Applications for children

Yoga Dance Fitness Massage in Narayana Zhukovsky:

Applications for children

Yoga Studio Narayana is suitable for everyone and everyone, regardless of age and level of training!

"Narayana" Translated from Sanskrit means Vishnu walking on water!

Massage: Anti-cellulite, Thai, Classic. Sports, Foot

About us – Narayana Yoga Studio in Zhukovsky is:

– Convenient location (downtown Zhukovsky)

– Spacious, bright rooms

– All necessary equipment for training

– Highly qualified team of instructors

– Yoga – the main direction

– Incendiary dance and fitness classes

– Air acrobatics for adults and children

– Two massage rooms with various types of massage from classic to Thai

– Counseling psychologist. Group and individual work.

– Cozy, comfortable atmosphere

And, most importantly, we are constantly developing, and taking into account the wishes of clients, we introduce more and more new areas of study!

Our studio conducts classes in the following areas:

Yoga in Zhukovsky is a popular destination. It is presented here in all its diversity from classical Hatha Yoga to playing children’s yoga. Yoga tells how to preserve the beauty of the body, clear mind, well-being and mood, get rid of laziness and insecurity.

  • Morning yoga – the earliest groups at 6:30 am 4 times a week!
  • Advanced Yoga Sivananda.
  • Universal Yoga by Andrei Lappa.
  • Ashtanga yoga.
  • Yoga therapy.
  • Air yoga, Fit yoga in a hammock.
  • Yoga for beginners.
  • Yoga for children and teenagers (from 4 years)
  • Hatha yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Yoga in dance is a technique created on the basis of methods of dance therapy, modern choreography and yoga philosophy.
  • baby-contact (dance classes in the group mother + baby from 3 months., from 1 year)
  • Dance gymnastics (from 3 years).
  • Jazz – Modern (children from 8 years).
  • Zumba
  • Fit – Dance (mothers and children from 2 years)
  • Body ballet
  • Poing School

For those who want to keep fit, we offer the following programs:

Ancient Chinese art, the traditional health system, is the basis of the practice of martial arts. Continuous and smooth movement, coupled with breathing and fully conscious. Qigong and Tai Chi are links of one chain, one goes into another.

We have a massage room! Types of massage: from Classic and Anti-cellulite to Thai.

Sign up for a massage by phone studio! 8 (926) 797 83 79

Lesson schedule in Zhukovsky: click on the picture to expand

MASSAGE – 30% off

First visit Have time to visit the massage in Zhukovsky at special prices:

Classic massage: whole body 1900 rub – 1.5 hours / back 1000 rub – 45 min. / Hands + cervical collar area 700 rub – 30 min. / Lumbosacral + legs 700rub – 30 min.

Anti-cellulite massage (full) – 1500 rubles; duration – 1 hour; 1900 – 1.5 hours

Anti-cellulite (segmental) – 1 hour from 1500 rub. Honey massage – 1400 rub.

Cosmetic massage (face sculpting) – 30 min. Baby massage 30-60min from 700 rub.

Course "Healthy Back" – Courses: 10 sessions per back for 9000 r

Course "Slender body" – anti-cellulite course 10 treatments for 14,500 rubles. + as a gift to choose honey, canned, relax MASTER: Anastasia Martynova, Denis Flimonov, Svetlana Guss

record by

  • YOGA (hatha yoga, yoga in hammocks, ashtanga yoga, yoga for beginners, yoga for children) from 350 rub.
  • DANCES (jazz modern, pole dance, body ballet, dance gymnastics) Zhukovsky from 300 rub.
  • FITNESS: Pilates. Step aerobics. Stretching Zumba Body Sculpt. Healthy back. Slender body. Fit yoga in hammocks from 350 rubles.
  • ACROBATICS (Air canvases, Air ring, Hex acrobatics? Pole Dance) 350
  • Children’s yoga. Dance gymnastics for children. Group Mom and Baby from 3 months. Zhukovsky from 300 rub.
  • Developmental center – classes for kids In Zhukovsky from 700r
  • MASSAGE in Zhukovsky (classic, back, cellulite, Thai) From 700 rub
  • Psychologist and Psychotherapeutic groups from 500 r
  • Mehendi from 500r
  • BEBI-CONTACT from 500 rub
  • Qigong + Tai Chi from 400 rubles
  • Gift Certificates from 600 rub

Pilates – Healthy back!

