Aevit for children

Is it possible to aevit children?

In principle, from the introductory part, it becomes clear whether it is possible to give aevit children to combat the lack of vitamins. It remains to understand only the reasons for the ban.

Aevit is a complex vitamin preparation containing two substances – tocopherol acetate and retinol palmitate.

Tocopherol acetate (or Vitamin E) has antioxidant properties, prevents the accumulation of free radicals in cells, increases the body’s resistance to oxygen starvation, is involved in the synthesis of growth hormones and the so-called gonadotropic hormones (substances responsible for the formation of the human reproductive system)

Retinol palmitate, also contained in the drug aevit, is very important for children. This substance (otherwise called vitamin A) is a substance that plays a large role in bone growth processes, therefore it is an extremely important factor necessary for the developing body of a child.

In addition, retinol is directly involved in the processes associated with vision. Incorporating into the chain of chemical reactions in the retina, vitamin A contributes to the synthesis of the so-called rhodopsin, the presence of which allows the eye to see in the dark.

Aevit for children

The most well-known manifestation of hypovitaminosis A is “night blindness” (or niktalopiya), which is manifested in a decrease in vision when moving from a bright room to a dark one. The occurrence of skin manifestations, such as dry and flaky skin, dermatitis and diaper rash, is also very likely.

If there is a shortage of vitamin A, other organs and systems can be affected: erosion on the mucous membranes, inflammation of the eyes, oral cavity, lesions of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, epithelium of the urinary tract – this can be a sign of hypovitaminosis A.

In children, a prolonged lack of vitamin A can cause mental and physical retardation, as well as reduced immunity.

Hypovitaminosis E is rare and its development most often occurs with impaired absorption syndrome, after operations to remove large sections of the small intestine, and a prolonged lack of plant products in the body. The lack of tocopherol is accompanied by the appearance of some non-specific signs, such as an increased risk of anemia, deterioration of the skin, as well as a decrease in immunity.

For the treatment of hypovitaminosis and used sets of vitamins.

Aevit for children, however, is contraindicated, since the content of vitamins in it significantly exceeds the daily need for them in childhood. And, contrary to popular belief, there can be many vitamins.

An overdose of vitamin E is quite rare, and its manifestations are usually mild, taking place after discontinuation of the drug.

Acute hypervitaminosis A is much brighter and more common. In children, especially infants, this pathological condition is manifested by vomiting, fever, loss of appetite, hydrocephalus with increased intracranial pressure.

Chronic hypervitaminosis A also causes lesions of the skin, hair and nails, pain in the joints and bones, loss of appetite, vomiting and liver damage.

One thing is good – the course of hypervitaminosis is usually favorable, the pathological manifestations gradually disappear after the abolition of high doses of vitamins in the body.

Aevit children instruction

To the question “Can Aevit be taken by children?” The instructions for its use give a clear answer – no. The drug really can not be used for children under 14 years. After this age, all the processes in the child’s body proceed in almost the same way as in adults, and then it is already possible to start taking these capsules to the children.

Aevit, indications and contraindications Indications and contraindications to aevit are also clearly described in the instructions. The drug is used with a lack of vitamins A and E, reduced intake of these vitamins in the human body caused by diseases or surgical interventions, as well as improper diet.

In addition, some diseases increase the body’s need for the intake of Vitamins A and E – in such cases aevit is also used.

The drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to any of its components, hypervitaminosis E and A, as well as children under 14 years of age.

It should be noted separately that aevit is a therapeutic drug, and in no case should not be used to prevent hypovitaminosis. Because of the risk of hypervitaminosis, the drug should be used only as prescribed by a doctor in a strictly prescribed dosage.

Children should not take aevit, it is better to choose with a doctor a balanced and safe vitamin complex suitable for your child. And do not forget about the right and varied diet.

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