41 weeks of pregnancy

The estimated date of birth is left behind, and you are walking with your stomach, as if nothing had happened. Most likely, it was calculated incorrectly, but it is also possible that your baby decided to be born a little later than the intended time.

Baby at 41 weeks gestation

In fact, the duration of pregnancy depends on many different factors: the duration of the menstrual cycle, the exact date of release of the egg from the ovary and its fertilization, heredity, endocrine disorders, the age of the woman. And if you fall into this group, you can give birth even still not at the 41st week of pregnancy.

Although the baby is already absolutely ready for this: all the necessary processes are completed, the internal organs work, the systems are functioning.

There is no extra place in the tummy. But despite this, the baby moves (even if not as actively as before) and continues to grow: at week 41, its growth reaches an average of 51.7 cm, and its weight exceeds 3500 g.

41 weeks of pregnancy

Future mom

Listen to the movements: if the crumb is frozen, the birth is on the nose. If you don’t feel his movements for a long time, and don’t smell like childbirth, let your doctor know. On average, you must have at least 10 perturbations within 30 minutes.

When the real contractions begin, do not panic. In the maternity hospital should go, if the frequency between contractions is 7-10 minutes. But if even before this, your waters are gone, there is nothing to wait for: go to the hospital.

From this point on, focus on the generic process, think only of the baby and try to help him with his adequate actions: breathe correctly, relax in time, keep calm.

Immediately after the child passes through the vulvar ring, he is sucked away by mucus from the mouth to facilitate the first breath. He will announce his birth with a scream and will begin to breathe on his own. After the umbilical cord is cut, it will be an absolutely independent organism. But the connection with the mother, of course, remains: he is very dependent on you. Attach the newborn to the breast immediately after birth. Colostrum is of great value to the infant, and the breast sucking process at this moment is extremely important and beneficial for the mother and the baby.

Talk to your doctor before birth. In the meantime, they have not come yet, enjoy the peace. Let it be given to you is not easy, you are tired and, perhaps, a little nervous, but now you do not need to fear the accidental stimulation of the birth process. You can quietly have sex (if it is possible and you have a desire), as well as treat yourself to some harmful delicacy: during the breastfeeding period you will be forced to follow a dietary diet.

Try to sleep well before childbirth, rest, gain strength and recharge yourself with positive. Tomorrow-the day after tomorrow the fights will start – let everything go smoothly and easily! Very soon you will move to another status and open the first page of the new period of your life.

Stomach in the 41st week of pregnancy: pulls, hurts

In the meantime – listen to yourself and every minute be ready for childbirth, which can now occur at any time. Especially since for sure you are not the first day, and even, perhaps, not the first week you suffer from unobtrusive, but still noticeable abdominal pain.

Pulling pain in the lower abdomen is one of the obvious and “non-appealing” harbingers of childbirth. The baby has already managed to descend in the uterus, having pressed its head to the pelvic floor, hence the pulling aching pains in the abdomen. Such pains, as a rule, also extend to the lumbar region, can give up to the groin and thighs, shoot back into the legs. All this – the “side effects” of the last days of pregnancy, be patient, just a little bit more, the birth will take place safely, which means that you will say goodbye to stomach pains.

By the way, keep in mind that a stomach ache may be due to a banal digestive disorder. Although by the end of pregnancy, when the abdomen fell, and the pressure on the internal organs decreased, the digestive function is usually restored. But you never know what – analyze, maybe the pain may be associated with constipation, increased gas formation?

In principle, abdominal pain also occurs in case of placental abruption. But, in most cases, this pathology is also manifested by the appearance of bleeding, although, of course, bleeding during placental abruption can also be internal. Therefore, and now do not cease to pay attention to the selection: in some cases, their nature may in time to notify about any distress.

Discharge at 41 weeks gestation

For example – about activating the infection, if suddenly the discharge becomes unhealthy green-yellow color, cheesy or frothy texture and unpleasant smell. The development of infection in such late pregnancy is a very bad sign, because childbirth can begin from day to day, and you may not have time to eliminate the disease. In this case, the risk of infection of the fetus during its passage through the birth canal is very high, therefore, if the nature of the discharge changes, do not hesitate to visit the doctor.