April 2 at 21:00 Open (free) Pilates lesson – Healthy back! This ideal complex will help: – To restore and maintain the health of the spine and the whole back – to achieve a beautiful posture – to get a beautiful, toned body without excessive loads and jumps – to develop flexibility and improve stretching. Cool to spend time in a group motivated by the result!


Meditative Hypnotic Practice: IMAGE OF GOAL.

March 31 at 11:00

Duration: 2 hours

The secret of slender legs

Action for girls! “Spring-slim legs”

8 sports activities + 4 corrective foot massages + thighs

Super price! Click to learn more!

The secret of a healthy spine

The secret of a healthy spine is simple

March 20 at 19:00 Free Workshop

Spring blues – counseling psychologist

Like spring, but no strength at all.

In the spring, nature really wakes up, but the body is experiencing a “chronic asthenic condition” or in everyday language – chronic fatigue syndrome – no strength, everything irritates, it is difficult to concentrate on work, it seems that I get sick, something sad – something fun, capriciousness and discontent are elevated. Familiar?

* Information from the psychologist Eugene Alexandrov, the city of Zhukovsky

Yogic gymnastics – a healthy back

General weakness and no strength?

To raise the overall tone of the body and get rid of the pain come to the soft correct practice based on yoga therapy and exercise therapy.

February 19 at 20:00 Open (free lesson) on super-soft yoga in a hammock for beginners!

February 19 at 20:00 Open (free lesson) on super-soft yoga in a hammock for beginners!

Evening class! Going to group

Victories of pupils of Narayana yoga studio

Congratulations with medals lovely pupils of the studio Narayana (group: air ring) Vasilisa Tarakanova and Elizaveta Sadovnikov!

February 11 at 9:30 AM Open (free lesson) on super-soft yoga in a hammock for beginners!

Yoga in a hammock is a huge benefit for the whole body: all large joints are worked through, compression of the spine is removed, the muscular corset is strengthened.

Yoga for future mothers

Yoga for future mothers.

Open Lesson January 26 at 12:00!

Recruitment to the group continues!

Leave the application right now, we will contact you immediately!

Photo Gallery

  • yoga instructor in dance" data-desctext ="Maria Kameneva yoga instructor in dance" data-ext ="Jpg" data-date ="December 15, 2014" data-filesize ="

    As women prepare for spring. article psychologist in Zhukovsky

    Every spring I see a picture of how women prepare for spring, and those who did not have time – by the summer.

  • Here I will lose weight, buy yourself a cool dress.
  • Here I will lose weight, and I will go to occupations.
  • Here I will lose weight, and then I will update my hairstyle.
  • Here I will lose weight, I will go to the theater.
  • Here … Here … Here …

And how long does it come?

Getting ready for spring in the winter, I miss the winter. In preparation for spring for summer, I miss spring. And then here and now I am not.

Make your plans today – please yourself with your favorite new outfit, drive to the show, sign up for dancing, yoga, fitness, swimming, …

Do not postpone life for later. take care of yourself

Evgenia Alexandrova, your psychologist accept in Zhukovsky

Acrobatics for children

Acrobatics for children

Already started a group of children’s acrobatics! There is a set of children from 7 years in the group.

Some facts about acrobatics for children:

Children’s acrobatics allows you to effortlessly expend excess energy and make the child more calm, which guarantees good health and positive emotions.

Uniform distribution of the load on all groups of muscles of a person allow the child to develop entirely correctly. – Occupations perfectly develop the vestibular apparatus, attentiveness, dexterity and speed of reaction.

Photos from our classes for children in Zhukovsky!

