6 week gestation symptoms

These symptoms are not every woman, because each organism is individual. There are women who during pregnancy do not feel any special changes in their state of health.

Due to changes in hormonal levels, weight gain of 1 to 2 kg is possible.

Changes in the health of women, accompanied by drooling, nausea and vomiting are called toxicosis of pregnancy. Morning nausea and vomiting are the most common illnesses during pregnancy, and normally do not disrupt the general well-being and performance of women. But sometimes the frequency of vomiting can reach up to 10 times a day, while the condition worsens, the weight loss of the future mom is observed. This phenomenon is called second-degree toxicosis. If the frequency of vomiting reaches 25 times a day, the body temperature rises to 37.5 degrees, then this is a third-degree toxicosis. There are cases when vomiting occurs even with the slightest body movements, this is the most difficult stage.

6 week gestation symptoms

It does not matter what degree of toxicosis in the future mom, in any case, you should tell the doctor so that he can do the necessary examinations in a timely manner and prescribe therapy. In milder forms of toxicosis, treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis; in severe forms, it is only inpatient.

Discharge from the genital tract

Transparent and white discharge homogeneous consistency in the sixth week of pregnancy are the norm. If atypical secretions appear, for example, yellow, greenish, you should immediately consult a doctor.

You should also immediately seek medical attention if you have brown or bloody discharge, as this may be a sign of threatened abortion.

Photos of tummies at week 6

Risks at 6 weeks gestation

Colds, hot baths, accidental falls can entail a threat to pregnancy.

This week is better to abstain from sex.

The implementation of medical recommendations is the main factor necessary for the normal course of pregnancy.

Survey 6 week

  1. Ultrasound – to monitor fetal development – is not a mandatory procedure. If there is no direct evidence, it is better to refrain from it.
  2. A blood test for HIV infection, syphilis, hepatitis B. Blood sampling is done on an empty stomach, as a result, take a chocolate bar or a sandwich to have a snack after blood donation.
  3. A blood test for the blood group and the Rh factor of the mother, and, if necessary, the Pope, is necessary for the timely diagnosis of the conflict over the blood group and the Rh factor in the mother and baby.
  4. Complete blood count shows the ratio and the number of blood cells, the presence of anemia, reveals the presence of inflammatory processes in the body of a pregnant woman.
  5. Biochemical blood analysis is necessary to get an idea of ​​lipid, protein, water-electrolyte, carbohydrate metabolism, the content of vitamins and trace elements, the acidity of the environment.
  6. Blood test for sugar – to identify diabetes mellitus or prerequisites for the development of pregnant diabetes. Diabetes of pregnant women develops due to the fact that the load on the pancreas of the future mother increases.
  7. A coagulogram is necessary to identify the inclination of a woman’s body to bleed and thrombosis.
  8. Blood tests for TSH and T4 are hormones produced by the thyroid gland. The analysis is needed to identify problems with the thyroid gland, and to detect latent hypothyroidism.
  9. Urinalysis is necessary to determine the presence of diseases, kidney condition, the presence of protein, parasites, bilirubin and other undesirable elements.
  10. Vaginal swab on the flora to identify pathogenic flora.

Important on week 6

  • To provide all the “bricks” of your future baby, you need good nutrition, vitamin E and folic acid intake. It is worth refraining from taking multivitamin complexes up to 12 weeks of pregnancy – the effect of certain vitamins on the developing organism, especially in increased dosages, has not been fully studied.
  • Avoid contact with strong odors, it can be both household products and food flavors.
  • Mint jelly beans in the morning will help to overcome the attacks of morning nausea. It is better to forget about chewing gums during pregnancy.
  • It is necessary to take care of emotional health, as much as possible limit yourself from various stressful situations.
  • Most importantly, do not use traditional medicine methods to deal with morning vomiting, without first consulting with your doctor.
  • Try to abandon high-heeled shoes, as wearing a stud contributes to changing the position of the uterus.

