Baby albino

If you are not like everyone else, in a primitive developmental society, you are a target. For example, in Tanzania, more than 20 albinos have been killed in recent years.

Here are photos of albinism with photos:

Albinos in Tanzania have been the victims of beliefs and superstitions, according to which the skin, meat and bones of albinos can be successfully used for the treatment of various diseases. These rumors are sometimes deliberately spread by local healers and began to spread gradually in neighboring Kenya. In Israel, there was an asylum case for a refugee family from Côte d’Ivoire, in which an albino girl was born.

Treatment of albinism unsuccessfully. It is impossible to compensate for the lack of melanin or prevent vision disorders associated with albinism.

It is important for albinos to avoid sun exposure and use light-protective equipment when going outside: filters, sunglasses or dark lenses. Usually these functions are performed by melanin.

Griffin – the main character of the novel “The Invisible Man” by HG Wells – albino.

Sometimes albinos require surgical intervention, in particular for the correction of oculomotor muscles in strabismus, which is often found in albinos.

In general, albinos have vision problems, such as nystagmus — involuntary oscillatory movements of high-frequency eye eyes (up to several hundred per minute).

Albinos is also peculiar to the lack of pigmentation of the iris (usually gray-blue or light brown) and its transparency.

The red color of the eyes in albino animals is the color of blood in the vessels of their retina. In albino people, red eyes are very rarely encountered, as a rule, in the human eye there is always a shading pigment, usually dyeing the iris in a pale blue or yellowish color.

Due to the hypersensitivity of the skin to the light of the sun, among albinos there is an increased risk of developing malignant tumors.

Baby albino

In the Middle Ages, albino people were burned at the stake, because they were considered to be devil’s helpers.

Statistics says that “colorless” are born 6 times more often in blacks than in Europeans. There are 1 albino per 3000 black siblings.

The gene for albinism is recessive. This means that at the birth of an unusual child, the gene is present in both parents.

People with albinism live a long and healthy life just like others. The biggest danger for them is skin cancer, which develops more easily due to exposure to solar radiation.

People with albinism synthesize vitamin D five times faster than people with dark skin. Since vitamin D is produced when the ultraviolet rays of spectrum B are on the skin, the absence of pigmentation means that light penetrates much more easily.

This or that form of albinism is on average in 1 person per 17,000. For men, eye albinism is more common – lack of pigment in the eyes.

One of the most serious types of albinism is known as Germanski-Pudlak syndrome. People with this disorder have a predisposition for bleeding, bruising and lung disease.

In some people born with a less severe form of albinism, white hair and skin darken slightly with age.

Baby albino

Scientists can check whether parents have an albinism gene by looking at whether the hair follicle produces melanin.

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