As noted the baptism of the child

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As noted the baptism of the child

About Christmas for children 5-7 years

Orthodox Christians on January 7 celebrate Christmas. On this day in the city of Bethlehem, the Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary was born – Jesus Christ. Before the birth of the Savior, the Roman emperor Augustus ordered a census. All the subjects of the emperor went to the census in their hometowns. The righteous elder Joseph and Saint Mary of Nazareth went to Bethlehem.

January 19 – Baptism of the Lord

The holiday of Epiphany is one of the main Orthodox holidays and is celebrated in Russia on January 19.

As described in church books, this holiday is dedicated to a very important event in the life of Jesus Christ. This event is associated with another Christian saint, who is known as John the Baptist, or John the Baptist.

As the church history says, even before Christ, a boy was born to the childless Elizabeth and Zechariah, who was named John

Scenario for children of preschool age: the Feast of St. Nicholas (December 19).

Presenter, 1st child-reader, 2nd child-reader, Boy, Girl, Bear cubs (2-3 children), Hares (3-6 children), Fox, Carriers (4-6 children), St. Nicholas.

The hall includes children, parents, educator. The sound of the bell ringing.

Musical worker: Hello children, hello parents. Did you know that the first most severe frosts happen on December 19?

Christmas games for kids

Diversify the holiday and various games that can be offered to children.

They can even be played in a small room.

Buzzes, bee buzz

For this game, cut flowers out of colored paper and attach them to the floor with adhesive tape. (Children will do it with pleasure.)

The players dance while the music is playing. When it unexpectedly ends, they buzz toward their flowers.

Christmas poems and songs for younger students

Christmas is one of the most important Orthodox holidays.

About Christmas for Children

Today the Angel came down to us

And he sang: "Christ is born!"

We came to glorify Christ,

And to congratulate you on the holiday.

Christmas for younger students. Scenario

All characters have costumes (hats, tails).

Scene with decorations: trees, stump, forest glade.

The course of the staged fairy tale

Sounds funny tune.

Hello! We are very pleased to meet.

It is light, not late at all.

You can play, joke, frolic,

Pre-Christmas gala concert in kindergarten

Children of all kindergarten groups participate in the concert.

1st lead Good evening, dear friends.

2nd presenter. We are glad to welcome you, dear parents and guests, in our cozy music room.

1st lead. And we are pleased to announce the beginning of our Christmas party, which is organized especially for you.

Christmas doe. Holiday scenario

Christmas celebration for middle, senior and preparatory groups “Like preschool children with carols they got into a fairy tale and wondered at the mirror”

The hall is decorated under a Russian hut. In the foreground – a mirror on the sides of the candle. Under Kolyada (audio recording of the Ivan Kupala ensemble) children with attributes of caroling enter the hall, where they are greeted by the heroes of the fairy tale “Frost” – Nastya, Stepmother, Marfushka.

Carols. Scenario for middle-aged children in kindergarten

As noted the baptism of the child

Purpose: to generate interest in the traditions and art of the Russian people.

Sounds round dance melody. Mummers come out, shower the audience with grain and sing a song.

I sow, I sow, I sow,

Happy New Year,

On the New Year, on the new happiness.

Christmas time in kindergarten. Middle – senior group. Scenario

Objective: to instill an interest in the traditions of the Russian people; develop children’s intelligence.

I. Introduction

Leading Two thousand years ago, a baby was born in the small Jewish town of Bethlehem. Jesus Christ, the eternal son of God, became flesh, became man. For what? The salvation of man is the main goal of coming to the world of Christ.

Christmas time for children. History, games and entertainment

Svyatky – holy days, or holy evenings, is the main multi-day winter holiday in Russia and in Russia, which begins on January 7 and lasts until Baptism (January 19).

In many countries, this holiday is celebrated in its own way, but in some ways the traditions of different countries are similar, because they have their roots far back in antiquity.

Christmas time for a long time include caroling, fortune telling, dressing. The word “caroling” is derived from the word “kolyada.”

Christmas in elementary school, 4th grade. Scenario

As noted the baptism of the child

Christmas for primary school children. Scenario

Host: Christmas and New Year holidays are a secret starting point for a new time, a turn towards the sun and heat, overcoming the frost, fear, and new dreams. Plans, hopes and desires.

Winter: Under the cover of a soft, snowy

Children about the holiday Christmas

When the Roman emperor Augustus ordered a census of the population in the conquered countries, the carpenter Joseph and his wife Maria went to Bethlehem, where they were from. But at the inn space was not. And they decided to spend the night in a cattle cave. Here, Mary had a son.

Christmas. Holiday script for children 9-11 years old

Christmas holiday scenario for younger students

Scenario of the holiday “Kalyada arrived – open the gate”

(Children enter the hall and sit down in places. The holiday begins with an iridescent crimson ring. As soon as the last sound subsides, children dressed in angels begin to read verses)

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