7 months of pregnancy is how many weeks

So, the 7th week of pregnancy began, and this means that as many as 3 weeks have passed since the delay. 7 obstetric week is considered 5 embryonic. During this period, the woman’s body is rebuilt, hormonal changes, and the first signs of pregnancy are becoming more noticeable. Many in this period suffer from toxemia, notice rapid fatigue and weakness, but there are times when happy women do not experience anything like this. One thing is certain: from the 7th week, a woman is changing, transforming, changes are already noticed by others, but so far they cannot understand what they are connected with.

7 week of pregnancy how many months

7 obstetric week is 2 months of pregnancy, I trimester.

7 months of pregnancy is how many weeks

What happens to the future mother?

Pregnancy is noticed by close people, as toxicosis begins to cause inconvenience. The morning of many expectant mothers now begins with nausea and emetic urges. With this nothing can be done, and will have to get used to the new state.

Since the baby takes nutrients from the mother’s body, the condition of the nails and hair may deteriorate. To avoid this, you need to include in your daily diet as much as possible products containing calcium, vitamins A, C, D and E. Do not forget about folic acid. It is very important at this stage of fetal development, as it contributes to the formation of its nervous system.

External signs of pregnancy are not yet visible. Although it is from the beginning of the 7th week, the redistribution of adipose tissue occurs and the figure may slightly rounded. Breasts become larger, some women can boast that it has increased by almost a full size. Such changes in the appearance of a pregnant woman will undoubtedly appreciate the future dad. The chest becomes sensitive, there may be some soreness.

Often, future mothers at this time for the first time face the phenomenon of pigmentation. The skin on some parts of the body darkens. A noticeable strip appears on the abdomen; pigment spots can also appear on the face. To worry about this is not worth it, this is a temporary phenomenon, and after the birth of the child everything will return to normal.

Although it is not enough pleasant at this time, as the pregnancy now manifests itself only in the form of toxicosis and constant fatigue, the mother is already sure that a new life is growing and developing in her stomach.

7 months of pregnancy is how many weeks

The amount of the hormone hCG in the blood indicates a normally developing pregnancy for a period of 7 weeks. Its level during this period should be in the range of 2500 – 30000 mIU / ml. If the hCG value is greater than the specified value, it may mean that the woman is waiting for twins. For double pregnancy, the rate of hCG at week 7 is 3500-70000 mIU / ml.

Stomach in the 7th week of pregnancy

What happens to the baby? Fetal development

The fruit already looks like a bean, it has reached a size of 5-13 mm, and already weighs about 1 gram.

7 months of pregnancy is how many weeks

7 week of pregnancy marks the period of embryo-fetal development, when the embryonic period ends. The future baby is no longer an embryo, but a fetus. He already has human traits, all organs and systems, with the exception of two – endocrine and nervous. Brain development is in active stage. The fetus already has no gills, but a small tail is seen.

The fetus slowly straightens its tiny body, now you can discern a place that will soon turn into a neck. In a child in this period, all the limbs are already distinguishable with small fingers that are not yet separated. It is worth noting one feature – the handles grow a little faster than the legs.

It is on the 7th week of pregnancy that the face of the future man is formed. The mouth becomes noticeable, the nostrils are visible, the jaw develops.

At the end of the 7th week a genital tubercle appears, which then develops into the genitals. At that time, it is not yet possible to determine the sex of the unborn child by ultrasound. To know the preliminary forecast regarding who is born, a boy or a girl, the expectant mother will be able at the first screening at the end of the first trimester. It is usually performed at 11–12 obstetric gestation week. The doctor will not give a 100% guarantee, as the baby is too small and its genitals are not formed.

What sensations do women experience at week 7? Signs of pregnancy

A clear sign of this period is toxicosis. It violates the usual diet. In the morning it becomes almost impossible to eat anything. Sometimes there are cases of evening toxemia, when nausea attacks become more pronounced in the evening, and in the morning there is an appetite. This is completely normal, as the individual characteristics of the organism are manifested.

The appetite of a pregnant woman ceases to give in to logical explanations, tastes and gastronomic desires are constantly changing, you want something salty, sometimes sour, then hot, then sweet, then suddenly begins to feel sick, and your appetite disappears altogether.

Toxicosis can take place in different forms: some it worries only after waking up, others throughout the day, someone will say goodbye to him by the beginning of the second trimester, and someone he will become a faithful companion until the end of pregnancy. Only a small number of lucky people do not encounter toxicosis during pregnancy.

Another symptom of pregnancy in the seventh week is drowsiness and lethargy. This is natural, because the ratio of hormones in the body varies.

All these changes are noticeable so far only for the most pregnant and people close to her. The only thing that others can notice is breast augmentation. It will not be possible to hide it, especially if the woman was the owner of a modest first size. Such changes in appearance clearly will not pass unnoticed. The breasts can grow almost one size only; this pleasant effect of pregnancy will only dampen the increased sensitivity and tenderness of the breast during palpation.

Selection at week 7

The ongoing hormonal changes will affect the secretions. The epithelium is renewed more frequently in the vagina, and blood flow is also increasing. Therefore, the discharge during this period of pregnancy has a pale yellow hue and a faint sourish odor. This is normal and should not scare you. A doctor should be consulted only when bloody mucous discharge occurs. This may be a sign of hypertonicity of the uterus. The reason for concern and visits to the gynecologist are brown discharge, which may be a precursor to the threat of miscarriage.

Frequently asked questions on the forums

W .: 7 week of pregnancy, there was a brown discharge without pain. Is it dangerous?

A. Yes, even if the stomach does not hurt, brown or bleeding may be associated with the threat of miscarriage. It is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

W .: I did an ultrasound at week 7, the uzist said that the embryo was not visible. What now?

О .: The main thing is not to worry. A week later, you will need to do a control ultrasound. If the embryo is not seen there, it means that you have an embryony, unfortunately, this happens. However, since the term is very small, and the uterus may have structural features (for example, a saddle), it is worth checking the diagnosis several times with different specialists before agreeing to a cleaning.

W .: Why does not I feel sick? Term 6-7 weeks

A: Toxicosis is a frequent occurrence, but not mandatory. Some women are lucky, and they do not feel nauseous in early pregnancy. It is also possible that the period is still too small, and nausea will appear a little later.

What should mom do for 7 weeks?

Went 7 week of pregnancy, which means it’s time for a pregnant woman to register. At the first examination, the doctor will prescribe all necessary tests, and will give recommendations on which vitamins should or should not be taken depending on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body and the course of pregnancy. It is important to talk about all your feelings (toxemia, back pain, nagging sensations in the lower abdomen). The doctor will give recommendations on how to reduce the manifestations of these unpleasant symptoms.

When a pregnant woman first applies to a maternity clinic, she measures the weight and pelvis of the woman, takes the necessary smears, which can reveal the presence of infections in the body. Examination on the chair at the gynecologist in the early stages is not carried out. The future mothers are given directions for the following tests: AIDS, complete blood count, urinalysis, syphilis and hepatitis.

On ultrasound at 7 weeks of pregnancy can be sent only in extreme cases. For example, to exclude ectopic or missed abortion, if there are relevant symptoms. On a period of 6-7 weeks on ultrasound, you can see the outlines of the fetus, hear the baby’s heartbeat, establish a multiple pregnancy.

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