Auntie happy birthday

Congratulations and poems on February 23 give you the opportunity to beautifully congratulate a man on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. In Russia, February 23 is considered the most popular holiday for men. On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, congratulate all the men who are doing military service or have already given their debt to the Motherland. Very nice to receive greetings by SMS in verses. Therefore, if you want to congratulate your friends on this holiday with the original verse, then you can do this with the help of our page.

1. Today is February 23

Today is February 23, And the country congratulates all the men! After all, we know that in a difficult hour, Without fear, protect us. You are courageous and strong, We are saying not without reason: Today we will congratulate you, Beloved men! To copy

2. A man is a gift of God for the weaker sex:

A man is a gift of God for the weaker sex: A man is a protector, a man is a support! And there are all sorts of reasons, That women today glorify men. And all we need is for the guns to be silent, So that you protect the woman from sorrow, Radiate heat, exciting our blood. And together we would protect love! To copy

Where are the dads in a hurry today? Daddy hurries for a holiday in kindergarten. Here’s a dad high, here’s a dad below, Here’s a curly dad, here’s a bald one, here’s a redhead, Here’s a dad with a mustache, here’s a dad without them. We met them with a ringing bell! And the guests did not hide the joyful eyes – Each of us sang about the best father! (Aunt Au) Copy

4. Defenders of the Fatherland

A wonderful feast in February. My country meets. She congratulates her defenders!

On land, in the sky, on the seas And even under the water Soldiers protect our world For us, my friend, with you.

When I grow up big, Where would I serve, everywhere to defend My Fatherland And I will surely be. (N. Migunova) Copy

The officer! Congratulations, you are a reliable defender of Russia: Selflessly and tenderly loving, You give her life, hope and strength! We know: through a hurricane, squall and rain, With your faithful oath and flag with your heart, You will bring the soldiers to victory again, Like your ancestor once – to the Reichstag! Good luck to you in big and small Yes, to become more like a general! To copy

6. Beat the drum!

Beat the drum! There tararam! Glory to all warrior warriors! Grandfather, dad and elder brother, Pilot, and sailor, and soldier!

I will grow up – I will become a warrior myself. Our motherland will not give offense! Pipes, blow! Beat the drum! Glory to the heroes! Tram tatam! (I. Gamazkova) Copy

7. Firework

On Red Square, Under the sky of the Kremlin, Flowers blossomed Among February.

Above the area of ​​Red – Colored lights, They fly on epaulets of the Military.

Here is a blue flower falling from the sky, For our pilots, He is the most dear.

Green in the sky Petals are burning, They are close to our border guards.

A blue flower descends from the clouds, Like the waves of the sea, For all sailors.

Down the red, crimson color, over the homeland of a peaceful spring bouquet.

On the square of the Red Gun beat: In honor of our Army Today salute. (V. Stepanov) Copy

8. February 23

Winter day, February day, We are walking down the street. The day is girded today With a sturdy leather belt, And medals are ringing on it, Orders are burning on it. Winter day, February day, We are on the square are going, To the heart of the warrior-soldier On the granite we put flowers And give to the defender of the people Honor in silence. Winter day, February day, We will go round the whole country. We will take off by plane, We will sail by sea And we will see how the sky lights up with festive fire. (V. Stepanov) Copy

9. My brother goes to the army

Why do marches play, People smile? Because my eldest brother Today in the army goes!

And although I stay at home, I will help my little brother. All rockets are familiar to me, I can be a gunner.

If he becomes a pilot – I am an airplane master. We are preparing for the flight: He is a pilot and I am a pilot.

Auntie happy birthday

Will fall into the airborne assault – I will jump into the battle from the chair, And obediently reveal Mom’s umbrella over me.

If he becomes a tanker – I will wear a headset. If he becomes a signalman – I have a phone.

Will fall into the navy – Dvina cruisers in the campaign, And then the submarine high-speed boats.

If suddenly my brother Will fall into the naval landing – I have a pea jacket, a belt And a beretka is numb.

If he becomes a sapper – I will build the bridge in a moment. If he becomes a chauffeur – I have a truck.

