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A blog about life in Germany and not only …

Who am I and why this blog?

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Hello! My name is Marina Schatz (Schatz). I am not only a teacher of German (in Russia and Germany), but also just a girl who likes this very German language, Europe (namely Germany), Russia and travel. ;))))

I run this “blog about life in Germany” in order to help those people who may have decided to travel to Germany or other Schengen countries for the first time on their own, but they have a lot of questions. Also, I will make this blog useful for those people who decided to marry / marry a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Also, here I share with my readers impressions about life in Europe (mostly in Germany); I will reveal to you all the maps of real life outside of Russia and the CIS.

In addition to visa and documentation issues, I publish various educational materials for learning German and making it easier to learn.

Important. Everything that I will publish on this blog is based on my personal experience from 2013-2014. and official sources (links to which I give). Always check out any information that you are given in various forums. Do not think that you will be like someone! Everyone will have their own individual path, which will have to go! Well, in this we, people from the Internet, can only help with advice, opinion and experience! I wish all my readers only good and good luck in business! =)

The blog about life in Germany so far consists of the following categories:

Category “From Life” (click to view the category) – In it, I publish articles related to life in Germany, traditions and holidays, the lifestyle of the Germans, life values, travel, and much more.

Category “About visas” (click to view the category) – Naturally, there I publish articles on visa issues, give links about where to find reliable information, write about marriage with a foreigner, how things go, what pitfalls are there, I also share information about language courses and visas for them, and much more that somehow concerns visa issues and migration issues.

Category “Certificate START DEUTSCH-A1 ″ (click to view the category) – In this category I write articles about this exam, I give recommendations on the preparation and passing of the START DEUTSCH-A1 exam, I give material on the preparation and other similar information.

4 month old baby

Category “Certificate B1 DTZ” (click to view the category) – here are published articles about training and passing this exam for a certificate, provides materials for the preparation, describes in detail how the exam itself passes and says what it is for.

Category “Deutsch B2 / C1” (click to view) – this section contains exercises and vocabulary at the level of German B2, as well as a review of the book to prepare for the exam, and detailed information on the exam itself at the level of “Deutsch B2”.

Category “Learn German” (click to view the category) – From the very title it is clear that I will write articles about learning. In this category, I give any teaching materials of the lexical, grammatical plan in the German language; I share my experience, I give any advice.

Category “Learn German words (click to view) – here you will find an analysis of multi-valued German words, their meanings and examples!

Category “Your feedback” (click to view the category) – there you can write your comments about the blog / what else would you like to see on the blog.

I very much hope that the information you find here will be very useful to you and will help to resolve many of your questions! Feel free to share the information that you like on my blog. I will be very glad to all the comments and will try to answer all! =)


All excellent mood! =)

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thank you Marina

Always welcome, Gevorg. =)))))) If you have questions, ask =)

Hello Marina! I have this question. My beloved lives in Kassel and we collected all the docks for marriage, got permission from the court and I thought it was over, but no ……. I thought it was left to take a visa and everything I would marry a loved one. but they refused me in all visa centers, they said it is necessary to make a visa for a bride … .. I don’t have much German with me, or rather you won’t tell me. we are limited in time, said before August you need to do everything. Embassy in Novosibirsk. What do you think, maybe I should come to the Czech Republic, and then come to him and get married, or is everything just strictly necessary according to their law? I know that I will not pass the exam … .. Is it really impossible for us not to be together … .. thanks in advance! Waiting for an answer from you. Svetlana

4 month old baby

Svetlana, hello! You will succeed! No need to think about the negative! On the contrary, constantly imagine yourself close to your beloved – thoughts will materialize! =) And then, you still have a full 4 months ahead! Exam: Why do you think that you will not pass the exam? It is very easy, everything is at the elementary level. You can prepare for 1-2 months, if desired, faster. Concerning the visa: According to the rules you need to get a bride’s visa.

Good afternoon, Marina! Many thanks for the very useful information! I also embarked on the path of paperwork. And at the first stage already at an impasse … mine

Hello! Oksana, I am very glad that you found useful information on my blog =))) When I made out a new COP, I was sent to where I was born! = (in the city where I constantly lived I was refused ((Therefore, most likely, you will have to go to Latvia = (Or try contacting the authority that issued you this document – by phone or mail … You may be able to arrange that certificate sent by mail.

Hello Marina, I have just the opposite, I’m from Germany, and he is Russian &# 128578; I am very interested in how much it will all cost, at least approximately! All these documents, apostilles, visa and

Hello! Cristina, well, I can’t say anything for you … my husband put more than a thousand euro on the book (most likely as a guarantee),

Marina, and if it’s not a secret, how did you meet your husband? Did he know Russian at that time?

