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Irina Alferova: biography

A talented actress, beloved by millions of Russian television viewers, Constancia Bonacier, the first wife of Alexander Abdulova and simply the most beautiful woman of the Soviet Union – this is what Irina Ivanovna Alferova became for many of us.

Irina was born in March 1951 in Novosibirsk. Parents Ivan Kuzmich and Ksenia Arkhipovna Alferov went through the Great Patriotic War, and after returning to civilian life, both of them got the legal profession and worked all their lives as human rights defenders. The eldest daughter Tatiana was born in the family, and then Irina. As the actress recalled later, in childhood she was a mother’s daughter and did not leave Xenia Arkhipovna for a minute.

Actress Irina Alferova

Irina managed to realize her mother’s dream and become a star of Soviet, and then Russian cinema. Mom seemed to pass on her daughter acting talents. It was already noticeable in childhood. The girl together with the yard children put fairy tales, playing the main roles there.

And in high school, Irina Alferova gladly ran after classes to the drama school, which was established at the House of Scientists of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok. The girl went on stage with students and researchers. Here Alferova took the first steps in the profession and reread many forbidden books, including works by Akhmatova and Gumilev. The studio was a real focus of the Novosibirsk intelligentsia.

Irina Alferova in her youth

On the advice of the main director of the studio, Irina Alfyorova went to enter Moscow, to GITIS. This choice was approved by mom. Ksenia Arkhipovna and accompanied her daughter to the capital.

Alexander Abdulov children

The creative biography of Irina Alferova began in 1972, when the aspiring actress was awarded a diploma. If at the very beginning of her studies Irina was hard to show creativity, then in the last courses Alferov was in good standing. The actress was offered work in several metropolitan theaters at once.

Irina Alferova in the movie “Going on the hell”

But an offer from the director Vasily Ordynsky to play Dasha in the epic “Going on a Chill” for a long 5 years suspended Alferova’s appearance on the stage. The director set a condition: either a movie or a theater. The image of Dashi, like the film itself, so fascinated the young actress that she agreed with the condition.

After the release of the picture Alferova in a flash turned into a popular actress. Many critics still claim that the role in this tape is one of the best in the filmography of Irina Ivanovna.

Irina Alferova in the film “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”

After finishing work in the film project, Irina Alferova went to the theater. The actress was invited to Lenkom. But these stages, alas, did not bring Irina the expected success. For many years, Mark Zakharov gave Alferova only, as the actress says, to roles in the “last line of the corps de ballet”.

Much better things were in the cinema. At the insistent request of the Goskino leadership, George Yungvald-Khilkevich took Alferov for the role of Constance in the film D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, although he planned to shoot Yevgeny Simonov.

Irina Alferova in the film “Premonition of Love”

Alexander Abdulov children

The director did not dare to disobey the high authorities, but he managed to “spoil the blood” to the undesired actress. Irina Alferova left bad memories and a bitter aftertaste from working in this all-time favorite film. Nevertheless, the role of the beloved D’Artagnan turned Irina Alferova into a real star of the Soviet cinema.

The artist could strengthen herself in this status after the release of the pictures, which rightfully took their place in the golden fund of Soviet cinema: “Don’t part with your loved ones” and “Anticipation of love”, where she appeared with Alexander Abdulov.

Irina Alferova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov on the set of the film “TASS is authorized to declare”

Then there were wonderful films “Vasily Buslaev”, “TASS is authorized to declare …”. The heroines of Irina Ivanovna are infinitely feminine and tender, but at the same time whole, sincere and strong. Even today, viewers enjoy watching the melodrama “Snow Maiden?” And the historical tape “Yermak”, where Alferova played the key characters.

Alexander Abdulov children

A trace in the hearts of the audience was left by the actress in the crime film “Upper class”, where Irina appeared with her daughter, and in the Armenian melodrama “And everything will happen again”. In the 90s Alferova remained an actress of major roles. With her participation came the picture “Sheriff’s Star”, “Nightly Fun”, “Blood for Blood.”

Irina Alferova in the film “Top Class”

In the early 2000s, the actress reappeared on the screens in the Ukrainian TV series “Lost Paradise” and the Russian-French project “Lisa Alisa”, where Irina was assigned the role of a French diplomat.

Beloved millions of blue-eyed actress continues his career. More time Irina Ivanovna gives the theater. Sometimes he appears on the Lenkom stage, but more often he plays in the “School of the Modern Play” – a repertoire theater in which he feels at home.

