Adult behaves like a child

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Competition is like a game of chess. If you lose, you can always play another round. Fighting is not necessary. Jack Ma Coming into this world, a person finds himself in an environment in which he has to compete, that is, fight with other living beings, mostly of his kind, for the various resources necessary for survival and spiritual comfort. It happens […]

Cowardice is almost always rewarded, courage is a virtue, which is most often punished by death. Ernest Renan There are such forms of human behavior that have always been inherent in a certain part of people and which, with all the desire, cannot be abandoned, without disfiguring the very nature of man. To one of these forms, we can attribute the cowardice, which in this or […]


Manipulation is a pseudo-philosophy of life, designed to exploit and control both oneself and others. Everett Shostrom In this article, dear friends, you and I will discuss a very important topic that attracts many people to psychology and with which we encounter every day in life. This is a manipulation. We want that […]

Confidence: a feeling that prompts to believe someone, even if you know that you yourself would have lied in his place. Henry Louis Menken Trust is one of the most difficult to understand human feelings. On the one hand, living without trust is difficult, one might say, absolutely impossible if you live in a society of people. Some people still have to trust in some situations, […]


Growing up is a damn hard thing. It is much easier to move from one childhood to another. Francis Scott Fitzgerald When we hear the phrase “an infantile person”, we usually imagine an irresponsible, independant, unserious, unable to make thoughtful decisions in a timely manner. That is, this is a man who, despite his adult age, behaves like a child. And he also thinks like […]

Adult behaves like a child

Selfishness, armed with reason, tries to avoid its own bad consequences that are directed against him. Arthur Schopenhauer Is selfishness useful for a person? Undoubtedly useful and even necessary, but not in all manifestations. Selfishness is reasonable or, as they say, healthy, and it can be so rude, uncouth, and primitive that it makes people disgusted. Moreover, all […]


Provocation is a challenge to your prudence. Maxim Vlasov Provocation is a very effective method of psychological influence on a person and therefore is often used by different people to achieve their goals. With its help, you can cause a man rash, spontaneous reaction, because of which he begins to make mistakes. If you have ever come across frank provocateurs, then you probably remember […]

Adult behaves like a child

Human beliefs

Each of our strongest convictions can be overturned or, in any case, changed by the further success of knowledge. Thomas Henry Huxley Have you, dear readers, paid attention to how much our life depends on the convictions that we consciously or unconsciously adhere to? After all, we very rarely look at or at least try to look objectively at different […]


Any kind of addiction is bad, whether it is addiction to alcohol, drugs or idealism. Karl Gustav Jung Being dependent on something or someone is far from the best way of life. Because addiction is a rather serious limitation due to which people cannot taste all the pleasures of life and cannot fully realize themselves in it. […]

The wisdom of people is not measured by their experience, but by their ability to acquire it. Bernard Shaw To gain wisdom is a great, one might even say, great achievement. And not every person, even at a very solid age, can boast of it. Wisdom is the value that comes to man over the years. Being young and wise is impossible. But by itself […]

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