Baby at 10 weeks

9 two-storey residential comfortable heated brick buildings;

Administrative building with a first-aid post (licensed medical office equipped with all necessary equipment and medicines, an isolator with comfortable conditions for children’s stay, a TV set and a games area) and a laundry room for children;

Two-storey building-house of creativity (well-equipped cooled rooms for circles and dance dances);

A two-storey dining room with 450 seats (2 halls: small and large), a cinema (club) for 360 seats with a stage and a wardrobe, a computer class with a cooling system, a library (fiction, scientific and publicistic, educational literature and periodicals with age);

Covered summer stage with 450 seats;

Sports town with tables for table tennis, trampolines, horizontal bars;

Gym complex under a canopy of 24m2;

Sports complex, which includes: a football field with artificial turf, a universal platform for playing mini-football, volleyball, basketball, streetball, handball, beach volleyball (new), a sector for long jumps, jogging tracks, games in "Towns", "Sniper"training grounds; beach volleyball court;

Venue for celebrations (opening and closing shifts);

Outdoor sports and swimming complex, with a pool of 10×25 meters and 10×12.5 meters, heated, with a slide, with a playground, with changing rooms and showers;

Teenage from 7 years 80 m long;

Family from 10 years with a length of 112.5 m;


The children live in stationary two-storey buildings designed for two groups, 4-5 local children’s rooms, 8 rooms per floor. Rooms are equipped with necessary furniture: wardrobe, bed, bedside tables. In the large hall there is upholstered furniture, carpets, walkways, mirrors. On each floor there are shower and toilet rooms, separate for boys and girls, household rooms. Hot water around the clock. The buildings on each floor have a TV, DVD player, audio system, board games, sports equipment, climate systems are installed.

Baby at 10 weeks

Meals at the camp are carried out according to the type of “buffet”, complex, five times a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, 2nd dinner) with strict observance of the time between meals (no more than 4 hours). Children’s menu consists of three complexes to choose from. The proposed complexes are developed taking into account the requirements of SanPiN

For breakfast, cold snacks, milk porridge, an egg dish, a hot drink to choose from the child, a fermented milk product, mainly yogurt, are offered; for lunch and dinner – an assortment of snacks and dishes from fish, poultry, meat, liver, side dishes (each child can choose one of two dishes: a starter, a meat dish, and a side dish if desired); dishes from cottage cheese and vegetables, seasonal fruits, cold and hot drinks; for afternoon tea and a second dinner, the child is offered flour pastry and bakery products, cold and hot drinks.

In the diet of children, spicy, salty dishes, pork dishes, thermally unprocessed milk and dairy products are not used. To improve digestion, sour milk drinks (kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt) are released daily at the second dinner.

Health Camp Program

In the health camp “Barefoot Garrison” work is carried out under the motto: “Walking on the planet, we do good.”

"Strive to be brave, kind, intelligent and bring joy to people. Strive for health, because from here – all the aspirations of the soul!"

Today, in a situation of rapid and unpredictable innovations, the imperfection of the training system adversely affects the health of the younger generation. We are facing the fact of further deterioration of not only the physical but also the mental health of children. So that the inner world, the spiritual storehouse of our children was rich, deep, and this is truly possible only when "spirit" and "body" are in harmony, necessary measures of physical education and hygiene.

The leading ideas of the program are the availability of obtaining practical knowledge in the field of maintaining and increasing health, the formation of motivation for a healthy lifestyle in children and adolescents during their stay in the summer camp. Much attention is paid to the patriotic education of the child and the disclosure of his creative potential.

The program is implemented through a game that can arouse children’s curiosity, engage in the active development of the surrounding world. When choosing games, the emphasis is on their species diversity: competitive games alternate with games for the development of cooperation and mutual assistance, role-playing games.

Baby at 10 weeks

Command staff

The command staff is educated, enterprising, not indifferent, people in love with their work, who are able to share their experience and infect the entire teaching staff with their energy.

