41 week pregnancy sensations

What happens to the baby

All organs and systems in the fetus by the 41st week of pregnancy were formed. He is ready to be born at any moment.

The baby is comparable to an average watermelon – it weighs 3,473 g and reaches a length of 52.4 cm

What happens to the future mother: sensations

In the majority of pregnant women, a mucus plug comes off some time before childbirth: women notice white-yellow or brownish mucus in their underwear. Her appearance suggests that the cervix is ​​ready for childbirth.

Mucous plug may depart at once or in parts during the day. And in some women, mucus is generally released immediately before birth or with the amniotic fluid. Some pregnant mucus plug is taken for amniotic fluid. To understand what this substance is, you should use the gasket. If in 20–30 minutes it got wet, then the waters broke and it’s time to go to the maternity hospital.

In addition to the cork discharge, which is mentioned above, the expectant mother may have a watery discharge – this is amniotic fluid. You should not worry, as often the water can flow in small portions. These secretions are usually odorless or with a slightly sweetish aroma, transparent, sometimes contain flakes of original lubricant that protects the child’s body. If the water is removed in one stream, then immediately need to go to the hospital. Also, it is urgently necessary to go to the hospital if the waters have a brownish or greenish tint, as this indicates that the original feces are present in the waters, which may not be very safe if the baby swallows this liquid.

Future mothers note that by the 41st week of pregnancy, the baby moves less actively. This happens because in the uterus it is already very closely, with the pressed head, extremely uncomfortable to move.

Possible abnormalities

  • chronic fetal hypoxia;
  • preeclampsia.

41 week pregnancy sensations

Medical examination

  • An obstetrician-gynecologist’s consultation is necessary in order to clarify the condition of the child and assess the readiness of the woman’s body for childbirth.
  • general urine analysis.
  • weight measurement
  • blood pressure measurement
  • measuring the height of the bottom of the uterus and abdominal circumference
  • fetal heartbeat listening with an obstetric stethoscope
  • determining the location of the fetus in the uterus by palpating the abdomen
  • CTG (cardiotocography)

baby advises

Many women do not leave the feeling of anxiety before childbirth. Where does the fear of childbirth come from?

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What to do in the 41st week of pregnancy?

Usually, at this point, the future mother has already collected all the bags in the maternity hospital, and all her relatives already know what to do when her contractions begin. So we can assume that now you enjoy the last days (or hours) of rest. Enjoy, as in the near future you will have to forget about carefree pastime for a period. In addition, now you can afford to eat something that you really want, but it is not very useful, or, having gained courage, drink a glass of wine. But in the period when you will breastfeed your baby, you will need to follow a certain diet. Also now is the time to enjoy sex with your beloved man. According to doctors, sex after 40 weeks is not only pleasant, but also the safest induction of labor. If a pregnant woman has already studied everything about the process of childbirth, then it’s time to start reading the literature about proper care for a newborn.

Stopper is gone

A good sign is if by this time the future mother has a traffic jam. However, not in all cases immediately after this a baby is born, sometimes childbirth begins only after two weeks. But the main thing is that now you can be sure that a start has been made, which means you don’t need to worry about the possibility of a child being tampered with. In most cases, the cork moves in parts. This is indicated by small white, viscous discharge, which can be either transparent or white, yellowish or creamy. But the admixture of blood in such thick secretions indicates that childbirth can begin in the coming hours. If the cork comes off completely, then it looks like a clot of gelatin, the volume of which is about 2 tablespoons. In this case, in order to avoid infection of the baby, it is forbidden to take a bath and have intercourse.

Most importantly, remember that before the 42nd week, inclusive, childbirth is not considered late and take place as usual. If the contractions occur at intervals of 5–6 times per hour and are constantly intensified, this suggests that a completely silent moment remains until the cherished moment.

When the water flows away and the contractions begin to repeat every 7–10 minutes, it’s time to go to the maternity hospital.

To reduce pain, use breathing techniques, try to take calm, slow and deep breaths. Also, no matter how hard it is for you, try not to go to bed during fights. And try to relax, and first of all it is about how to establish emotional balance. Remember that the great miracle that you have been waiting for several months will happen very soon.

Useful advice future mom

If you pick up a newborn from a maternity hospital, you will drive a car, be sure to buy a special car seat. Carrying a baby in a car is not safe.

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