Brother gets into the infantry – I have a machine gun, Fast armored personnel carrier – Electric motor.

My brother will become a cook – For me, he will be happy: Everything that they give me now, I eat in five minutes.

I want, as my eldest brother, To become the protector of the country, Day and night Our homeland Protecting from war. (V. Orlov) Copy

10. We congratulate all men!

We congratulate all the men! And we wish them love. Let the heart be hot And in their souls the fire burns. Bloom, delight our eyes. And the bird hovers above fate. Carrying smiles and enthusiasm, Give happiness to all women! You are our pride and love! You are our passion and weakness! Without you, the world would be alone And there would be no fairy tales in it. Let the sun shine above the earth And let there be no wars. And the strength, our glorious hero, For the good will only be! To copy

11. Submariner

Here is a wonderful picture – It comes out from the depths A steel submarine, Like a dolphin! Submariners serve in it – They are there, and here they circle around the water surface, They protect the border! (N. Ivanova) Copy

12. Don’t let me down, son.

A boy grows out of diapers, Imperceptibly learns to fly. “You fly through life, my little eagle,” a tender mother will say quietly.

“Let it be to you all things, Save your people from trouble. For the Motherland, bravely and bravely Protect me, my protector! But you

As if unfading light in the window, The source of the deep river, A bright ray of a star, whose name is the Sun. Do not let me down, son … “(I. Zuenkova) Copy

13. Military doctor

A soldier at enemy heights Was wounded early in the morning. Brave military doctor will save, He will bind wounds! The doctor will extract two small fragments from the soldier’s wounds And say: "Do not be discouraged! Live, brother, long!" (N. Ivanova) Copy

14. This is an army, son!

I was once called to serve as a soldier for a whole year. The part number was not forgotten, I sent letters from there often.

On the parade ground stood in verification, He remembered the girl Verka, How he laughs fuzzily. She promised to wait.

Shooting, crosses and outfits – All you need to know the soldier, And the alarm rises, Marsh throws, calluses in the legs.

And with some great excitement He walked for the first time in his dismissal! In AWOL was once, The risk is huge, everyone knows.

Time is up, I am clever, And I am back to my parents. I think it is necessary to serve. Well, what a man without a service! (K. Vukolov) Copy

15. Happy Defender, Daddy! (family counting)

One, two, three, four, five – We will congratulate dad And wish for various benefits: Do not lose the winning flag, To captivity in misfortune – not to fall, They bravely win. One, two, three, four, five – Let me kiss you. (N. Samony) Copy

Four companies of the Wonderful infantry walked with the song, walked and walked vigorously, and melted away.

For a long time I walked behind them, I made the steps big, But I fell behind and did not catch up, Because I was tired.

I alone go, sing, I seem to be in the ranks And lead four companies of Remarkable infantry.

I will grow up, then I will lead them to battle! (R. Aldonina)

About the army of his beloved Knows the old and young And to her, invincible, Today everyone is glad. There are soldiers in the army, Tankers, sailors, All strong guys, They are not afraid of enemies! There are missiles somewhere, And at the castle the border. And so wonderful it is, That we sleep peacefully! To copy

17. Our Army

On the high mountains, On the steppe expanse Guards our homeland soldiers. He takes off into the sky, He goes into the sea, Not afraid of the protector Rain and snow.

Birches rustle, Birds sing, Children grow up At home country. Soon I will be on watch. I will stand at the border, So that only peaceful Dreams of people to dreams. (V. Stepanov) Copy

18. Defenders of the Fatherland!

Boys, boys, men! Color ascending dawn! The pride of the old epic – Russian warriors!

Become a support of Russia, Light hope of the country, Smart and good force, Our Motherland’s sons!

With your strong hand, We need to save the world, In order to live a happy fate for our Grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (E. Shalamanova) Copy

On the mast is our tricolor flag, A sailor is standing on the deck. And he knows that the seas of the country, The boundaries of the oceans And should be, day and night, Under the watchful guard! (N. Ivanova) Copy

20. Because the gunners

We are broad-shouldered and muscular, Because the gunners: And the gunner, and the loader, And other specialists.