Meals at 6 weeks

It is necessary to rebuild the meal, eat better in small portions, 6 – 7 times a day. The way your soul mate pleases you with breakfast in bed.

Together with vomiting, the body loses a lot of fluid, as a result, it is necessary to replenish its reserves. This does not mean that you need to drink liters of water. It should simply increase in the diet of consumption of juices, berries, fruits, vegetables.

Do not forget about taking vitamin E and folic acid in a dosage of at least 0.4 mg.

Allocate more time for rest. It is better to go to bed early, and not to stay up until late at night, to get up early in the morning, too, to anything, if you just do not work. During the day, do not overload and do not overwork your body.

Your pregnancy calendar

6 week gestation symptoms

Fetal development in 6-7 weeks

This period is still considered embryonic. Your baby at this time is more like an alien guest than a little man. His head is much larger than the body and tilted forward, closer to the chest. The very body resembles a “tail”. But do not be afraid, because it once looked like each of us, and the “tail” will disappear very soon, closer to the 10th week.

Despite the fact that the appearance of the baby is still far from human appearance, many important processes are going on in his body. The main one is that the heart is fully formed and has begun to beat! The second important achievement is connected with the complete closure of the neural tube, which is extremely important for the mental development of the crumbs.

During this period, the formation of the anterior abdominal wall, small intestine, adrenal cortex, esophagus and trachea occurs, and the fetal brain is also actively developing. In addition, the arms and legs of the crumbs have become longer, and splits have formed at their ends, which in the near future will turn into fingers. On the face there were eyes, eyelids, mouth and even nostrils. The formation of the language begins. At 6 weeks your future baby has already grown to 8 mm.

However, if you often feel very bad, and this does not go away for long, if there are pains in the lower abdomen and bloody discharges appear, you should immediately consult a doctor.

So, 7 weeks of pregnancy on the obstetric calendar corresponds to the 5th from conception, to the 3rd from the delay of menstruation, to the beginning of the second half of the second lunar month of pregnancy. (If you have the seventh seven days from conception, you need to read about the ninth obstetric method).

The main sensations at this time are associated with the onset of early toxicosis, which is rarely avoided. First of all, toxicosis disrupts the power system. Eat or do not want at all, or there are strange whims that are not peculiar to you in the normal state.

The health of most women is moderately disturbed. Drowsiness, fatigue are common symptoms, although your appearance does not determine an interesting situation. Outwardly, you have not changed at all.

Most people in the early stages decided to keep the pregnancy secret. The reason is simple – the risk of miscarriage is still very high (during this period mothers lose their children in one case out of six). If you are not prepared for the fact that it may happen that you have to accept condolences, it is better to be silent. If a miscarriage happens, no one will know about it. Let only you, your relatives and the gynecologist know about your interesting position for the time being.

Your condition

There comes a time when all the signs of an interesting situation become apparent, although outwardly still nothing is noticeable. Most likely, now you do not feel very well. Drowsiness, poor appetite, mood swings, and, of course, toxicosis are the main difficulties of this period.

Many women find the first months of pregnancy very attractive for the figure, as the shape improves – the breast becomes larger, and the fat layer begins to be redistributed in a special way. There is a sparkle in the eyes, and some mystery that only you know.

But there are those who experience discomfort in the first months. There may be skin problems, for example, it will become susceptible to irritation or pigmentation appears. And hair can become weak and dull. Problems are often associated not only with hormonal changes, but also a lack of vitamins and minerals. Particularly important folic acid, which is involved in the formation of the nervous system of the child. Therefore, if due to toxicosis you cannot eat normally, start taking extra vitamins (but only with a doctor’s prescription!).

If you had to suffer from the fact that your chest is too small, now there is something to be proud of. The majority of the fair sex during this period significantly increases the chest. True, it becomes not only beautiful, but also painful, so hurry to get a special bra. It will help you feel comfortable in any situation.

