9 weeks pregnancy forum

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, the formation of the fetus is almost complete, it remains to learn some details, and we can already say that the little man is almost ready. 9 obstetric weeks of pregnancy – this is the period when the formation of the unborn child passes the stage of cutting. Some by this time, finally, lets go hard toxemia, some for the first time begin to notice changes in their own appearance.

9 weeks pregnancy forum

Fetus at 9 weeks gestation – fetal development, its size

At the ninth week of pregnancy, you can only imagine, the brain of the child already actually exists, and very soon his most important part, responsible for the future movement, will appear. However, now you are beginning to feel a special connection, to talk telepathically with your child, as the “wishes” of the child will reflect on the desires of the pregnant woman. Some begin to wear funny hats, while others – rush to strawberry jam. Sometimes there is a feeling that he definitely wants something – music, sleep, eat. The first maternal instinct begins to manifest itself now. Although in fact the size of the fetus at 9 weeks of pregnancy is still very tiny, no more than two grams and two to three millimeters.

9 week of pregnancy – what happens to mom

At this time, it begins to take its own size of the uterus, so the stomach acquires the first outlines of the very pregnant form, which is no longer impossible to notice. The chest gets bigger and poured. At this time it is very important to prevent varicose veins, the traditional disease of pregnant women – to wear compression tights and walk a lot.

9 weeks pregnancy forum

9 week of pregnancy – sensations

In the 9th week of pregnancy, sensations, when compared with previous periods, decrease slightly, although not to say that they completely disappear. The habitual intolerance of some flavors remains, and even more so, there are quite perverted wishes. If earlier it was limited to combining borsch with cake, then now unthinkable ideas will go into action: for example, mix pasta with cottage cheese and sugar, and then generously sprinkle black pepper.

The child also lets know about himself and his active development by the fact that he, too, with the help of his mother has to go to the toilet. Accordingly, the mother at 9 weeks of pregnancy attends this institution in two or three times more often.

Slender or not suffering from toxicosis women begin to notice that it is time to change clothes, the clothes are no longer fit. And this is not a reason to get upset or go on a diet: such escapades of the body during pregnancy are also provided. These are necessary substances to be consumed during breastfeeding, their body stores up with meaning. So that weight does not interfere with life, it is enough to buy looser clothes and walk more.

9 week of pregnancy – pulling the belly

It is often enough to hear that the 9th week of pregnancy pulls the stomach. Doctors calm down – this is normal, if the pain is felt in the lateral region of the abdomen and felt in the back. But the pain as during menstruation, in particular, similar to contractions, is the first sign of uterine tone, you should definitely go to the doctor with him, and then get ready for preservation.

Discharge at 9 weeks gestation

A dangerous sign is the discharge on the 9th week of pregnancy, brown or bloody. In this case, an ambulance – immediately!

Normal discharge in the 9th week of pregnancy is whiter, odorless and bright color. Any shades (green, yellow, pinkish), indicate the presence of infection, which must be treated immediately.

What does the ultrasound at 9 weeks of pregnancy

At the 9th week of pregnancy, an ultrasound scan already distinguishes how the baby moves, it has a quiet hour, or we will jump with might and main, but mother doesn’t feel it yet. It’s too early, however, when it comes to this, many believe that the best time was just when I wanted to hear the first shots and kicks of my offspring. Enjoy the silence!

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