Gun cones “bang-broads!” – Fears are causing fear in frogs. And once, under the roar of a gun, Went here the battle is not a toy.

Here the enemy fighters with commanders Bogatyrsky repulsed. Enemy tanks “Panther” with “tigers” Attacked at full speed.

But the artillery told them: – I am not afraid of any beast. – And the enemy, from her fire, Did not save even armor.

Let the books be written about it, Let the songs be sung about it. Let the boys come here, Not to play war, but salute. (P. Sinyavsky)

Auntie happy birthday

He will lift a metal bird into the clouds. Now the air border is reliable and strong! (N. Ivanova) Copy

21. Defenders of the Fatherland

My grandfather was once an artilleryman And dad was a soldier – He served in the border troops.

When I get older, I will be stronger, I will grow up, I will stand as well At the fighting post,

Confidently and boldly Execute orders And military matter Seriously study.

And after the service of the military I will return home. And grandpa and dad will be proud of me! (A. Grishin) Copy

22. Grandpa

You are the best grandfather, And I’m proud of you! Dreams and hopes Always sharing with you!

I appreciate your advice, I, And wisdom, and participation. I wish you longevity, Health, strength and happiness. To copy

23. Tankmen Hooray!

Tankmen were both great-grandfather and grandfather, I am also dressed in a tank uniform. I have to take care of the tank so that my tank was always ready for attacks.

After all, a tank for a tanker as a battle friend, Like a horse for a brave horseman. And he thinks like a tower like a head, – Such is electronics now.

And I in the present toy tank of the Barrier doubt, like tin cans, Estimate the windbreak, jump over the ravine – The enemy will not be hidden from the tank anywhere.

Heroic tanks T-34 They shot at the target, like snipers in the shooting range. Now our tanks shoot more accurately, Now our tanks are faster and more powerful.

– Tankmen cheers! Tankmen cheers! – All tots of the yard run together. And every kid smiles at me, And the girl in the window waves her palm. (P. Sinyavsky) Copy

24. On the ribbon is written Varyag

I am the smallest sailor in the fleet, And on the ribbon it is written – VARYAG. This word is golden, like dawn – This is the name of the ship-hero.

He has distant, alien shores, bravely fought surrounded by enemies. He fought so that he did not consider his wounds, But he did not give up the enemy.

Do not happen to him in enemy captivity! The cruiser himself went into the depths of the sea. And in Russia, in his native land, Do not forget about the heroic ship.

And today, in the oceans and seas, The grandchildren of the ship of the hero came out. Every cruiser, and fearless, and harsh, And the nature of combat in cruisers.

I ran with my friends to see them off, Above all, the flag of St. Andrew kept. I am the smallest sailor in the fleet, And on the ribbon it is written – VARYAG. (P. Sinyavsky) Copy

25. Tankman

Everywhere, as if the all-terrain vehicle, On the tracks of the tank will pass Barrel front, Danger, the enemy, do not come! Tank solid protected armor And will be able to meet the battle! (N. Ivanova) Copy

26. Gratitude

On the Day of Defender of Russia From the heart we bring you Gratitude, admiration On behalf of the Russian ladies! There is no defender is more reliable, There is no more just fighter, There is no more reliable husband in the world And the father is more caring! We know, in a difficult moment – you turn the shoulder, That’s what we love for you And kiss hotly! (A. Voight) Copy

27. Future classmates

Let your battle ahead, Our classmate-warrior, We are proud of you, And you are pleased with yourself: Shoot and fly, Five only in a notebook. You will protect the country – The enemy will fall on the shoulder blades! Worthy be father and grandfather – Then victory will come in battle! To copy

28. Military holiday

We have one holiday. This holiday is the day of men, the Day of defenders, soldiers. This day will be a parade!

We will see helicopters, guns, tanks, airplanes. We will pass a military step Under a large beautiful flag.

Read congratulations, Sit on your dad on your knees. There are many men in the army, And such as he is alone! (I. Gurina) Copy

29. Let the war games remain just

Let the war games remain just a game, After all, we play, after all we are fighting for fun: We don’t want to meet with misfortune – Neither Danil, nor Misha, nor Seryozhka.