Air ring for kids

Air ring for kids

Training in the air ring is one of the directions of air acrobatics. From the very first moment we are already in the air and the ring serves as a reliable support! We learn confidence and a sense of balance. For us opens a whole new world of dance in the air. The ring helps to develop flexibility, strength and grace, inaccessible on earth.

And children really like such fun and unusual activity.

Such unusual activities for children in Zhukovsky are now offered by our studio. Come!

Foot or Turkish massage


Foot massage in Zhukovsky or, as it is also called, Turkish massage in our city is a very new practice.

But it is important to know that this is an ancient traditional massage technique that can be used both independently and in combination with other types of massage.

Oddly enough, this type of massage can be performed with oil.

The main difference from hands massage is a more powerful, deep study of the body due to the strength of the legs and the possibility of applying the entire weight of the massage therapist, as well as a much larger surface area of ​​impact. The arsenal of techniques is very wide and hardly differs from manual massage, it is limited only by the technical possibilities of the masseur. This type of massage is very complex and should be carried out only by a highly qualified specialist. Excellent clinical results, indispensable for athletes and people with large muscle mass, the most suitable method for anti-cellulite program.

Hatha yoga – conscious perception of action

Hatha yoga – bringing the body to physical harmony and balance, working with consciousness – concentration of attention and conscious perception of action.

" Ha " – symbolizes the sun and expression." Tha " – symbolizi

Ruta moon and calm.

During the practice, tension and relaxation of the body alternate, as well as a combination of physical exertion with breathing. All asanas are performed statically, in some cultures of practice, vinyasas and vyayams are used.

Practice Ashtanga Yoga

“In our many-sided world one can come across very different ways of working with body and spirit. As far as we are all people different, so are the different things that beckon us, and which we end up with. The practice of yoga can also be very different. I want to share with you ashtanga yoga, this is what I practice myself and what has the most powerful effect on me at all levels.

Ashtanga yoga is one of the traditional styles of yoga, dating back centuries. This is a complex developmental method that teaches how to control breathing, body and concentration, developing the ability for physical and mental relaxation. Practice takes place in the so-called Mysore style, when everyone practices in the rhythm of his breathing and his abilities. Over time, a clear individual training program is built up with each student, which becomes more complex as the previous material is mastered.

My yoga practice started 6 years ago. Over the years I have studied with various well-known and not very teachers, I have learned from my body and from my students. Education is still ongoing and there is no end to it :) For over 5 years I have been sharing experiences with family and friends. For the last 3 years I have been conducting regular classes in Zhukovsky in the Narayana yoga studio. She studied Thai massage, passed 3 steps of the northern school. I study other motor and massage techniques. I actively use knowledge in personal practice and when interacting with people. Working with and through the physical body is what inspires me.

Yoga is the path of transformation. Thanks to regular and long-term practice, the body changes completely, but the most interesting changes occur inside. We get a new consciousness, bright thinking and an amazing ability to feel. “

Your guide to the practice of ashtanga yoga in Zhukovsky-Yulya Gorbatov.

Ashtanga yoga in Zhukovsky

Ashtanga yoga in Zhukovsky is not yet widespread. Despite the fact that this is one of the traditional styles of yoga, dating back centuries. During its existence and distribution, some structures of Ashtanga Yoga have changed and continue to change, proving that this is a living tradition, but the very essence of the method remains unchanged.

The essence of the method lies in the powerful structuring of the practice and the special discipline necessary for its development. The Ashtanga Yoga system has clear sequences or series of asanas (body positions). Every movement is done in sync with the breath,

In ashtanga yoga class you will get acquainted with the basic aspects of the method, such as: – Special breath with sound like ujayi – Drishti – points of gaze direction – Asana – body position – Vinyasa – synchronization of movement and breath – Bandhi – muscle locks in the body, necessary for proper circulation of respiration and energy.

Training in the practice of ashtanga yoga is selected individually, taking into account the characteristics and capabilities of the student. Ashtanga yoga is suitable for beginners and practitioners alike. Practice occurs in the rhythm of their own breathing. Mastering occurs smoothly and gradually. In yoga, there can be no rush to achieve a result. We must immediately accept the fact that learning will never end

Yoga in Zhukovsky at sunrise

What could be better than yoga at dawn? Now, you can do early yoga in Zhukovsky. Morning practices are very useful and energize for the whole day.