The symptoms at this stage are already so obvious that most women do not doubt their position at all, and they are in a hurry to change their lifestyle. Already, many people are changing their lifestyles and for some reason are making sex and sports banned, although so far there are no obvious reasons for this. If you used to play sports – you can continue, but only reduce the load, if there is no threat of termination of pregnancy – sex is also not prohibited.

your child

You have come to the moment when the embryonic period ends, and the embryo-fetal, or neo-fetal (early fetal) begins. Now it is not an embryo, but a full-fledged fetus. This is already a little man, who has formed easily recognizable features of the human body.

Now the size of the fruit is from 5 to 13 mm, and the weight

The skin becomes thicker, the sweat glands are not yet formed, but the sebaceous are already full and began their function. The small intestine is actively developing, the adrenal glands have appeared. The chest is formed, the heart is covered with the sternum. The esophagus becomes passable, the trachea is almost formed. The anterior abdominal wall is actively developing. The formation of the lungs is in full swing. The tail still has not disappeared, but the gills have completely disappeared.

The child has straightened up a little, and you can even see where his neck will be. The extremities of the fetus are already clearly distinguishable, it is clear where his shoulder is, where his forearm is, where his hands are, but his fingers are not yet separated. Hands grow faster than legs. The face is more and more decorated, the mouth is well visible and you can even notice the nostrils. The embryonic crevices of the face closed completely, leaving only the oral crevice. Jaws and alveolar arches are being formed.

Gender of the fetus by ultrasound does not determine, but there are other methods that have been working since this week.

Your tummy

Your baby still takes very little space in the uterus, its size has increased slightly, but there may already be symptoms such as increased urination and a tendency to constipation. This is due to the fact that it begins to put pressure on neighboring organs. The stomach looks as usual, there are no obvious signs of the existence of a living being inside you.

Analyzes and surveys

This is the time when the expectant mother should undergo a full examination, if the call to the antenatal clinic was timely.

At this time, usually the gynecologist does not examine patients in the chair. Blood and urine tests, blood for RW (syphilis), hepatitis, HIV infection are prescribed. During the first treatment, the body weight, the size of the woman’s pelvis are measured (this is done with a special tool). Sampling of infection is performed.

Family members need to do a X-ray, contact with tuberculosis is dangerous for a woman.

A dentist and therapist need to be examined, if there have been any miscarriages before or there are genetic diseases in the family, medical genetic counseling is carried out. A geneticist can calculate the risk of genetic abnormalities in a particular child.

In general, this is a rather troublesome time. How often you have to visit a gynecologist depends on your health condition.

Ultrasound imaging at this time is rarely prescribed (usually to confirm the fact of pregnancy). The heartbeat of the child can be clearly seen, if you have twins – the diagnosis is made without doubt.

Now the level of hCG in the blood is already very high, all tests will undoubtedly be positive. Progesterone, produced by the corpus luteum, gradually loses its role as the main fetus-preserving hormone, as this function of the placenta.

Pain during this period should not be, however, it may be disturbed by the feeling that a little pulling the stomach. This is due to the dilation of the uterine ligaments of the rapidly growing uterus.

Increased secretion persists, but pronounced white, yellow, greenish or brown discharge is a cause for alarm and consultation with a gynecologist.

Toxicosis (if there is one) is now in full swing, and is the most obvious problem disturbing the expectant mother.

The high probability of miscarriage and toxicosis makes this period very difficult for many women. Now, more than ever, it is important to take care of yourself. Since at the moment there is a formation of many severe malformations. If there is a violation of the closure of the embryonic crevices of the face, a cleft palate or cleft lip may appear in the newborn. And if the process of formation of the anterior abdominal wall is disturbed, it is possible that a child is born with gastroschisis – intrauterine prolapse (eventration) of internal organs. Violation of the formation of the pelvic organs and rectum gives rise to such defects as the exstrophy of the bladder, congenital cloaca. Anomalies of a bookmark and recanalization of the esophagus create prerequisites for esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistulas. Anomalies of the digestive system, limbs, nervous system can form.