Let the war games remain just a game And our girls do not cry for fear. And let the laughter everywhere flow like a river, And above us – let the fawns sing fervently.

Let the war remain just a game, Let no one ever die; And let the sun’s ray of gold In the peaceful sky, happiness embroiders! (N. Samony) Copy

30. February

Our Army’s Beloved Birthday is in February. Glory to her, invincible! Glory to the world on earth! (I. Darensky) Copy

31. We are men

Let the icicles cry, Let the mists cry, Leaky roofs And old cranes, Thin troughs, Window glass And a sad hat, What’s wet in the rain: Cap-cap, Cap-cap, Cap-cap.

But we are not icicles, But we are not fogs, Not thin roofs, Not copper taps, After all, we are with you, As we know, men, And we cannot be Without any reason – Cap-cap, Cap-cap, Cap-cap. (O. Drize) Copy

32. About dad

In secret, the elder brother decided to tell me: “In the past, our father was a soldier, he served his motherland, I woke up at dawn, I cleaned the machine gun, To be in all the world Peace for all the guys.” I was not surprised, I suspected – Former general. Twenty-three, I decided, Exactly at six in the morning, I will shout from the bottom of my heart Loud URA! (T. Agibalova) Copy

33. Paratrooper

Marines in minutes Descend from heaven. Having unraveled the parachutes, Dark forest combed, Ravines, mountains and meadows. Find a dangerous enemy. (N. Ivanova) Copy

34. Rocket Warrior

We congratulate the rocket engineer – You are to all of us both the shield and the sword – Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day! You know how to save the world: From the poles to the equator You keep the frontiers of the country, The ear is a sensitive locator Do not even miss a mouse! There are a lot of garrisons, waiting for taiga or, Siberia is still … We love you and the Motherland – Hard, strong, hot! To copy

35. Holiday of all men

On the twenty-third of February, I prepared the surprise at all – the paper weather vane was made. Finished – dad presented. With a smile, he clung to me And a bright bundle stretched out: – And here’s a present for you, son – Today is the holiday of ALL men! (Aunt Au) Copy

36. Submarine

The submarine goes deep into the secret long-distance swimming. To ensure that the war does not threaten the country, – Her combat mission.

Always prepared for the launch of her missiles and torpedoes – There will be no descent to the enemy, The boat has everything to win.

I’m sure in every sailor she is And in every officer of hers. And if he orders his native country – the Sailor will not miss the target!

Known to all the crew of the submarine, What is in the commander’s cabin portrait. The picture shows a boy in his father’s cap, the Hero was exactly five years old.

Since childhood, he is truthful and brave, His peers are set as an example. He will be a submariner, father’s shift, A real naval officer is growing. (P. Sinyavsky) Copy

37. I will be a homeland soldier!

Let me be a little ruff, Let me distort the words! But I dream a little bit Be bold of a gray-haired lion.

Mom wants to make me a diplomat in the future; Dad wants a lawyer To become once I.

I listen to them seriously And nod to them; And then skipping to his grandfather, He ask for advice.

"I do not want to be a diplomat, I do not want a lawyer! I will be a homeland soldier!" – Grandpa scream loudly.

Well, you, dear grandfather, Smile, as always: "Oh, my dear fidget! An officer will be – yes!"

I will hear you, grandfather, I will become a General! Let now I fidget – Now my dream!

And I will say at dinner Mom, dad and cat, Whats going, my dear grandfather, I am in a military institute.

There I will be busy with business – All sciences study! There they will boldly teach me Mom, Dad to protect!

And shoulder straps on a shirt, Dark leather belt, And boots, and a cap I will not be lazy to clean!

And all the girls cheerfully Will smile at me, As I will go home in the form To my uncle, my aunt – all my relatives!

