Baby in week 27

Congratulations: two thirds of the way successfully completed! You are entering the third trimester, where the baby will actively grow and recover.

Fetus at week 27 of gestation: stirring, development, weight and size

The baby at the 27th week of pregnancy has a well-developed sense of smell, hearing, taste, coordination of movements. It is almost as it will be after birth. Here only during the entire third trimester, the baby will grow in length and become overgrown with fat.

Now the crumb weighs an average of 875 g and has a height of up to 37 cm. However, the skin on the body is wrinkled due to the constant stay in the water. She smoothed closer to childbirth, and then there will be cheeks on her face.

The baby is already big enough, but there is still enough room for movement in the uterus. Although, of course, with each week it is getting smaller, which is why by week 27, the pushes and kicks of the crumbs are felt even clearer and stronger. By this time, mommy can even feel the baby turning in the uterus and changing its position, sometimes, having buried a leg or a handle in the stomach from the inside, the baby “pulls out” it as if. And, leaning the palm to the belly of his wife, the movement of the baby can feel and daddy.

From time to time, Mommy can feel uniform rhythmic winches inside – a pussy hiccups!

The number and movement of the fetus in different cases of pregnancy in one woman may differ. The main thing is that mommy feels her baby every hour, however, consider that his excessive activity may be caused by discomfort associated with a lack of oxygen. Unfavorable is the situation if the movement of the baby can not be traced within 2-3 hours.

Almost ready to work is the respiratory system of the fetus. But if for some reason the baby is born this week, he will not be able to survive on his own. The lungs, the immune system and the thermoregulation system are not mature enough for this. And because premature babies are nursed in special boxes. In the meantime, oxygen enters the fetus through the placenta.

By this time, all his organs and systems had been formed, and even the external signs had reached almost perfection: soft marigolds were growing on the fingers, ears were taking shape, eyes were already opening (if you did not abuse alcohol, otherwise it will happen later), hairs grow, limbs work, formed genitals.

The endocrine glands continue to develop, and their own metabolism is established. The pituitary gland produces growth hormone, the pancreas produces insulin, and the thyroid produces thyroxin, triiodothyronine, calcitonin. All of these hormones are extremely important.

If a mother has a girl in her tummy, she is already preparing for the fact that someday in the distant future, and she will become a mother: the entire set of follicles has already formed in the baby’s ovaries. In boys, in turn, the testicles have already descended into the scrotum.

Future mom

Make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible. Try to avoid smoky rooms, sharp frightening sounds, “nervous” situations. After all, absolutely everything affects your baby: your state of health, environment, nutrition, and condition.

Baby in week 27

Due to the growing uterus (it has risen 7 cm above the navel), the stomach shifts, and heartburn can disturb you more often. Find a safe way to fix them. Use any opportunity to let your feet rest and cool: lift them higher, put on a cooled surface, take cool foot baths. Do not bulge your tummy forward, otherwise your back will hurt. Also try not to lie on your back – this is fraught with both for you and for the masika due to the compression of the large vena cava. The best physiological posture for sleeping during pregnancy is lying on the left side. You can not throw your legs, do not lift weights, do not hold your hands above your head.

Remember comfortable shoes and clothes, care for your breasts and genitals. You may be disturbed by excretions, but if there are no other signs, just observe hygiene.

In the third trimester, the weight of the expectant mother grows very quickly. All for the most part due to the increase in the amount of blood and amniotic fluid, as well as the growth of the uterus, placenta and the fetus itself. There is a small proportion of your own fat (if, indeed, you do not abuse flour, fat and sweet), which will mostly go away during childbirth and during breastfeeding. So do not be afraid of you and do not upset your own dimensions: all this is temporary and necessary for the health of children.

Do not forget to communicate with the baby, preferably with your dad. Already you are a family, the baby gets used to the parents, feels them, recognizes them. Give each other only the best of emotions – for the long-awaited meeting there are not so many left …

Baby in week 27

By the 27th week of pregnancy, the future mother may well be overtaken by pains of the most varied nature and origin. But here, be sure to pay attention to where and how it hurts, analyze what the pain can be caused by. After all, in fact, pain in one area or another often becomes only a symptom that accompanies mommy’s irrational behavior.

Pain in the lower back and spine, perhaps one of the most common problems of the second half of pregnancy. Soreness in the back usually occurs as a result of the increased mass, and, consequently, the load on the back. The prenatal band, though not a panacea for such pains, but the intensity of their manifestations may somewhat correct. Of course, the behavior of mommy itself is also important: in order to avoid painful sensations in the back, try not to be on your feet for long, be sure to unload your back, do not wear high heels.

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