A child’s eyesight drops

With the beginning of the school year, the lion’s share of parental attention goes to all sorts of children’s diseases and their prevention, because if in summer the child spent more time outdoors and regularly received vitamins, then in the fall and winter he is at the mercy of textbooks, abstracts and a computer. Today we will talk about how dangerous it is for the eyes, and determine the main reasons for its deterioration.

A child's eyesight drops


No matter how much we want to put all the responsibility for reducing visual acuity on televisions and computers, heredity is still the main factor. If mom and dad wear glasses all their lives, chances are that their children will share the same fate. For example, the rapid progression of farsightedness and myopia during adolescence is triggered by constant eye strain, but the real reasons — a decrease in the elasticity of the lens and an increased length of the eyeball — are genetically determined.

Prolonged eye strain

Like any organ of our body, the eyes get tired if you force them to work too often and diligently. According to many ophthalmologists, irreversible changes in the lens appear as a result of prolonged stress and focusing on objects that are too close to the eyes. Due to the increase in intraocular pressure in the process of reading or writing, the walls of the eyeball are stretched, and its axis is extended, which may contribute to the development of myopia (myopia). To avoid this, you need to try to keep a book or a notebook at a sufficient distance (35-40 cm).

Bad light

Immediately put the accents: poor lighting is not only darkness, but also an excess of light from which retinal cells suffer. A child will undoubtedly be glad if you present him with stylish sunglasses with 100% UV protection. But over the lighting of the workplace will have to work hard. It should not be dazzling-bright, but a direct overhead light without shadows and an adjustable desk lamp arranged so that the pages of the notebook and the monitor do not create glare — the right solution for the student. Important: all light sources in the room should have approximately the same color temperature. If the ceiling lamp gives yellow light, and the working lamp is bluish-white, this will create additional strain on the eyes.

Bad posture

Arteries pass through the human spine, saturating the brain with blood and oxygen. Any, even minor, abnormalities in the back can be a potential hazard to vision. For example, scoliosis or osteochondrosis becomes the cause of pinching of blood vessels, which leads directly to myopia. In this case, the treatment of the child will require not only the help of an ophthalmologist, but also a neurologist and orthopedist.

A child's eyesight drops

Lack of vitamins

Schoolchildren, whose food is not controlled by their parents, often neglect wholesome food, preferring sandwiches, chips, sweets and other tasty, but harmful products. Long-term unbalanced nutrition can lead to a deficiency of essential minerals and vitamins, deterioration of the microcirculation of blood vessels and, as a result, reduce visual acuity. In this case, the main task of the parents is to lure the child with carrots, spinach, cabbage and other fresh vegetables.

But what about computers, televisions and smartphones?

We will not stop technological progress, and it would be foolish to deprive a student of such a huge source of self-education as the Internet. But this is not a reason to give up on raising a child, giving it to the power of computer screens, a smartphone and a TV. In order for the technique not to be the cause of the deterioration of vision, parents and children should understand well how exactly it can harm.

Recent studies by scientists from the University of Ohio (USA) have shown that the monitors themselves do not harm children’s eyes. For 20 years, they watched for 4,500 children aged 6 to 11 years, and concluded that prolonged viewing of films or games did not affect the risk of myopia: the eye muscles move often enough, and frequent blinking moisturizes the lens.

Perhaps scientists are right, but no one has also canceled subjective sensations. We know very well how tired the eyes are from reading for a long time, and it’s hard to call the headache of the daily sitting near the monitor an invention. But this way of life combines all of the above causes of visual impairment: it is he who provokes a lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, problems with posture and an increase in intraocular pressure. Instead of prohibiting the child to use a computer or gadgets, explain to him why you should not keep your smartphone close to your eyes or read in the transport. Also try to get him interested in the outside world and sports: if the children see that the parents spend the weekend lying at the TV, they will never understand what the Internet is in this case.

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