Advertising agency for children

To the attention of editorial boards of mass media and TV and radio broadcasting organizations!

Advertising agency for children

On December 18, 2018, a web-seminar was held for representatives of broadcasting organizations and media editorial offices at the site of the editorial office of the newspaper “Evening Moscow”. The topic of the seminar: “Summing up the results of control and supervisory activities for 2018”. Also during the event, answers were given to widespread questions from representatives of the media.

Record of the seminar is available at: https: //


The Office of Roskomnadzor for the Trans-Baikal Territory warns of the inadmissibility of receiving gifts from individuals and legal entities by civil servants of the Department in connection with their performance of official duties.

In accordance with clause 6 of part 1 of article 17 of the Federal Law

Receiving a gift by an official in other cases is a violation of the prohibition, creates conditions for the occurrence of a conflict of interest, questions the objectivity of the decisions made by him, and also entails liability provided by law, up to and including dismissal due to loss of trust, and when the gift is considered criminal liability as a bribe.

In addition, officials are not recommended to receive gifts or any other remuneration, including at personal ceremonial events, from their friends or people associated with them, who are also persons in respect of whom officials directly carry out government functions. Accepting such gifts may discredit them and raise doubts about their honesty, impartiality and objectivity.

To the attention of editorial boards of mass media and TV and radio broadcasting organizations!

Office of Roskomnadzor in the Central Federal District

The seminar was attended by representatives of the FSUE “VGTRK”, the FSUE “ITAR-TASS” and the FSB “Russian State Library”.

Currently the seminar video is available for viewing on the Internet at: https: //

To the attention of telecom operators providing Internet access services!

October 1, 2018. Roskomnadzor plans to complete the development of a mechanism for making records of IPv6 format in the List of domain names, website pages, and network addresses that allow identifying sites on the Internet, access to which is obliged to restrict the telecommunications operator providing access services. to the Internet.

In connection with the foregoing, in order to prepare filtering systems used by telecom operators to restrict access to prohibited resources, details of which are included in the upload in IPv6 format, we inform you that the memo for telecom operators will be posted on http: //

Dear founders of the media!

We draw your attention to the change in the name of the ACC in the details for paying the state duty for registering the media and making changes to the record on registration of the media with

To the attention of the chief editors of the media !


To attention of telecom operators!

Advertising agency for children

From September 1, 2018 in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 14, 2017 N 1547 "On Amendments to Certain Acts of the Government of the Russian Federation Regarding Registration of Radio-Electronic Means and High Frequency Devices" The amendments to the procedure for the provision of the state service for registration of radio-electronic facilities and high-frequency converter (more).

A phone number to request access to Internet sites containing information on methods of committing suicide, as well as calls for suicide: (3022) 21-70-25.

Suggestions and comments on methodological recommendations can be posted on the website of the Federation Council http: //

To the attention of editors and publishers of periodicals!

January 1, 2017, amendments to the Federal Law came into force "On the mandatory copy of documents".

Manufacturers of periodicals are charged with the obligation to deliver legal copy of the print edition in electronic form.

To the attention of communication operators providing communication services for access to the Internet!

We bring to your attention a presentation on the installation of software agents of the AS “Auditor” on the networks of telecom operators.

To the attention of founders, editors and publishers of the media!


143200, Mozhaisk, ul. January 20, 20, Bldg. 2 National Storage Facility of the branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise ITAR-TASS Russian Book Chamber.

To attention of state duty payers!

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