The provoking factors are fetal damage due to exposure to toxins (drugs, drugs, alcohol, other poisons), infections, and ionizing radiation. That is why it is so important to give up alcohol and drugs as soon as possible and try to protect yourself from taking various potent medicines. Any treatment, even a mild cold. Must take place under the supervision of specialists.

Pregnancy, spontaneous abortion (interruption) can be manifested by symptoms such as: bleeding, daub, brown discharge, temperature. If you have a stomach ache, bleeding, back pain – immediately contact a gynecologist! Take care of yourself and the unborn child. Whatever you do, think first about whether it will harm the baby.

  • Avoid any infections and intoxications.
  • Eat right as much as possible.
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Get enough sleep.
  • If before there were abortions, miscarriages, or there are signs of a threat to the life of your future child, give up sex.
  • Do not engage in heavy physical labor.
  • If you have not yet registered with the antenatal clinic – do it.

If you have the middle of the second month according to the obstetric calendar, then it is not difficult to find out the number of children. The gynecologist may suspect that there are twins already in the usual examination on the chair, since the uterus is clearly more than the norm for the specified period of being in position. In this case, you will be sent to an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis.

7 weeks pregnant video

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6 week of pregnancy

5 week of pregnancy

  • constant colic, from which even a hot-water bottle, placed on the stomach, does not save;
  • the stomach hurts either on the left or the right side (a sign of ectopic pregnancy);
  • weak or heavy brown discharge (placental abruption occurs or uterine epithelium rejection);
  • bleeding of any intensity (rejection of the fetus is possible or miscarriage begins);
  • a sharp rise in temperature to 38;
  • abrupt termination of morning toxemia for 2-3 days after its pronounced manifestation;
  • sudden fainting caused by pressure surge.

In very rare cases, it happens when the alarming symptoms of a pregnant woman at 6-7 weeks are the norm, everything hurts, but the fetus develops well, although there is a brown discharge. But it is not worth the risk, if brown discharge began, visit a doctor. Do not compare yourself with girlfriends whose brown discharge was the norm. The spotting during this period of pregnancy always signals a serious violation – you should immediately see a doctor and visit the ultrasound room, even if the stomach does not hurt. Even if the alarming symptoms do not appear and there is no cause for concern, this does not mean that you should not visit the gynecologist in the coming weeks. It happens when a woman has 6 weeks of pregnancy, but she doesn’t watch her cycle, didn’t do a pregnancy test, because there are no other symptoms, so she doesn’t panic when a brown discharge appears and there is no miscarriage. Therefore, you should not rely on your feelings, even if the breast size or stomach has not changed, it does not mean that work does not “boil” inside to save a small life. To see this, you can watch a video on how the 6th week of pregnancy proceeds in the fetal bladder, in which the future child grows. Remember that brown secretions may signal some unpleasantness in the fetus.

How to relieve toxemia?

In order not to provoke strong manifestations of toxicosis, some advice will help the expectant mother during this term of pregnancy:

  • interrupts an attack of toxicosis with a glass of water or milk;
  • frequent meals in small portions;
  • say no to bad habits;
  • there is only fresh and natural products;
  • do not use perfumes and deodorants with flavored additives;
  • use cosmetics for pregnant women or children without fragrances;
  • do not eat fatty, smoked, spicy food and “fast food”;
  • avoid public transport and crowded places;
  • not to be indoors (in the apartment’s kitchen) where fatty food is prepared.

Not all pregnant women begin an episode of early toxemia during this period, but the above tips will help to avoid quite a lot of unpleasant feelings in the future. Moreover, it may be that in one pregnancy a woman has no early toxicosis, and so does the late one, and in the other – it is present from beginning to end. In the people it is believed that the early manifestations of toxicosis indicate that the mother will have a girl. It is theoretically possible that the course of your pregnancy coincides with your relatives and the sex of the child, but you should not count on it from the very beginning. In most women, signs of toxicosis appear to varying degrees, approximately one month after conception.

