Arthritis during pregnancy

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, which is characterized by the occurrence of pain and limited mobility.

Arthritis during pregnancy

This disease can occur in people of any age. It has several types, forms and stages.

Arthritis during pregnancy, like any other disease, can bring a lot of inconvenience to a woman. What is dangerous arthritis and how to deal with it?

What is arthritis?

By the nature of the disease, arthritis can be of the following types:

    Rheumatoid arthritis. Most often it affects small joints. At the same time dystrophic and pathological changes occur in the connective tissue of the joints. Usually such a disease is multiple.

Septic (infectious) arthritis. It appears as a result of the presence of an infection in the body, in which microorganisms penetrate the articular tissue, causing disease.

Reactive arthritis. The disease is inflammation of the articular sac, which is non-purulent in nature. Often this type of arthritis occurs after a person has a gastrointestinal illness or urinary system.

Gouty arthritis. Occurs with characteristic metabolic disorders, high salt concentrations, as well as accumulation of uric acid. As a rule, the disease affects the ankle joints, fingers or hands.

  • Psoriatic arthritis. Appears due to diseases of the nail plate and skin. Appears in people with psoriasis.
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    Stage 1 is the initial. At this time, the organism is infected, and there are no external manifestations. On an X-ray, a specialist will notice the first signs of bone thinning.

    At stage 2 bones continue to thin, and bone erosions occur.

    At stage 3 arthritis on X-rays, you can see the deformation of the joint and the lack of permanent fixation. This stage is often the indication for the appointment of a patient with a disability.

    At stage 4 In humans, irreversible changes occur in cartilage tissues and bones.

    Arthritis can have both acute and chronic.

    Acute arthritis – is an inflammation of the joints, which appears only once. Often the cause of the disease are bacteria.

    Chronic arthritis may develop for various reasons.

    For example, due to injury or metabolic disorders. As arthritis progresses, the affected area deforms, causing pain and limited mobility.

    Causes of Arthritis – About the Most Important Program

    Diagnosis of the disease

    The pain gets worse at night, which sometimes causes insomnia. With active movements pain becomes weaker.

    With arthritis in humans stiffness appears. In the initial stages of the disease it can be seen only after sleep. For example, it can be difficult for a person to walk, to squat, but after a couple of hours such symptoms disappear.

    Joint swelling, arising without any injury is a clear sign of arthritis.

    Most often it appears in case of arthritis of the hands or phalanges of the fingers. Redness of the skin may be present at the site of the disease.

    What is dangerous arthritis during pregnancy?

    Exacerbation of arthritis during pregnancy requires special attention when carrying a baby.

    Due to lack of calcium and additional stress on the joints a woman may experience more pain and discomfort.

    Many medications used to treat arthritis can harm a baby. When choosing medication during pregnancy it is important to consult a doctor.

    The greatest danger during pregnancy is rheumatoid arthritis. The fact is that it can cause preterm labor.

    Currently, heredity is not yet fully understood by scientists, however chances are that rheumatoid arthritis will be transmitted to the child.

    Features of treatment

    First trimester pregnancy to get rid of pain is allowed to use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, naproxen or ibuprofen.

    Also, the doctor may prescribe the use of corticosteroids or salicylic acid in small doses, which will reduce inflammation.

    In the second and third trimester pregnancy arthritis symptoms tend to become less pronounced. Use nonsteroidal drugs in the second and third trimester can not.

    With arthritis it is important to do physical therapy and do not forget about motor activity.

    A good folk treatment method becomes cabbage juice. Soft tissue is moistened in fresh juice and applied to the sore joint. Such a compress has no contraindications, so it can be used during pregnancy.

    Relieve pain helps drinking juices. Arthritis can be consumed during pregnancy apple juice, grapefruit juice, as well as turnip juice with honey.

    Lingonberries will also be a good way to relieve symptoms: two teaspoons of lingonberry divorced into a glass of water.

    Since women need to give up most medications during pregnancy, the basis of arthritis treatment becomes proper nutrition.

    It is recommended to eat food containing high calcium, for example, cottage cheese, hard cheese, spinach and sesame.

    From fatty meat must be abandoned. It is recommended to consume chicken and rabbit. With arthritis, be sure to fish in the diet.

    It is best to give preference to salmon, as it contains a large amount of omega-3 acids, which are necessary to relieve inflammation from diseased joints.

    With arthritis it is important to eat fruits and vegetables in large quantities, however, it is recommended to exclude scallions and tomatoes. Such a diet will not only relieve the symptoms of arthritis, but also have a positive effect on the pregnancy as a whole.

    Recommended for the treatment of the disease add broccoli to your diet. The fact is that they contain a component that fights with radicals that destroy bone and cartilage tissue.

    Apples are considered beneficial for arthritis., as they contribute to the production of collagen in the human body. Collagen is the basis of the cartilage tissue of the joint, the destruction of which occurs during arthritis.

    Thus, arthritis is a disease that reduces the mobility of a person. He is able to complicate the course of pregnancy, therefore, with this disease, it is important to regularly visit a doctor.

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