37 week of stirring pregnancy

37 week of pregnancy

So, in the 37th week of pregnancy, mother can be congratulated, because now her baby is already considered full-term, and if he decides to be born this week, doctors will not interfere with childbirth. Eight long months left behind, and now we have an early meeting with this little miracle!

The movements at the 37th week of pregnancy are insignificant, but still the baby sometimes reminds his mother of an early meeting.

37 week gestation

At this stage of its development, the baby is ready for birth: it has already fully formed all the organs. Every day he adds 30 g of fat, and the crumbs’ nervous system continues to change, forming a membrane around the nerve endings that will perform a protective function. This process will continue until the child is 12 months old, allowing him to control his movements.

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, surfactant is intensively produced in the lungs, which will allow the baby to take the first breath with light after birth.

Births in the 37th week of pregnancy are possible, however, if the first woman’s pregnancy is, then it probably reaches the end of the term,

The size and weight of the fetus at 37 weeks gestation is 47 cm and 2950 g.

37 week of stirring pregnancy

Photo ultrasound of the fetus at the 37th week of pregnancy

Woman in the 37th week of pregnancy

In the case of a second or third pregnancy during this period, precursors of labor may appear. The pressure on the internal organs is already decreasing and it becomes easier for Mom to breathe. The uterus begins to put even more pressure on the bladder, so the woman still feels the need for frequent urination. Already, the baby is considered full-term, and in the case of the onset of labor, doctors will not interfere with this.

By the 37th week of pregnancy, it is imperative to collect complete information about the maternity hospital, in which the woman will have to give birth, as well as about the process of the birth itself, having finally decided whether it is worth her husband or other relatives to attend it.

Many women are very responsible breastfeeding. In contrast, breastfeeding has more benefits. Because, first of all, it is a natural process that brings more benefits. Mother’s milk produces good immunity in the baby, thus preventing infectious diseases and allergies. In addition, breastfeeding forms the right bite in a child and even increases intelligence. When a woman breastfeeds her baby, she experiences a real emotional lift, from which both her health and her mood improves.

Hazards in the 37th week of pregnancy

The so-called contractions of Braxton-Hicks in the 37th week of pregnancy appear more and more often: they become longer and more sensitive. Vaginal, including bleeding at the 37th week of pregnancy can make itself felt. This suggests that the mucus plug begins to recede, which means that after a few days, childbirth can begin. Although there are cases when a woman begins to give birth only 10-14 days after the start of discharge. During this period, it is already necessary to pass tests for streptococci in order to avoid infecting the baby during childbirth.

It will also be necessary to see a doctor if a stomach ache occurs at the 37th week of pregnancy..

Recommendations for the 37th week of pregnancy

By week 37, a pregnant woman should have decided on the choice of the maternity hospital and the doctor. For the last 37-40 weeks, it is no longer recommended to lie on your back, since this position causes uterine pressure on the aorta, blocking the inferior vena cava. As a result, heartbeat may increase, which may even lead to loss of consciousness. Therefore, rest and sleep better on the side. If pulling the belly at 37 weeks of pregnancy, then this is a signal that you should consult a doctor.

When the baby’s head sinks to the pelvic region and it becomes easier for the woman to breathe, this is the first sign that only a matter of days remain before the intended birth. The body of the baby is fully formed and ready for birth. If there is bleeding, or water has withdrawn, then it is urgent to go to the maternity hospital, even if the contractions have not yet begun.

Thirty-seventh week of pregnancy

At this period of pregnancy, your heartburn will disappear and it will become easier to breathe, due to the fact that the uterus began to descend into the lower part of the abdominal cavity, preparing the baby for birth. The fruit is almost formed and prepared for life in the external environment. You also need to start preparing for this event, collecting everything you need and choosing a hospital. The 37th week of pregnancy is caused by nausea, tiredness and insomnia. But do not worry much, it will all pass soon.

Fetal development

The kid continues to gain weight and grow, gaining strength to come out into the light, strong and independent. If childbirth occurs this week, then the child can be considered full-fledged, since his lungs are already formed, and he can breathe the air himself. At this stage in the body of the baby is the active production of surfactant involved in the processes of respiration. The head of the baby is already in the pelvic region, and he is ready to go outside. The formation of the nervous system continues, the nerve fiber is covered with a special membrane that helps to improve the coordination of movement. The auricles of the baby have improved and become firmer. Bone tissue continues to develop, this is reflected in the growth of hair and marigolds, gradually becoming longer. The iris of the eyes is fully formed and has acquired a certain color. Most children are born with blue and gray eyes, but during the first year of life, eye color may change. In brown-eyed babies, the color will not change.

The state of the future mother in the 37th week of pregnancy

As mentioned above, the fetus and uterus descended into the pelvic region, freeing the chest. This will bring relief to the future mom, as temporary oxygen deficiency and shortness of breath will disappear. For the same reason, many pregnant women may have their digestive problems disappear. However, there may be problems with frequent urination, since the increased mass of the uterus will put pressure on the bladder. Everything will also be haunted by the feeling of back pain.