Let me be a little ruff, Let me be adults not like! Here’s a little dream to protect the country! (K. Avdeenko) Copy

38. This holiday went beyond the borders of the army

This holiday has gone beyond the borders of the army, He is now not only for soldiers, He is not only for people in uniform, They stand in the service of the Motherland. This holiday is the day of the man. We can rightfully call it. And in honor of you today congratulations from February 23 rd! To copy

39. Defender of the Fatherland Day

Daddy congratulations On the holiday of men: In his youth, I know, I served in the army.

So also a warrior, Though not the commander. Holiday worthy, Protected the whole world!

For me you are the main one. I will not give the abyss: I am the glorious Fatherland Little part. To copy

40. Girls-classmates from girls

Though you don’t wear a uniform, But we know that in a difficult hour you will, like all soldiers, Save the Motherland and us! To copy

41. All on duty

The border guard on the border Our land guards, To work and learn Could our people calmly.

Protects our sea Glorious, valiant sailor. Proudly flying on the battleship Our native Russian flag.

Our hero pilots Sky vigilantly guard. Our hero pilots Guard peaceful work.

Our army is native Strereet peace of the country, So that we grow up, misfortunes without knowing, So that there is no war. To copy

42. Soldier anthem

We are on guard of our glorious land, Cities, villages, villages and arable lands. We will not spare ourselves in battle, We will not give our homeland a grudge!

Our service came to our hearts, We like the food of soup and cereal, We are almost heroes with you, Well done outside and inside!

And brides without us bored, Already for a long time as we did not meet them, But now is not the time for us to be sad, In the bridegrooms we will have time to walk! (M. Nozhkin) Copy

43. Defenders of the Fatherland

Peace of all cities and villages of ancient Sereg watch epic heroes. Let those days be over, but thank you, Bogatyrs who did not give Russia to the enemy!

We were defended by great-grandfathers and grandfathers – The flag of victory was flying in Berlin. When we dream of a sweet dream at night, Our soldiers do not sleep at the border.

Let the sun burn thawed roofs! We congratulate now those boys, Who are small, but with all the strength He protects the weak and the girls! (I. Aseeva) Copy

44. Our army is dear

The Russian people Have a reliable shoulder – Our army is native Congratulations warmly!

Congratulations to those who serve, Those who still serve, Believe us, we really need To live under your protection! (A. Voight) Copy

45. I will be an officer

We have missiles, tanks, Ships of the mighty system, Planes early in the morning Protect peace rest. Under the water, in the blue sky, In the open field and in the forest, True warriors of Russia The service is carried necessary. I, as I grow up, dream I, too, to stand in a military system And for a long time in a dream I walk On the cobblestone pavement! Shoulder straps glisten on their shoulders, Strict faces are visible, On the parade in those columns Honor and youth of the country! Hours of labor to sweat drops In the heat, rain and cold. Officer to be honored In our army always! To copy

46. ​​My brother went to the border

My brother went to the border, He is a border guard. He is a soldier. Is it a fog, a blizzard or a curse, My brother is on the night watch?

He goes into the darkness of the night And the machine gun takes with him. He saves his native country, Saves his own family.

He hears the quietest rustling, He notices every trace. In the deep forests, in the steppe expanses Nowhere enemies of the road there!

My brother will not return soon, Not soon he will embrace us, But I know: somewhere on the border He is thinking about us now. To copy

47. I want to fly very much

In the festive sky the air parade RUSSIAN WATTLES hover in the sky. From the beauty of fighters Spirit captured the audience.

Five airplanes, a wing by the wing, To the sun soar like an arrow, They do, like a single plane, an acrobatic coup.

Birds envy brave pilots, Wind sings about brave pilots. Everything. I will urgently ask pilots and get ready to fly.

Dad and Mom said: “My son, From the baby will not work pilot. The pilot needs to grow a little bit. They are only accepted from six. ”

In order not to argue with my elders, I fly in a dream today. Maybe even tomorrow my parents Let me in fighters. (P. Sinyavsky) Copy

48. Warships

On blue transparent lakes, On ocean salt spaces – On all waters of the Russian land Military service is borne by ships. To copy

49. Suvorovets

Red shoulder straps, New uniform. A young commander is marching along Moscow.