Leadership staff of the Dos “Barefoot Garrison” is a youth team of like-minded people who like to experience their joys and sorrows with children, play together, make discoveries and comprehend the world around them, wonder and amaze others, learn to communicate and accept other points of view, and just live together!

Winter Holiday Tale

New Year’s holidays, and with them the winter holidays, very soon. How many more things need to be done by caring parents: buy presents for everyone, put up a Christmas tree, think over the festive menu and the evening program. But the most important thing is to decide how to occupy your child in the next two weeks. I want the child to have fun and usefully spend time, rest in front of the school and get some impressions.

Experienced parents have long ago decided how to organize a holiday for their children: buy tickets to a children’s camp for the winter holidays in advance. Want to know why? You are welcome!

5 reasons to spend the holidays in DOL “Barefoot Garrison”:

  • To improve your health. Surprisingly, but the holidays spent in the winter camp are much more useful for health than summer holidays at sea. In winter, the air is more saturated with oxygen, which has a positive effect on the child’s body and mental development.
  • No homesickness! Winter shift lasts only a couple of weeks, so children do not even have time to miss their relatives. But they will certainly appreciate how you can have fun and how much new you can discover for yourself.
  • A lot of impressions. The density of activities in the camps is amazing! Walking in snow and frost, creative activities, concerts, intellectual quizzes, excursions. The main thing is not to get dizzy!
  • Mode first! A growing body needs a certain daily routine and diet that is difficult for parents to organize, especially at the height of the New Year holidays. And in the children’s camp, the ascent, food, activities, entertainment, hang up follow strictly on schedule.

All that you learn in the camp is useful to make life brighter, more modern and more interesting.

What does Dol “Barefoot Garrison” offer for winter holidays?

  • Sports activities: sledding, ice skating, skiing, football in the snow, ice hockey, snow battles and much more. After such extreme walks, children rarely get sick!
  • Intellectual games, quizzes and quests.
  • Creative workshops on various types of applied arts: quilling, kanzashi, baubles, burning, painting
  • creative workshop – soap making, notebook production
  • photo workshop and film studio
  • choreographic studio
  • musical and stage studio – elements of acting skills, vocal, stage improvisation, direction, performance at the microphone, stage speech
  • cognitive workshop – journalism, training, tests, debates, games on financial literacy
  • tourist workshop – obstacle course and master classes.
  • Table tennis, darts, sports shooting, cinema, karaoke and disco.
  • Traditionally, the New Year in the children’s camp is a bright holiday in a cozy, family atmosphere. Elegant Christmas tree, surprises, disco-carnival, fireworks, festive dinner and of course gifts from Santa Claus! Magic Christmas night, Christmas carols, Russian fair with folk fun, pancakes and ditties.
  • Expanding horizons. In unfamiliar surroundings, children become more attentive and observant, and learn about the world around with enthusiasm.
  • The development of autonomy. In the new environment and the team, the child has to do a lot of things himself, make his own decisions and be responsible for their consequences. This will teach him to successfully overcome difficulties and help him to believe in himself.
  • Acquisition of new friends and development of communication skills. In one group, children have to find a common language with each other, despite the different characters and habits. They learn to establish contacts with each other, solve conflicts on their own and seek a compromise.
  • The discovery of talent. During the New Year holidays, children have the opportunity to try themselves in many activities, unexpectedly revealing new abilities and talents that their parents did not even suspect.
  • New Year’s holidays are the most magical time of the year, when everyone makes wishes, believes in miracles, waits for new impressions and unforgettable emotions. And in the DOL “Barefoot Garrison” are able to translate dreams into reality!

New Year’s holidays are the most magical time of the year, when everyone makes wishes, believes in miracles, waits for new impressions and unforgettable emotions. And in the DOL “Barefoot Garrison” are able to translate dreams into reality!


We are open all year round for children’s competitions, competitions and other children’s events.

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