In India, due to climatic conditions, classes begin very early, and this has a sacred meaning. In our cold country it is very difficult to force yourself to get out from under the blanket in the early morning, but believe me, this is worth it. The long winter is finally over, and now at 6:30, when we start the lesson, it is already brightening. And we wake up with the sun and nature!

First, at the beginning of the session, we perform soft breathing yoga practices and a warm-up. And when our muscles and ligaments have already awakened, and the joints have become more mobile – we begin the active part of the session. These are dynamic sequences of asanas at a fast pace, and static asanas with the study of individual muscle groups, and at the end of the lesson – stretching the overloaded muscles and relaxation. Morning yoga ends at 8:00 – and is great for those who need to have time to work. The charge of cheerfulness and energy, as well as a good mood for the whole day you are provided! Come!

We are waiting for you in the classroom every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 in the Narayana yoga studio in Zhukovsky!

Dialogues on Yoga

Yoga Notes instructor Yoga in Zhukovsky and Ramenskoye is gaining increasing popularity. Recently, I have often been asked: I am 35, 40, 50 years old, can I practice yoga? So I would like to write this: a person can practice yoga at any age, the main thing is that the program should be built taking into account age-related features! And then we will move gradually from simple to complex. And I also want to say that if you have any health problems, tell the instructor about this before the workout and the instructor, according to your peculiarities, will modify the exercises specifically for you. If you are just starting to do yoga more than two full-time workouts a week will not do you good – the body is not yet ready for heavy loads, but the morning surya-namaskar will be quite useful exercises. Yoga, as a medicine, if you apply too much, you can harm yourself. The main thing is to understand that yoga is not a competition, and your view should be directed inward. You are engaged for yourself and for your health, both physical and psychological. After several months of classes, you will notice that you have become more balanced and restrained. Happiness to you and Harmony!

Massage. Types of massage.

Each of us wants to be beautiful and healthy. That is why we do sports, learn the basics of proper nutrition, go for a massage. That is why massage in Zhukovsky is very popular. But to choose from many options what suits you is not very easy.

So, we will understand what happens massage and how it affects the body.

1. General massage, general improvement of the human body. General massage is aimed at the treatment and prevention of various diseases, health promotion, preservation and maintenance of the body in good functional condition. It relieves general fatigue and tension in certain parts of the body, raises vitality. 2. Therapeutic massage is indicated for neurological diseases such as: osteochondrosis of the spine, arthritis of the joints, and for fractures (post-traumatic massage). Therapeutic back massage is aimed at treating various injuries, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, scoliosis of various degrees of severity, normalizes the tone of weakened muscles and strengthens them, reduces pain in overstressed areas. It is also indicated for diseases of the internal organs: heart, kidneys, lungs, liver and

8. Anti-cellulite massage

Massage against cellulite (anti-cellulite massage) is based on the fact that under the direct manual action of the hands of the massage therapist an increased "pointwise" pressure on areas prone to lipodystrophy (cellulite). This forces the cells to work actively, activating all the processes of intracellular metabolism.

9. U-Meiho Massage from Japanese literally sounds like "alignment of body vitality". This practice leads to the restoration of our energy system, and this in turn to the restoration of vitality and the normal distribution of energy throughout the body. The entire structure of a person in massage is considered as a whole without dividing it into areas or organs. And it is precisely such integrity that is the value of practice. U-Meikho-therapy is reduced to the patient restoration of natural functions, correcting any instability in the body, restoring the integrity of the body’s support system, putting the impact on the hip area at the center. During the sessions, a mild release of psycho-emotional blocks that accumulated in the physical body from unproved events, unaccepted reactions or stress of the environment occurs. The massage is performed with the fingers, the base of the palm of the hands, elbows, knees, and feet. The patient lies on the floor, on a mattress or mat and is dressed in light clothing made from natural fabrics.

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