Hello Marina! Thank you so much for your hard work! Interesting and cozy here! I could not find where I could ask the question of what are the rules for keeping animals in Germany. I would be glad to see this topic. Thank you very much! Respectfully.

Hello! Thank you for your kind words and support!)))) Thank you for your opinion and great idea! We will implement!

))) Thanks to the Internet))) Yes, I knew))

Hello Marinochka! Thank you for the knowledge gained on the site, everything is very entertaining and useful! =) I, like many girls on this site (and other sites related to Germany), also have their own history .. I also have a loved one .. But the fact is that my story is not over yet .. I just run out of strength, internal … Over the past 2.5 years I have experienced a divorce, unemployment, several courts, perhaps not the last, education the child is almost alone (thanks to my family for not leaving, understanding and helping so far) … P I was no longer opposed to marriages with foreigners, I did not understand girls who could not find a soul mate in their homeland .. Now I understand them perfectly, because I was in the same situation =) When I started to communicate with my lover, everything was somehow it’s strange, if it’s a joke, it’s been a long time doubt whether it’s true, maybe it’s making fun (it’s partly so), I’ve communicated with it to the visa! I don’t know how they gave me a visa! on the property .. Probably, my child saved me, peg to Russia! And so, the charges are over, winter – 25 I left my own door and the next day I flew to Berlin .. I didn’t know that it happens … It was difficult to surprise me, it seemed that I knew everything … Actually I know only a tiny drop out of what life can give us … In general, I fell in love with puddles and spent the best (.) in my life for two weeks, better only the moment of birth of my son!)) I didn’t write much, I would have to take a few pages of the blog))) The fact is that now everything goes to the fact that we want to reunite in all senses .. But I it is terrible … I am afraid that everything will go wrong, that something unexpected might happen, I worry for my relatives … And I am very afraid to lose IT … I lost a lot in life, everything happened, but I can’t imagine how I will be here without him to live if something does not work out … I know that you can earn money, arrange your life, eat well, dress beautifully, but there is something that you can’t buy and it’s impossible to forget … Thanks to my little one, he saves me from bad thoughts, gives me strength and love of life, I like to educate him, but I would like to educate him TOGETHER E … It may be silly to talk like that, because I know life and met many people, but the fact that now .. so only happens once and I want to believe in a happy outcome …

Hello my good !! Thank you for reading my blog and for such an amazing comment with your story! Very touching for the soul! You are a strong girl and if you think that it is Love, if you feel in your heart that this is the right person, then do not even think about any problems! Just do it! Collect documents for the bride’s visa! Problems and obstacles – they will be everywhere and always! But, if you give up, then nothing happens! In the situation of getting married abroad, the main faith, patience, and in no case give up! Love will conquer all the obstacles on the way! I sincerely wish you all to succeed, and preferably easily! Love you and good luck in this business! And take care of your baby!

Girls, do not be afraid to take the exam A1 … I taught him from scratch in the center of the Goethe Institute for the express program … and you won’t believe when the 4 month course was over I was shaking that I couldn’t know anything … neither write, nor read, nor understand … but my self-confidence said that . I passed the exam by 81% with a 60% cross threshold. He is really easy! Learning is more difficult, but it is a necessity. She taught English at school and perceived German as a bird language. I passed the exam, went to the consulate in Moscow to hand over documents for a national visa … I was shaking again with fear … but there was no turning back … when talking with representatives of the German consulate from myself was in shock … it turns out I understand them … I can answer and write all that was required. Now I am waiting for a visa … and still do not believe that I could … really say our brain can do anything. Literally everything, and learn a foreign language, you just have to believe in yourself and your dream.

Marina, and I want to thank you and DANKE for your blog. This is very important information. If anyone is interested, I can share the process of preparing documents for residents of the Samara region. I am from Tolyatti and I can tell you in detail about where and what you need to assure, receive, issue and where to apply.

Marina, it would be very nice if you covered such a topic as obtaining a residence permit after marriage. Where to go, what documents are needed, terms of registration and obtaining a residence permit …. Is it possible to leave during the registration in Russia?

Larisa, hello !! Many thanks for your comments! When you see through the comments that the information on my blog was really needed and useful, then so much effort and desire appears to write more! Thank! And you, Larissa, I want to sincerely congratulate you on passing this exam Start Deutsch A1! ))))) You are well done! Now we have to wait for the visa. I will keep for you cams! Regarding residence permits I have already written articles, read this link about residence permits receiving>> http: //

I hope to help and give an overview))

Hello, I have to sign up for the exam in Moscow, I kind of read that the exam is April 27, the next is May 11, and I read in another site that April 20, I don’t know how to be (where can I see for sure? far from Moscow, thanks in advance!

A different mentality, a different life. everything is different – sometimes I think that I could live, sometimes I think not …

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