His Pride walk is full. Day of their defenders Celebrates the country. (V. Stepanov) Copy

50. I have seen marines

I have a passion, like hunting In the marines, I dream about it in reality – After all, I am near the sea, Near the sea, I live near the White Sea!

I do not think otherwise. And I have already begun To work with might and main on myself: For four weeks I drag dumbbells And – in a shower with ice water.

And papa agrees, That my choice is clear, That there is no better dream: To put on the real, Teasing, alluring, Mysterious black takes! (O. Bundur) Copy

51. Since February 23!

We are in a hurry to congratulate all the men on February 23, the Russian Land wishes you the Force with valor!

You got the honor and the right – To defend your country, Ancestors of military glory Let it help you in the ranks! (A. Voight) Copy

52. Anti-aircraft gunners

The roar of the plane is heard. In our sky Someone wanders At a great height, In the clouds And in the dark. But on moonless nights, From dawn to dusk, The sky is probed with rays of battle lanterns. It is difficult for the pilot to fly – The beam interferes with the plane, And from the ground Towards the hum Raise the guns of the muzzle: If the enemy – He will be shot down! If a friend – Let fly! (S. Mikhalkov) Copy

53. Airborne combat vehicle (BMD)

I am the son of a paratrooper, the son of a lieutenant. That is why I walk in a vest. About the airborne combat vehicle Anything you want to tell you.

There is a car winged infantry cannons, rockets and machine guns. Terrible opponent beats on armor – Everything on the exercises as in war.

Our fighters on their all-terrain vehicle Night and day, in any weather, They will fix the blue lightly, Descend from the sky and rush into battle.

The assault vehicle rushes to victory. No ambush is terrible for it. Correctly in the song is sung: “Russian landing does not surrender!”

Let me still go to kindergarten, Soon I will ask for a landing. Even though I will lead BeeMDe now – I will not let the Pope and the Motherland. (P. Sinyavsky) Copy

54. Older brother

Today I am very happy – brother left for a stay. He is in a blue beret, a new form on it.

Nothing that I have until Brother’s form is great: The day will come, the hour will come – There will be a form at the time! To copy

55. Future man

I still have toys: Tanks, pistols, guns, Tin soldiers, Armored train, machine guns.

And when the time comes, So that he could serve peacefully, I and the guys in the game I train in the yard.

We play there in "Zarnitsu" – I have drawn the border, I’m on the post! Steregu! Once entrusted – I can!

And the parents in the window Look after me in dismay. Do not worry you for the son, I – the future man! (V. Kosovitsky) Copy

56. No men day yet on earth

There is no day for men yet, Oh, these poor men! The male half is full, Lives without a holiday! The floor is bright, gentle and beautiful, Hurry to congratulate men not in vain, Smiles, happiness, giving them joy, At least on February 23! To copy

57. Future warrior

Grandfathers from the enemy in battle defended the Earth, And to the country love their grandchildren bequeathed!

I prepare myself To protect the Motherland: Eat oatmeal in the morning, Forgot the whims.

I try to train For intelligence Rex And try to encourage For success cupcake!

Tomorrow boldly to war I will leave a soldier, I will defend the country, Like my grandfather once! (Svetlana Son) Copy

58. Future man

While you are young But if the enemies Suddenly take in head to go to war with us, You will wear a pea jacket and boots, And you will stand behind your country wall! If you send a rocket, a tank, a torpedo to the enemy, you will know how to attack … But, dear boy, so that it is, you have to train and learn for five! And remember: only an intelligent, strong warrior of victories in battle, love in the hearts is worthy! To copy

59. Let the sun shine in the peaceful sky

Let the sun shine in the peaceful sky And the trumpet is not calling for a campaign. And so that only on the teachings of the attack went the soldier forward. Let instead of explosions the thunder spring Nature wakes from a dream, And our children sleep well Today, tomorrow and forever! Good health and happiness To all those who defended our world. Who protects us today, and who gave the debt to the Motherland! To copy

60. Oh, dear valiant man!

Oh, dear valiant man! Knocking at the door is your holiday, And we want to congratulate you – Rather, open the door all! Today you are a hero and a knight, For our women: you are the King, Ineffable, strong, brave And even, in something unearthly. All praise to you today, And your valor and courage, But do not forget that, man: Without a woman, you could hardly have been like that! To copy

61. Happy Defender, Russian Soldier!

Battles of war died down, Sons defended the homeland. They remember the feat of brave soldiers Brest, Moscow, Taganrog, Stalingrad.

