A child of 9 months does not sleep well at night.

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The development of kittens occurs quite intensively in the first months of life, the structure, nutrition undergo many changes. And this time of growth of a kitten is considered the most important in its development and formation, so you need to do everything correctly and, most importantly, on time!

The article has a lot of useful information: until what age does the cat grow and grow cats, the size of the cat and how big the cat will be in each month of its life, the development of the kitten by months: the development stages of the kitten (kitten development calendar), the growth of kittens by week, weight kittens for months, the behavior of kittens in each of the periods of development, how to raise a kitten so that it grows up socially, when kittens open their eyes and much, much more.

The development of the cat and the development of the cat are slightly different, the cat is not so intensively gaining weight, however, as a rule, cats are more curious and more active than cats. But in general, everything happens at the same time, without serious backlogs on both sides. The development and growth of kittens by months in the table will help determine the age of your pet!

Kitten age: how to determine how many months a kitten?

How old do kittens remain as babies? How many months will the kitten be a kitten?

Determination of the age of the kitten: if you want to determine the age of the kitten from external data and characteristics – carefully read the table and find the characteristics that match your pet. It is quite simple to determine how many months a kitten is, because the kitten changes greatly every month. Here are the characteristics that you should pay attention to find out how many months a kitten is: the weight and size of kittens by months, teeth (milk, permanent or this is a period of changing teeth), wool and undercoat, eye color, behavior. So how do you know the age of a kitten? Read the description in the table and compare!

Also, how to find out how many months a kitten and how to determine the age of a kitten will help the photo.

Kitten development from birth to one year

Stages of development of a kitten, see the table of kitten growth

Kitten development from birth to one year

Stages of development of a kitten, see the table of kitten growth

Newborn kittens

Kittens – development by day:

How many kittens sleep?

Why does the kitten sleep all day?

Kitten 1 week

When do kittens have eyes?

Kitten 2 weeks

When kittens have eyes open?

Kitten 3 weeks

Kitten 4 weeks – 1 month

How much does a kitten weigh per month?

How much does a monthly kitten sleep?

When do kittens change eyes?

Do kittens’ eyes change at all?

The kitten is a month. Of course, the kittens change their eye color gradually, this does not happen on the same day, and it often also depends on the eye color that the kitten will acquire in the future (the green eye color lasts the longest). The cat’s eye color changes completely up to 2 years. A change in eye color in kittens is called “re-flowering.” On average, a kitten at 4 weeks old begins to change eye color. Photos – British kittens 1 month Watching, you can see small patches, over time, the color of the kittens’ eyes will completely change from blue to permanent. Kittens at 5 weeks begin to eat solid food, and are much less dependent on mother’s milk. On the day of each kitten should eat 100-150 grams. solid food. As for the tray, this is the most important time to train them in cleanliness and hygiene. Later it will be much more difficult. Also, at 5 weeks old, the kittens begin to change the pattern of the coat, a denser undercoat appears, the color of the pattern becomes more pronounced and contrasting. The kitten is a month old and it is already necessary to carry out deworming. Kittens at 1 month in the photo look pretty funny, active and bring a lot of positive. What the kittens look like in a month: see photos of kittens at 1 month.

Kitten 4 weeks Kitten 1 month

Kitten 1,5 months – 6 weeks

Kitten 2 months

The size of a kitten at 2 months increases significantly, the legs become thick, slightly lengthened visually, the tummy does not “stick out” anymore. Photo – Kitten 2 months Photo – Kittens British 2 months Kittens 2 months – development and care: a kitten at 2 months can already eat only solid food, it practically does not depend on mother’s milk and sucks it, rather for calm and “by habit”. The time of such sucking can last up to six months. The behavior of kittens at 2 months: the kitten at two months is already very active, curious, and you should pay attention to its safety: the balcony doors and windows should be closed, needles with threads and small toys should be removed. A kitten at 2 months is still just like a child – it does not understand anything, but it tries everything. Kitten in two months weighs 750-1,200 grams. Kitten 2 months – the photo below.

British kitten 2 months

Scottish Fold kittens 2 months Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight

Kitten 2.5 months

How to teach a kitten to sleep at night?

Kitten 3 months

Where to sleep a kitten?

Kitten 4 months

Kitten 5 months

Kitten 6 months

Kitten 6 months: the photo below.

A child of 9 months does not sleep well at night.

Photo – kitten 6 months

Kitten 7 months

Photo – British kitten 7 months

Kitten 7 months already reaches puberty. Also at this age molt of an animal most often passes, especially if this period falls on the autumn and first winter months. It is important to carefully brush the kitten,

Kitten 8 months

Kitten 9 months

Photo – Kitten 9 months

A kitten at nine months old already looks like an adult animal. Growth slows down, weight gains not so intense. As for food, up to a year you need to stick to the feed for kittens.

Kitten 10 months

Kitten 11 months

Photo – kitten 11 months

The kitten ceases to grow up at eleven months. It should be gradually fed with feed for adult animals. The transition should be very smooth, so as not to injure your pet’s digestion. The number of meals can be reduced to 2-3 times a day.

Kitten 12 months – 1 year

How old do kittens grow?

Let your pet grow beautiful, healthy and certainly pleases you!

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