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Monthly delayed for several days, what could be the reason?

Menstruation, as part of a constant cyclic process, depends on the laws of nature, according to which the human body exists. On average, the time interval between periods is about four weeks. A deviation of 2-5 days is considered normal, except when it is observed for several cycles in a row. The absence of menstruation more than five days beyond the expected period is called a menstruation delay, menstruation delay. Often it occurs due to fertilization of the female germ cell and the beginning of pregnancy, but there may be completely different reasons for the delay of menstruation, menstruation. Sometimes critical days are delayed due to abnormalities of the genital organs and disruption of their functioning.

We will try to show the most complete picture of the causes that can cause a delay of 5 days or more and explain how to get rid of such a problem, what to do if the delay is several days, 5 days, 1 week or more.

What is the delay of menstruation, why is there a delay in menstruation?

It is believed that normal menstruation should be in the interval between each other in 4 weeks, and a deviation in any of the parties even in 5 days may already be a sign of the development of pathology. If there is no monthly period of 5 days or more, then doctors begin to say that there was a delay in menstruation, menstruation. The reasons for the delay in menstruation for 1 day, 2 days, 3, 4, 5, 6 days or even a whole week are very numerous and can be divided into physiological causes of delay in menstruation and pathological causes of delayed menstruation. But in order to understand for what reason there was a delay in menstruation, it is necessary to understand what is the absence of menstruation on time and what it can mean. Delay of menstrual flow in medicine is called the absence of menstruation after a period of five days to a week from the expected date of their beginning. So, if you are late for 4 days, it is too early to worry.

The absence of regular bleeding in medicine is referred to as delayed menstruation, delayed menstruation cycle. If there are no menstruation for 5 days or more, if the menstruation has not come on time and 5 days have already passed since the moment when the menses were to begin, then such symptoms can be called a menstruation delay. The delay of menstruation is divided into types such as oligomenorrhea, opsomnorea and amenorrhea. At different stages of development of the female body, the delays are explained by the occurrence of hormonal processes characteristic of a certain age. Girls who only recently discovered menarche often collapse with delayed menstruation. The reason for this is the incomplete process of reproductive development and the fixation of hormonal background, provided by sex hormones. Adult women, whose age is nearing menopause, also have failures in the period of the beginning of menstruation, but they have similar situations with the beginning of the extinction of sexual function.

These two age groups, according to doctors, do not enter the risk zone, revealing a delay of monthly bleeding for 5-7 days, because their cycle is unstable due to the rearrangement of hormone levels. At any other age within the framework of childbearing, the delay in the allocation of menstruation for a period of 5 days or more is a consequence of pathogenic changes. Women who have found such a symptom should immediately be examined and get expert advice from a doctor.

5 days delay reason

What you need to know about the timing of the menstrual cycle

The ability to conceive and produce offspring is given to women as a result of cyclic processes in the body under the influence of sex hormones. Each new cycle lasts for 4 weeks and ends with bleeding from the vagina. Blood excretion in a healthy girl occurs 2-4 days, sometimes 5-6 days. Deviations from the normal terms talk about the disease, but most of these cases occur upon the occurrence of pregnancy. To understand whether there are reasons for concern, it is better to immediately contact a gynecologist.

Delay of menstruation for 5 days – a sign of pregnancy

Very often, women, when they have discovered a delay in menstruation, are worried about whether such a delay in menstruation can be a sign of the development of pregnancy, whether there can be a negative pregnancy test and a delay in menstruation. Fertilization of the egg is considered to be the first cause of delayed menstruation. Any woman, noticing at least a slight delay, first buys a test to determine pregnancy, and then considers all other options. Nowadays, some tests are so sensitive that they make it possible to detect chorionic gonadotropic hormone (hCG) in the urine already on the second day of the delay.

5 days delay reason

In order to distinguish pregnancy from illness, after a positive test, attention should be paid to the characteristic features: changed gastronomic addictions, worsening of smell, weakness and nausea (especially in the morning), the appearance of pulling pain in the mammary glands. The test does not always give one hundred percent result from the first attempt. To verify the correct number of strips shown, it is advisable to repeat the test after a few days. The sensitive element of the test reacts to an increased concentration in the urine of a special hormone – hCG. It begins to be produced on the fifth or sixth day after successful fertilization, and not at the beginning of the cycle. In the future, the concentration grows slowly, sometimes showing a false-negative result of the analysis.

