this development proceeds.

Baby sex at 13 weeks

The main thing during pregnancy is to be in a calm environment, eat well and consult a doctor if something disturbs you. After the ultrasound, you should feel good, so do not blame the indisposition for the procedure. It is important to consult a doctor in time if you feel dramatically worse.

How is the ultrasound in 13 weeks

For a period of 13 weeks, preferably by abdominal ultrasound. The procedure itself does not last long and takes only 10 minutes. First, a special gel is applied to the stomach, then with the help of a sensor, the doctor drives along your stomach, and the baby is displayed on the screen. A woman can also see her unborn child, so an ultrasound scan at 13 weeks is a very exciting procedure. All indicators immediately fix. that after deciphering them.

After inspection, the gel should be removed from the surface of the skin and dressed. At your request, you can get photos of your child at the end of the survey. It matters exactly where you are going through the ultrasound, as there is very little time in the municipal polyclinics, and you are unlikely to be shown the monitor in detail what the child looks like. In private clinics, everything is much simpler, so many women do not miss the opportunity to go to that place.

In addition to the child, the doctor examines the uterus, placenta, water, and the state of the fetal organs. Determine the presence of Down syndrome. Some problems can be solved by timely intervention, other pathologies can only be corrected. Sometimes defects cannot be fixed. In any case, if a problem is detected, any action will be taken. Therefore, ultrasound and photo after it are so important in the 13th week of pregnancy.

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