9 month old baby

I took to this text several times and several times put it aside, because I was blown away in the direction of the ocean by pink snot, now on the rocks of the tin beckoning with its cruelty as it is. In fact, the truth is somewhere in the middle, [. ]

Who if not us

My spouse and I have been married for 10 years, but no matter how hard we tried, there were no children. We went to the doctors, even decided on IVF, but nothing happened. Thoughts of adoption came suddenly. Spouse at this time was on [. ]

History of Igor and Tatiana Baidak. Start

Long wrote this text. I would not want him to be pretentious or boring. One thing is for sure – it turned out long. Adopted children: how they came to the decision, who inspired, the reaction of relatives, adaptation, difficulties, joys and recommendations – this is what [. ]

From the Nutcracker to the Princes

I admit at once that it was written hard. The words stubbornly did not lie flat, but swarmed in the head like the August flies. No one wanted to let in their motherhood – as if they were assaulted. But I’ll try. It was just an introduction. Now about the son. I am very [. ]

Finding happiness

Moscow. Dampness and wetness. I ran away from the seminar, or rather, did not go at all to him. After all, there was only one day left in the capital and back – in his native city to his beloved parents and husband, to my students and colleagues, and friends. Last hope… [. ]

God has His plans, and they are the best!

Part 1. SASHA When I was a student at the medical university and our classes in childhood diseases were held in the Republican clinic, there was a cot in the attendant’s room, in which lay a 9-month blond baby. I do not know why, but during the week of classes I so loved him! Sergey [. ]

The history of our adoptive family

Mom Vera writes: Our foster family story began with the article by the photographer of the charity foundation “Children are Waiting”: “I try to tell about it, so as not to forget it,” wrote Saint-Exupéry in his most famous story. I try to sometimes talk about some children from our base, too, so as not to forget them. Every photographer in our foundation has an account of the children filmed [. ]

Renat went home: the happy end of a long history of adoption

On June 3, 2014, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation made a decision on the adoption of a Russian child by the Russian-Swiss Pochon family. The story of the adoption of the boy Renata lasted more than 3 years. The final positive decision was made thanks to the personal intervention in the situation of the Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation on [. ]

Same as your

It seems to me that we still cannot unequivocally answer this question – neither I, nor the husband, nor our daughter, we can not say why we decided to take an adopted child in the family. Just at some moment felt in my heart that [. ]

Diary of a foster child

One day in November. Today she invited me to move in with them for good. I was scared. I did not expect this. It used to be sometime. But now I did not expect, no … and refused. Immediately he refused, then he started crying – he became so unbearably sorry for himself. But move [. ]

History of Svetlana and Lera

I saw Leroux on the Internet. I had the documents on hand, in the evening I went to see the “Latest News” and got on the Boksitogorsk guardianship site … And there I saw a girl … 7 years older than the psychologist advised. I looked at her for three days, [. ]

The story of how I stopped being “Vanka of the fourth group”

My story began in April 2006. I was born. But the stork made a mistake and brought me to the wrong mother. And then I got into a special house, where kids like me are waiting for real parents to come after them. In that [. ]

9 month old baby

How I adopted Sasha

As from the receiver-distributor, “no one’s kid” got into a full-fledged family … So this long-awaited day came … Today, my first meeting with someone I chose forever, accidentally seeing a small black and white photo lying on top of an impressive stack of folders with personal affairs. Found youngs “… [. ]

My great motherhood

I never thought that I would have three children. I didn’t just think and didn’t want … We are adoptive parents … Although every day this word surprises me more and more. We are just once again parents, and for me personally this [. ]

9 month old baby

My third child, my happiness

My son was ten years old, my youngest daughter is 4 years old. And I wanted a baby again. Wanted not like before. Do not give birth, do not carry, and find your child in the DD. My husband and I have been thinking about this for several years. Even when [. ]

I don’t remember the moment we found Matthew … or how he found us. I only remember that at the beginning of August 2005 I asked the blessed Xenia a boy, and at the beginning of August 2006 we received a referral to Matveyka. […]

That’s how I became a mom

How many can remember, from a very early age I always wanted a younger brother or sister. But, alas, it was impossible, and I was the only child in the family. Having matured, I enjoyed babies with great pleasure. […]

To ask “Why do you need this?” I started everything at once. Aunts in care, then doctors at the medical board. First, a sympathetic question: “No children of your own?” Why not. There are two. And here the interlocutors’ faces are drawn out and take such a strange expression … A mixture of surprise, suspicion [. ]


Usually it is customary to write only good things from the series: “oh … either good or nothing”, and emotional striptease is not welcome; and it is clear why (why talk there and how many copies are so broken), so I didn’t want to say anything (what’s the point ?! most importantly [.]

The story of my motherhood

I did not seriously think about adoption, since I was sure that I would have children, many children, even though I had an example (my own aunt adopted the boy). This story began back in 1996, when I got married and dreamed of [. ]

Our experience and our mistakes

I have long wanted to write our history, especially because recently there have been many questions about the return of children from foster families. Our story is about return and … return. Maybe someone who is at a crossroads, she will help make the right decision and [. ]

History is the opposite

For most people, the reasons for adoption are different, but the procedure is the same. Everything happened just the opposite for me and in spite of everything. […]

The story about how Alena was looking for and found her kids

The time has come when studies, work have become just routine exercises, and existence for the sake of daily bread has become so boring that a tedious depression has come from loneliness and some lack of realization. And then I realized: I want a child! Marriage to me in the coming days did not shine, so I [. ]

How we found each other …

I have long wanted to tell the story of our meeting with my son, we have been together for almost half a year – how quickly they flew in daily troubles, anxieties, fattening, solving health problems and other usual motherly concerns. […]

How we became parents

So it all began. Two years after the wedding, my husband and I began to think about the child. For some reason, I always thought that we would have just a girl. I imagined a little girl with hair like mine and eyes like her husband. Time ]

Departure to Karelia

On March 21-22, Ekaterina Dmitrieva, head of the project “House for a Child”, together with the team of the fund “You need him” and the specialists of the Center for Dental Treasury Elena Shoshina and Darya Aseeva again visited Petrozavodsk orphanage. The purpose of the project “Home for [. ]

Hello, our dear friends!

Today we will tell you about the lessons of English at the Family Adaptation Center "Kids waiting". Lessons in which language barriers weaken, and confidence in their knowledge and skills is gaining strength. The first meeting of the teacher with the student is usually [. ]

Love is stronger than fears part 3

March 21 is the International Day of Man with Down Syndrome. We want on this day as many people as possible to know that happiness in a family where there is growing "solar" child is possible. We want no one to stand in front of [. ]

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