A child with a cold

We have already written about whether antibiotics are needed to treat green snot in a child. Today, consider the topic: Runny nose and kindergarten. On the question of whether it is possible to lead a child with a runny nose to kindergarten, Dr. Komarovsky answers.

A child with a cold

The question of visiting a child in kindergarten with a cold depends on how it is accepted in the country. This process is regulated by sanitary authorities. In our country, it is believed, still have to go to the garden healthy. Nowhere in the world are there any more such norms. It is believed that a runny nose – this is completely normal for a child.

If children with a runny nose do not leave the house, the child will never leave the house. Therefore, nowhere in the world do they pay attention to this. Nowhere in the world are headaches in children cured. Children go to the kindergartens in droves, they are snotty there, they cough there, but this cold is not a reason not to go to the garden, to stay at home. They walk, continue to play sports. Temperatures up to +37.5 C, sometimes up to + 38 C – no reason not to go to kindergarten.

They do not go to kindergarten, when he (the child) really cannot rise, the temperature is +38 C, when diarrhea is the first day of diarrhea, and there is no diarrhea for a day – that’s all, you can go. An antibiotic was prescribed, an antibiotic is given for a day – you can go to kindergarten

I roughly understand that this is as it should be, but in our country there are completely different rules.

A child with a cold

And one more clarification that we should know even in relation to our country: when we say: can a child go to a kindergarten with a runny nose, we should know that a runny nose is viral, bacterial and allergic.

Viral – infectious.

Bacterial , usually not contagious.

Allergic – definitely not contagious.

A child with a cold

Therefore, theoretically, even if a child has an eternal runny nose, the doctor can write a diagnosis of Respiratory (Respiratory) allergy, and with such a runny nose, of course, the child can attend kindergarten.

I hope, after all, that something will change in this area. What will change is not the mode of attendance by children of kindergartens, but the attitude towards snot will change. Snot is an attribute of childhood. They do not need to be saved. The child is not afraid of snot. The child is afraid of treating snot.

Dr. Komarovsky answers the question whether a child can go to kindergarten with a runny nose (Video)

Now you know what Dr. Komarovsky thinks about whether a child with a cold can lead to kindergarten. But do not forget that the decision whether to take the child to kindergarten with a cold still remains with the parents.

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