Antiviral children under 3 years

Of course, every parent has experienced a disease that, as a rule, appears at an early age child and almost accompanies him during the first years.

Antiviral children under 3 years

What could be worse for mother and father than the illness of their own children? And what should be done to protect your child from the disease?

To get started is to find out what is still most often the cause of anxiety of the young creature. Most common cause of disease – This is, of course, a viral infection.

As a rule, all parents, hurrying to help their child, immediately run to the nearest pharmacy for an antiviral agent. But in order to choose the right medicine, It is important to know, that children’s drugs are divided into three main groups. The main factor in the separation of these drugs is age.

Preparations for children up to one year inclusive

The most difficult to choose drugs for the youngest patients, because it is not known how will the child’s body react, which just recently came into being.

For them, there is such a group of children’s medicines, as antiviral drugs for children up to a year.

This group includes such antiviral agents as Viferon (Interferon Alpha 26) in the form of rectal suppositories.

Indications for use of these drugs are flu and SARS. However, if you are afraid that such drugs can adversely affect the body of your child, you can turn to the help of homeopathic antiviral drugs, such as Oscillococcinum, Anaferon and Aflubin.

Most doctors insist that it is the most effective among existing drugs.

Preparations for children from 2 years and older

With growing up, the choice of a drug for a child does not become easier, especially since it is incredibly difficult to choose something for a little man who is not so small, but still needs in strict control and careful selection.

Again, there is no definitive answer to the question of which medicine is best for your baby, but many doctors single out following drugs: Timiflu, Acyclovir and Paracetamol.

Many experts argue that these antiviral drugs are the most effective for children as young as two years old.

Preparations for children from 3 years

If you think that the older the child becomes, the stronger his immunity, then you are deeply mistaken. The fact is that for now baby grows and develops, his body is subjected to tremendous shaking, and that is why during the growth of a child’s immunity weakens more than ever before.

For the same reason, you need to be very careful in choosing a medicine, because any means can not only help the child, but also have a negative effect on the body of your child.

The Most Effective Antiviral Drugs, that are suitable for children from three years old, are considered Arbidol, Kagocel, Orvirem and Izoprinosin.

However, it is important to remember that with an increase in the age of the child, the number of chemicals in the preparations also increases, therefore many doctors do not advise replacing the usual medicines that suitable for children up to a year, for stronger and, as a result, more harmful antiviral agents.

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Effective and inexpensive antiviral drugs

What drugs are the most suitable and preferred among doctors, we have already learned, but in addition, many of us know that some drugs cost a lot of money, moreover, that there are analogues, which are much cheaper, but no less effective.

In fact, the choice of drugs for children is very poor. It is very difficult to find a tool that could be distinguished by both good quality and an affordable price. Still, the most affordable and truly Kagocel is an effective remedy..

This is not to say that its price is budget, but if we compare it with similar drugs costing from five hundred rubles and up, then Kagocel is still a relatively cheap remedy.

The average price of this drug from two hundred rubles in the country.

But still this should not play a decisive role when choosing a medicine for your crumb, because besides the price there is another series of factors influencing the choice of the drug. The main thing to remember is that health of your child should be protected from the earliest years, after all, it was during his childhood that the whole foundation of health was laid, which should serve him a lifetime.

The features of each child’s body are different and what suits one may turn out to be completely useless for another. Perhaps that is why it is better. It is worth thinking about the health of your baby in advance, so that later he did not know what viral adversity is.

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