Irina Alferova in the play “Night with a Stranger”

Here, Irina Ivanovna became a truly sought-after and realized actress. Alferova was lucky to play the main characters in the performances “A Man Came to a Woman”, “The Seagull” by Anton Chekhov, “The Seagull” by Boris Akunin, “The Bear”, “A Night with a Stranger”. And one more page of theatrical life of Irina Alferova was participation in an enterprise.

Irina Ivanovna reacted with understanding in the mid-2000s to the proposal to play together with her former husband Alexander Abdulov on the same stage staged by Dmitry Astrakhan “Everything passes.” At that moment, the actor was already fatally ill and needed money and spectator support. With the melodrama, in which Alferova and Abdulov played two spouses, clarifying the relationship, the artists traveled half the world. Of course, the actors in life never behaved with each other as they did on the stage, but the audience wanted to believe that the actors lived their lives on the stage.

Personal life

The actress doesn’t really like journalists, because in the essays about her reporters strongly adhere to a common stamp, depicting the actress “unhappy”. But the personal life of Irina Alferova, however, as well as professional, developed happily. Although, like most people, the dark stripes alternated regularly with light.

Irina Alferova with her daughter

The first husband of Irina Alferova became a diplomat from sunny Bulgaria Boyko Gyurov. Young people met at one of the creative evenings at the Bulgarian embassy and soon became friends. Gyurov was fond of auto racing and one day during a competition he had an accident. The plastered Boyko asked Irina to come. The girl could not leave a friend in trouble and began to visit often, between them began a romance.

After the marriage ceremony, the actress went with her husband to Bulgaria, where Ksenia Alfyorova’s only daughter was born. Irina had everything that Soviet women could dream of: a luxurious apartment, a caring husband, all the blessings of civilized European life. But the actress fled to Moscow, where there was nothing. Alferova wanted to play, so she could not settle down in Bulgaria.

Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov

Everyone considered the second marriage with Alexander Abdulov “star”, and the couple were called the most beautiful in the Soviet Union. Alexander adopted Ksenia Alferova in early childhood, and the girl learned about the existence of her own father only as a teenager. Despite the news, Ksenia remained in a warm relationship with Alexander Abdulov, as can be seen in all the joint photos. Ksenia managed to meet with Boyko Gyurov, when she was already an adult.

After 17 years of marriage, in 1993, Alferov and Abdulov diverged. For many, this gap was unexpected. But, apparently, the two stars became closely together. In the early 1990s, revelations appeared in the press from journalist Daria Aslamova, who asserted that she was tied to Alexander Abdulov not only by professional interests.

Then Irina appeared in Alexander Serov’s video clip “You Love Me”, after which disputes began about the possible relationship between the actress and the singer, so convincingly on the screen both played a deep feeling.

Two years after the breakup with Abdulov, Irina Alfyorova married again. The third husband was the actor Sergei Martynov. The novel broke out on the set of the film “Sheriff’s Star”. At the time of his acquaintance, Martynov was married to Xenia, the sister of a popular TV presenter, but the marriage was cracking. His wife, a lawyer, was offered a lucrative contract in London. Ksenia Martynova agreed and went to England with two children. Sergei did not want to leave – Martynov was in demand in the profession he loved.

Later, when Ksenia died tragically, Martynov’s children, Anastasia and Sergey, arrived in Moscow. They and the nephew of Irina Alferova, Alexander, the son of her late sister Tatiana, found in this woman a second mother. Thus, Irina Ivanovna raised a total of four children.

The actress calls herself a happy woman, next to which is a loved one, a man who has managed to give warmth, care and true love. Children took place as individuals. Anastasia and Sergey received a higher education in England and remained there, Alexander graduated from the Law Institute, and Ksenia Alferova became a popular actress.

Irina Alferova now

In recent years, the actress does not often favor fans by appearing on the screen, but all projects turn out to be rated. This was the case with the Yolki 2 film comedy, where Alferova appeared in the lead role of Yulia Snegireva from the episode “Chimes and Airplane”, and with the joint Russian-French project Rasputin, in which Irina managed to turn into Princess Zinaida Yusupova.

Irina Alferova in the film “Rasputin”

In 2016, the movie “Yolki 5” reappeared in the repertoire of the actress, where Irina Ivanovna played the aunt of the protagonist Boris (Ivan Urgant). Now the actress is removed in the continuation of the social drama “The Teacher” – “The Test”. On the same working platform, Alexei Petrukhin, the director of the film, managed to assemble Irina Kupchenko, Andrey Merzlikina, Alisa Grebenshchikova. The premiere of the film is scheduled for 2018.

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