If the pregnancy continues safely, in the 41st week of pregnancy you will certainly notice a certain increase in secretions and their transformation into mucus secretions. The mucus can be either transparent or colored pinkish, yellowish or creamy. This leaves the mucus plug, which for the entire period of carrying the baby covered the cervix, protecting the fetus from pathogens. The cork can go away all at once – you recognize it by the loss of a thick, tight lump of mucus about 2 tablespoons in volume, possibly pink or cream-colored or interspersed with blood. The passage of mucus plug is a sure sign that childbirth is just around the corner. Consider that after the discharge of the stopper sex with the spouse, as well as the usual bathing in the bathroom should be excluded, otherwise the fetal infection may be intrauterine.

Immediately go to the hospital, noticing the spotting. Blood, in most cases, indicates a phenomenon that is dangerous to the life and health of the baby and the mother – the detachment of the placenta.

Again, do not hesitate to be sent to the maternity hospital if you notice the appearance of liquid watery discharge. Noticing the watery discharge, you can be almost certain: it is nothing like the amniotic fluid. Remember that not necessarily the amniotic fluid is poured out at once and the flow – by the way, the discharge of amniotic fluid in such a “form” signals the very early onset of labor activity. But here the waters can leak and “in portions”, in small quantities, which indicates deterioration and violation of the integrity of the fetal membranes. Normally, the amniotic fluid is clear; particles of primordial lubricant in the form of flakes can also be observed in them.

But the amniotic fluid, painted in greenish or brown, should be the reason for an immediate trip to the hospital: the “colored” amniotic fluid is the result of the ingestion of the baby’s original feces – meconium. And the ingestion of such amniotic fluid for the baby may be unsafe.

Childbirth: what to do if there is no birth

What to do if there is no birth at the 41st week of pregnancy? Relax and in no case panic. Yes, it’s okay that you are still walking with a huge belly, no. Unless, of course, on examination by a doctor, the opposite is revealed – some threats to the baby and the need for stimulation of labor will be taken only by a specialist after an appropriate examination.

In fact, perfectly safely, pregnancy can last not only this, but the next week. This can happen if, at the very beginning, the estimated date of birth was set incorrectly – and it happens. And it happens that the baby himself personally is not particularly in a hurry to appear in this world: in the tummy of his mother he is now quite comfortable, comfortable and calm. The likelihood that the pregnancy will last longer than 40 weeks is also available if the expectant mom gives birth for the first time, if the woman has crossed the age of 30 years.

Remember: the absence of labor activity at week 41 is no cause for excitement. However, go to the doctor anyway: he must eliminate the aging of the placenta and the loss of its functions, which can lead to fetal distress.

If the doctor during the examination finds any risks for the baby, but at the same time ascertains the maturity of the cervix, a decision can be made on the use of drug stimulation of labor. Stimulation of childbirth may be necessary if, for example, a woman’s water has withdrawn, but contractions have not begun – an infection if the membranes are damaged can penetrate to the baby within 24 hours. Also, the cause for the stimulation of labor can be: chronic diseases, preeclampsia or kidney disease.

If there are no threats to the baby, and he feels fine, you can easily prolong the pregnancy without fear of any consequences. True, many women by this time, to put it mildly, are simply tired both physically and morally of this exhausting state. In this case, you can independently try to bring birth closer by applying the methods of natural stimulation. Of course, having consulted before this with a doctor and being confident in the maturity of the cervix. Perhaps one of the most pleasant methods of stimulating childbirth is sex, and, the more sex, the better. Not less pleasant way – massage the nipples, which, by the way, can be practiced during sex. In order for childbirth to begin sooner, move more: get down and climb stairs, walk down the street, but! Do not try to carry gravity! It is believed that the uterus is stimulated to reduce and cause childbirth eating pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, spicy food. And also – castor oil, in the amount of a few drops dripped on a piece of black bread. Castor oil – a very strong laxative, intestinal cleansing causes the uterus to contract. But at the same time, remember: the abuse of castor oil can provoke nausea and diarrhea, which can be unsafe.

In general, if you feel good, the doctor does not see any cause for concern and the child is not in any danger, walk around while pregnant.

A few days do not significantly change the situation, and who knows – how soon then you will still be happy to experience all the stages of the development of a new life within you.

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