At what age is a child holding his head

The whole life and the right development of a person is predetermined at a very early age. Especially in the first years of life, the child requires special care and care.

At what age is a child holding his head

That is why it is so important to choose the right diet. The first 12 months of life of children require special attention, since during this period the tiny organism only adapts to the environment and new unusual products. Therefore, nutrition of children under one year is one of the most discussed topics among young parents.

Nutrition table by month: calculation for the first year of life of children

Below are the products that are recommended for use in children under the age of 1 year. The table of proper nutrition will help you to understand what norms of feeding for children exist and calculate the feeding of a child by months individually.

How to determine that it is time to enter feed

The development of each baby up to a year is an individual process, therefore it is impossible to determine the single age of complementary feeding. What to focus on? The presence of at least half of the following signs indicates that it is time to try to vary the diet:

At what age is a child holding his head

  • Himself opens his mouth when a spoonful of food is brought to his mouth;
  • Holds head;
  • During feeding can sit in a special chair on their own;
  • Closes the mouth when the spoon with food is in the mouth;
  • Swallows the food himself;
  • Shows that is not hungry (turns away).

How to enter a new product correctly

During the first year of a child’s life, it is impossible to immediately give a large portion of something new. Feeding should start with a small amount, increasing it over time and bringing it back to normal if the baby responds well to the product. That is why it is important to carry out such “experiments” in the first half of the day, then you will be able to understand whether this food is suitable for the baby and calculate the further feeding. For the same reason, if a child feels unwell, giving him something new is not worth it.

The first supplements for children, and these are usually juices or mashed potatoes, and then porridges, are administered separately, that is, it is not necessary to immediately give a multi-component dish. Feeding is better to start with a teaspoon of carrot, apple or other juice and see if the child will be allergic. Up to 7-8 months, food should be chopped, for example, using a blender. However, from six months you can try for feeding and relatively solid food (banana, boiled carrots).

What can eat up to 6 months

Up to 6 months, the basis of the diet of newborns is breast milk or a special milk formula. Vegetable or fruit puree can be tasted with 3-4 months. Do not forget that you need to cook such food from one ingredient. For a start fit: pumpkin, potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, peach, apricot, plum, apple. The consistency should be sufficiently liquid. Juice diluted with water.

At what age is a child holding his head

In the home puree is to add vegetable oil (calculated at 5 ml per 150 g of product). For this it is better to use olive cold pressed. When buying finished products, you should carefully examine the composition, in the absence of oil there, it can be added in the same proportion.

After feeding with a new product the next day, it is necessary to follow the child’s condition (his skin condition and stool character). If there are no changes, then from the second day you can give 30-40 grams of vegetable puree or increase the volume of juice.

All week you need to give only one type of vegetables. After this period, if all indicators are within the normal range, then you should take up another product, introducing it into feeding as gradually as in the first week.

Menu for 7-8 months

At this age, mashed or twisted mashed potatoes will be suitable for food, which is a bit thicker than you could have given at an earlier age.

By the seven months of life should begin to introduce meat puree from low-fat varieties (chicken, rabbit, turkey, veal) according to the table. You also need to give a quarter of an egg, but not more than 2 times a week. Food at this age should be done 3 times a day, starting with one teaspoon and then bringing up to 60-100 grams.

By the age of eight months, the baby’s nutrition should include dairy products, cottage cheese, cheese. The introduction of such food should be approached with extreme caution. Feeding should start with small portions, gradually increasing them.

Meals in 9-12 months

At this point, the child should be familiar with all products recommended in the table (cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, bakery products). Nutrition of children up to the year still has its own characteristics:

  • Cooking is done only by boiling or steaming. Fried and baked is not recommended for children under one year old, it is better to give only from 3 years;
  • The use of spices, starch or other additives is unacceptable;
  • Ground food should still take place;
  • With the introduction of some products to feed the baby need to wait. These include citrus fruits, nuts, exotic fruits, and so on, since there is a high probability of developing allergies. Sweets are also contraindicated for up to a year;
  • During the first year of life, food must be five times a day.

Feeding a child up to a year is something that needs to be approached with great responsibility. It is always necessary to remember that each child develops in different ways, therefore it is impossible to develop universal norms that need to be strictly followed. Here is a table that contains only recommendations, but not an exact calculation. After the introduction of any new product, you should carefully monitor the reaction of the body, because something may not be suitable for an individual child.

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