Announces salute in the spring, That Prague, Vienna, Sofia, Belgrade live freely in Europe – The Soviet soldier defended them!

On this day on the chest of the order. They were awarded by the country for their valor. No more prizes in the world! Happy Defender Day, old soldier! (Rina R-Ich) Copy

62. Little General

I seriously stated: “I’m tired of being a kid, I want to be a General! I’m an adult, I’m brave!

I’m not afraid of dogs, Their growl is not a threat. I am not afraid of turkeys, Do not scare more thunderstorms.

I’m almost seven years old! I was full of seething for life … ”My father laughed:“ Learn to twist footcloths!

That general is very bad Who has not been in the soldiers! ”(N. Samoniy) Copy

63. February 23

When lies on the rivers of ice And the blizzard rushes into the distance, A wonderful holiday brings us a thoughtful February.

The holiday of all soldiers, Defenders, fighters will come. Everyone will be happy to congratulate Both grandfathers and fathers!

I’ll draw the ship, Where is the daddy captain. Bravely my father swims From distant and distant countries.

Auntie happy birthday

I’ll draw the plane, Where dad is the commander. And the days and nights away Dad saves the world.

I will draw a gun And a rider in the saddle. I know: there is no hero better than dad on earth! (I. Gurina) Copy

64. Congratulations!

I hasten to congratulate heartily Happy Army and Navy Day! Defense of the Motherland to serve – Good work! To copy

65. On the Day of Defenders of Russia

To celebrate and congratulate Our gallant men, There are so many Positive reasons.

But one year there is a reason to recognize Our warriors, And to call the support and protection at once.

I really want to wish your happiness in your holiday, To be a reliable rear for you We can promise! (A. Voight) Copy

66. Parade on February 23

On TV – PARADE! Taram-papam-papam! Fighters go behind a row a row, Equating on ranks! Someday I will go too, Typing steps, Let friends admire And enemies frown! (R. Aldonina) Copy

67. On patrol

Russian warrior In the eternal patrol On the plane, On the ship. He guards the Peaceful Sea, the Peaceful Sky, Peace on Earth. (I. Gamazkova) Copy

68. February 23

I want to become a soldier, To protect the earth. Let him die, but I will not betray And in offense, I will not give No currant bushes, No flowers, no homeland, No narrow path, Nor Russian border. (N. Filippova) Copy

69. Happy Defender!

My father served in the army And defended the country! I am strong to become, as he decided, I will begin to prepare!

I managed to lift the dumbbell with two hands. Wow, I had to podnuzhitsya, I want to become like a dad!

I lay down on a woolen carpet, Do not think that to sleep. At least once I press, I want to become like a dad!

I eat porridge in the morning without problems, Do not force! I say to all without stopping: “I want to become like Dad!”

Waltz dancing in the street February lights. And mother hugs us: “My defenders!” (T. Nesterova) Copy

70. Glorious day

This glorious day every holy honors. It has all the courage features. Any man fragile peace keeps, Serving the Fatherland, with valor “for you”.

Not every feat can accomplish, Especially in the stream of peaceful days, But everyone should serve the Motherland, Sick heart and soul only about her.