Causes of delayed menstruation (menstruation)

Malfunctions of the genital organs are conventionally divided into physiological and pathological. Natural factors that cause late onset of menstruation have an impact on the body’s work at an early or late age (puberty and menopause). The delay of the beginning of the cycle for 2-3 days in these periods is normal.

External factors can occur at any age and have a tremendous impact on childbearing. The natural causes of late menstruation are varied. First of all, these are stressful circumstances and various loads, intellectual and physical (sports, diets aimed at weight loss, etc.). Also important are hormonal jumps, due to transitional periods, the discontinuation of the use of hormonal contraceptives, the use of emergency contraceptive products (after unprotected sexual intercourse). Separately, it should be noted such a nuance as the period after the birth of the child. Menstruation begins later than expected due to lactation and other processes that are associated with hormonal changes and occur at that moment in the female body. If breastfeeding does not occur, menstruation should be expected 2-4 months after the appearance of the child.

All of the above factors, except for postpartum processes, delay the onset of menstruation for a long time: 5-6 days. The absence of menstruation for more than a week is a reason to immediately consult with your gynecologist. Even if there are no serious reasons for concern, this will make it possible not to have complications of the existing violations.

When the delay of menstruation is a sign of pathology?

Very often, women are interested in what diseases can be, if there is a delay of menstruation for 5 days or more, what pathologies can cause a delay in menstruation for a week or more days. Diseases of the reproductive system are often accompanied by an imbalance of the menstrual cycle, manifested by a delay in bleeding for several days. The most serious of the possible diseases are inflammatory and tumor pathologies in the uterus. They adversely affect the regularity of the cycle. Menstruation appear with pain in the genitals. Detection of such symptoms should signal a woman to turn to a gynecologist for unscheduled need. A timely onset of menstruation can be prevented by polycystic ovaries. The disruption of the normal functioning of these internal organs results in a severe hormonal imbalance. Other symptoms of the disease – a sharp weight gain, acne and acne, male-type hairiness.

An imbalance of the hormones is indicated by a cyst of the corpus luteum. To restore the normal concentration of hormones allows drug treatment, aimed at regulating the endocrine system. Menstruation may be frustrated due to abortion through abortion or endometrial integrity. Such mechanical interventions in the body’s work destroy the hormone production pattern planned for the near future. The response to stress is delaying the start of menstruation. Forced measure that violates the hormonal background, is a medical intervention for miscarriage or missed abortion. Removal of the fetus from the uterus – of course, because the products of its decomposition do not have the ability to be removed from the body, which leads to intoxication.

What to do if the monthly does not occur 5 days, if the long delay of the monthly?

Diagnosis of delayed menstruation depends on the symptoms and the period of delayed menstruation that a woman has. If there are no painful symptoms and the menstruation does not come on time, the causes of this problem are the same, and if during the delay of the month it hurts severely in the lower abdomen, if the lower abdomen hurts right or left, there is weakness, an increase in body temperature, then the causes of this problem pathologies, including a number of gynecological and other diseases. A negative test result and the lateness of the month signal the need to consult about the situation with the gynecologist.

After examining the patient and analyzing the medical history, in order to diagnose the functioning of the reproductive system, it may be recommended to conduct measurements of basal body temperature. This indicator makes it possible to determine the presence of the ovulatory phase during menstruation. Establishing the reliability of pregnancy becomes available after a blood test for the composition and concentration of hormones. Also effective methods for the detection of pathologies are ultrasound and MRI.

A woman’s menstrual cycle is finally tuned with the completion of puberty and has a specific time frame. Cycle stages also take place at certain times. Constancy in the indicators suggests that the body works without disturbances, the reproductive system is not affected by pathologies or other factors. If the cycle start time is delayed for several days, the woman is either pregnant or ill. You can verify one of the two options by contacting a gynecologist for advice. In the case of diagnosing diseases that cause a delay in menstruation, be sure to engage in their treatment under the guidance of qualified professionals.

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