What to do if a pregnant woman has a stomach ache?

During this period of pregnancy, more often by the 7th week, the uterus begins to change its shape, its size increases. This affects the sensations of the pregnant woman – the stomach hurts, pulls and tingles, but if there are no other abnormalities – brown or bloody discharge, then most likely the body is fine. On the other hand, during this period it is important not to miss the beginning of the appearance of the tone, in order to more easily identify the causes and eliminate it. Even if there are no other disturbing symptoms, you should lie down and rest, sleep a couple of hours. Do not forget that sometimes the stomach hurts from feelings, stress, inappropriate eating or toxicosis. In the supine position, the discomfort should decrease, and later completely disappear. But everything is not so simple – more often there is no possibility to lie down and rest most of the day, as it would be ideal in the first two months from conception. While the “home” of the future fetus is settling down in this period, it is extremely important for the mother to monitor her physical and moral condition. All emotions, experiences and stress are transmitted to the child. If the stomach feels like a stone and does not just pull, but breaks – urgently call an ambulance, these are signs of a strong uterus tone.In no case can not:

  • take medication without a doctor’s prescription;
  • do not pay attention to brown discharge and assume that the stomach hurts slightly;
  • endure the pain of days and weeks (and bring yourself to the point that there will be a bloody discharge);
  • lift weights and exercise (the pain passes first, but then comes back and gets worse).

Unusual discharge – when to start worrying?

When the sixth week is going on, it is quite possible to have a different selection, as well as their absence. All this is individual and depends on the microflora of the vagina, possible genital diseases or hormonal abnormalities. Ask your doctor to prescribe a test for the hormone progesterone, if it is lowered, he should write out the appropriate suppositories. Their use also affects the quality of discharge, their smell and color. There are no clear boundaries in color, but the long brown discharge is already the first bell for concern. At 6-7 weeks, the brown discharge of any intensity and duration should not cause panic, but nevertheless, you should call your doctor or visit him for the first time. It does not hurt in advance to find out from relatives whether they had the same symptoms at the beginning of pregnancy and for how long. Prior to this, make sure that 100% of the brown marks on the underpants are not from the acts of defecation, but from the vagina. This can be confirmed by putting a thin daily napkin – if after a couple of hours or in the evening there are only a few drops on it, there is no reason for concern. A bloody discharge is a serious cause for concern, since during this period of gestation (6-7 weeks) “false” periods most often occur, and in fact a miscarriage occurs. This becomes more likely if there were brown secretions in the middle of the cycle and the moment of conception occurred later, the fetal bladder had not yet fully “caught” in the uterus. Watch a video on how implantation takes place in the uterus a few days after conception. Regardless of when the moment of conception occurred, do not forget about the possible Rhesus conflict, if Rh-negative blood in the mother and Rh-positive blood in the father, which can also cause brown discharge. To determine this risk factor, it is recommended that future parents donate blood for rhesus as soon as possible. If the parents have the same rhesus, then there will be no conflict. However, the threat of miscarriage remains with any suspicious secretions up to the moment until three months after conception.

Recommendations to the future dad

Your woman is only six weeks old, and then your chest hurts, then your stomach pulls more than usual? This is perfectly normal at this time of pregnancy. Offer the pregnant woman to rest more often, buy her clothes a size larger, and take small walks together. Be prepared for the fact that a pregnant woman pulls only sweet or salty foods, remind you of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. Despite the fact that it draws to salty foods, in the morning there may be signs of early toxicosis, which is also acceptable at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with it, but make sure that it is well nourished, change cosmetics to neutral and get a toothpaste for pregnant women. Also, change her toothbrush to a soft one, as the sensitivity of the gums increases. Go to the ultrasound where you take pictures or videos from the study. The first photo of the fruit of your love will please both of you and tune the future mother to positive emotions. After all, all the emotions of the mother are transmitted to your unborn child!

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