February brought us a great holiday. Defenders of the Fatherland – Viva! A warrior – a valiant soldier – will save Russia from storms and thunderstorms. (B. Polyakov) Copy

71. There are thousands of reasons for women

There are thousands of reasons for women To not think about life without men. Their strong hands will be able to save us, Take any trouble from Russia. They are in all important posts And they will solve all the complex problems. We confess our love to you, Without you, men lack warmth. Let many years pass, but again we repeat, Thank you, men, we say! To copy

72. Since February 23!

Since February 23! Our whole family is proud of you. You are the best defender of the Fatherland, Hope of all mankind! Congratulations on a male holiday For the fact that you keep peace and quiet! To copy

73. Holiday of all fathers

Today in the morning, Solemnly and quietly, The younger sister was clothed And famously flushed Into the kitchen to my mother as quickly as possible, There was something noisy – Dad and I also quickly Hashed – and put it on: I put on my school uniform, Dad was dressed. Everything is as usual, but still not – Father pulled a medal out of the closet. In the kitchen, we waited for a pie, And then I guessed! Today is the holiday of all fathers, of all sons, of all who are ready to protect their home and mother, to fence us off from harm. I do not envy my father – After all, I, like him, and I will save the Fatherland, if need be, But in the meantime, would be the marmalade From the cake otkovyrnut. And back to school, back on the road, Where I will be prompted, maybe, How to protect father and mother! (I. Grosheva) Copy

74. Defenders

How can everybody play hunting: Petya is the main over the infantry, Senya is a sniper, very accurate, the nurse is Sveta. Tanya – a brave tank woman, Paradise with a radio – radio operator. Lyonya is a helicopter pilot, Pasha is a smart machine gunner. We play soldiers for good reason – So we defend the Fatherland! (N. Samony) Copy

75. Have a beautiful day in February

There is a beautiful day in February, When we congratulate the men. There is no man day on Earth, But we are correcting the mistake. Men, life is empty without you, Tom has sad examples. For you, all our beauty, In love, we do not lose faith. For you, lipstick on the lips, We ruin the hair perm. And in high heels We hurry to those whom we love! To copy

76. The border is at the castle

On the native border Our Russian flag, To cross the border Do not dare the enemy. To copy

77. Little Hero

A little boy was rolling a scooter and imagined that he was a brave soldier. Sly scout, skilled pilot, proudly leading a large aircraft. Or a submariner, sea captain – Wolf, plowing the gray ocean. “I will grow up soon, I will become a hero!” – Thoughts flew in the right order. A bold heart pounded in his chest, Feats waited for him in front. (O. Ilvanidi) Copy

78. February 23 – winter day, wonderful

February 23 – winter day, wonderful, February 23 – dances will be, songs! February 23 – splash, take a walk, February 23 – congratulations to dad! February 23 – a holiday, start on February 23 – Dad, smile! (K. Avdeenko) Copy

79. Happy Holidays!

Not for nothing today the sun Shines fun and bright! Children know everything in the world – It presents gifts to daddies – Today the sun’s rays, As hearts are hot!

Delicious dinners Our daddies, our grandfathers Our moms will prepare … And now – the most important thing: Happy holiday, dear ones! Happy defender of Russia. (N. Zhelezkova) Copy

80. My dad is military

My dad is a military man. He serves in the army. He is friends with the technology of complex Army! He went more than once in combat campaigns. No wonder they say: “The commander – from the infantry.” (G. Lagzdyn) Copy

81. Future defender

Every boy can become a soldier, Fly across the sky, sail across the sea, Guard the border with a machine gun, To protect his homeland.

But first on the football field He will protect the gate with himself. And for a friend in the yard and the school He will take an unequal, difficult fight.

Do not let other people’s dogs to the kitten – More difficult than playing war. If you have not defended your little sister, How will you protect your country? (A. Usachev) Copy

82. Holiday on February 23

Today is a holiday for the soldiers. On the square ranks in a row.

Soldiers are standing on the parade ground, overcoat with a cap to them to face.

Motherland, Motherland Our warrior is called to protect.

On an alarming day and at a difficult time, they are ready to close Himself.

They do not need a shiver in their knees, After all, behind their backs is a country.

And each of the soldiers is a hero. With the enemy entered into an unequal battle.

Nobody blundered, not wilted, I want to be like them.

Today is a holiday for the soldiers, Awards on the chest glisten.

And each country remembers Who handed the order. (T. Konovalova) Copy

83. Do not wait for war

Defenders of the Fatherland! No need to wait for war, To protect the offended and weak. They should hope for you now, For the fact that you at least stand up.

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