After how many days you can learn about pregnancy

The mission of each woman is to become a mother one day. If the ladies’ personal life is all right, she will plan the pregnancy together with the second half and wait for her. But often we can not rely on ourselves: unprotected sexual intercourse, contraindications for the onset of pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy – all these factors negatively affect the psyche of a woman, she is nervous, not sure whether she is in a position or not. The answer to the question of how many days you can learn about pregnancy is simple. There are ways that can determine the early stage of pregnancy even before the test with an accuracy of one percent.

Ways to recognize early pregnancy

Let’s start with the simplest: if the delay of menstruation for 2-3 days, there is a reason to worry, especially if you think that the mammary glands are swollen, sick in the morning, and the number of urinations doubled in a day. Usually, ovulation (maturation) of the female germ cell occurs on the tenth day after the end of menstruation. The most optimal for pregnancy are the days: the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th after the start of the next menstruation. Now you can calculate when you had sexual intercourse and add 2-3 days (just in case fertilization did happen) – the exact figure is in your pocket!

After how many days you can learn about pregnancy

It takes two days for the sperm to connect to the egg, so three days after intercourse you can surely donate blood for hCG – 100% accuracy of analysis, unlike pregnancy tests, which do not show positive dynamics in the early stages. Tests and ultrasound diagnostics are good when the pregnancy is about 5 weeks,

Another common method that doctors suggest is the measurement of basal temperature. It usually falls immediately after menstruation and rises to

After how many days you can learn about pregnancy

Measurement can be made with the delay of menstruation. It is necessary to take into account the fact that, in addition to pregnancy, a woman may have inflammatory processes in the ovaries. The temperature will hold in both cases.

A test you bought at a pharmacy will show pregnancy 10 days after intercourse. His objectivity is estimated at 92-95%, which allows you to adjust the further actions of a woman: to terminate the pregnancy or leave the child.

Symptoms of early pregnancy

After how many days you can learn about pregnancy

The first symptoms that occur at 3-4 weeks are: dizziness and nausea. But according to these signs it is impossible to say for sure whether a woman is pregnant or not, since in most cases they may not occur. The restructuring of the body does not begin immediately, but characteristic signs that can be determined without tests, visually, are darkening of the nipples and swelling of the breast. The number of hormones in the body increases immediately after fertilization of the egg, so the woman may feel a general malaise. The kidneys react to it first, they begin to work in an enhanced mode, which leads to frequent urge to the toilet.

Experts believe that with two signs: the end of the menstrual cycle and the appearance of aversion to certain products, we can safely talk about the occurrence of pregnancy.

If you have doubts, it is better to be safe and use all of the above methods for determining the early stages of pregnancy, as it is often only in the totality of symptoms you can see the result you are interested in.

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