I have a stomachache

Abdominal pain at this stage of pregnancy is normal. They arise because of the increased mass of the uterus, which in turn increases due to the increase in the volume of amniotic fluid and the gaining weight of the fetus. To reduce the load a little, it is recommended to rest, lying on your side.

Also, the sensations of pain can be associated with shocks of the baby, especially in the chest part of the body. Since the baby has turned its head down, it strikes its legs in the chest area. It is not the stomach itself that can hurt, but the uterine ligaments, which are under a heavy load and continue to stretch. Accompanied bleeding from the vagina, painful sensations foreshadow fast delivery. In this case, call an ambulance and wait for the doctors to arrive, as this week the fetus is still exposed to hazards.

The 37th week of pregnancy is the period during which swelling and varicose veins can occur. Most often this is due to the work of the kidneys, which do not cope with the increased load. In order to avoid edema, it is necessary to reduce the daily amount of fluid consumed to one and a half liters and eat less salty in food, this will reduce the burden on the kidneys and stop the edematous process. To get rid of edema, it is recommended to drink herbs from herbs. But it is allowed to do this only with the permission of the doctor who is observing your pregnancy.

At this stage of vaginal discharge, the vaginal discharge is considered normal if it looks like a clear liquid that has no odor and no blood impurities. The consistency is allowed both liquid and viscous. Viscous secretions may be due to the active production of the hormone progesterone.

If there is a discharge accompanied by severe pain and blood, you must immediately call an ambulance and go to save, such signs indicate an abortion.

Discharges with a yellow, gray, green or brown tinge with an unpleasant odor indicate the presence of an infection. For secretions of this nature, you must consult a doctor and undergo a course of treatment.

Fetal movements

At the 37th week of pregnancy, the infant’s physical activity will occur in the evening and at night, this can cause some discomfort. To calm the baby, before going to bed, for 15 minutes, stroke the tummy and talk to him, you can sing a softly lullaby. During sleep, lie on your side and bend your legs. This situation will help calm the baby and reduce the load, which will give you a rest. Sometimes the movement of the fetus can be very active, while it will hurt the ribs with the legs, causing severe pain. In such cases, take deep breaths, it will help to dull the pain, and then stroke the tummy with your hand, this will calm the baby.

Birth in the 37th week of pregnancy

On the approaching birth, you can talk cramping pain in the lower back and abdomen, with these symptoms immediately call an ambulance. It often happens that premature birth can be accompanied by an early departure of amniotic fluid, this puts the life of the child and the process of the birth itself in jeopardy.

Sometimes doctors themselves cause premature labor, these can be cases of early detachment of the placenta, entanglement with umbilical cord, fetal hypoxia or infectious diseases.

This week births often occur during pregnancy with several fruits or if you are not pregnant for the first time.

37 week pregnancy

  • Questions – Answers

Another week has passed, and now you are on full alert. Already collected things in the hospital, everything is prepared for the meeting of the baby.

Births at 37 weeks of pregnancy end safely, the baby is born full-term, its organs and systems are fully formed and function normally outside the mother’s body.

A further period of pregnancy is accompanied by the maturation of the nervous system, the final preparation of the breathing apparatus for spontaneous breathing, although already enough surfactant has been formed at this time, the lungs are fully opened at the first breath.

How many months have passed? Week 37 is the beginning of the tenth obstetric month of pregnancy (in one obstetric month exactly 28 days, or 4 weeks).

The weight of a child at 37 weeks of pregnancy is about 2.9 – 3 kg, and his height – 47 centimeters.

What’s happening?

Pregnancy 37, 38 weeks – the period of preparation for childbirth as a mother and baby. Mom has already become much easier, because by this time the stomach is usually already lowered, it is easier to breathe, heartburn, digestive problems have decreased, but now you have to run to the toilet more and more often – the uterus is pressing the bladder even more.

The baby is actively gaining strength before birth, its weight is now increasing due to subcutaneous fatty tissue. Activity has become much lower, but the number of perturbations is of great importance, and mom still has to count them.

37 week gestation and its development

At this stage of pregnancy, the baby’s body is fully formed and ready for extrauterine life. The pulmonary system is fully developed. Now it is turned off from the blood circulation, but immediately after birth, when the first inhalation of the baby occurs, blood begins to flow into the lungs and be enriched with oxygen there. The amount of surfactant is sufficient for normal breathing.

In the last stages of pregnancy, important changes occur in the nervous system of the child — myelination of nerve fibers. A special myelin layer is formed around the neurons, which provides high-grade nervous activity, coordination of movements. This process does not end with pregnancy, but occurs throughout the first year of the baby’s life. And now the baby has already formed all the reflexes: prehensile, sucking and others.

The baby’s sleep already has not only a fast phase, during which rapid movements of the eyeballs are recorded, but also a slow one, during which the baby relaxes and fully relaxes. The slow phase now takes about forty to sixty percent of the entire duration of sleep, whereas in adults this figure is eighty percent.

The baby’s skin gradually brightens, lanugo almost disappears. Now the color of the hair and eyes of the baby is still different from the permanent. The improvement of the endocrine, immune system, and sense organs continues.

Photo baby, ultrasound

In the photo below you will find a few examples with ultrasound of babies in the 37th week of pregnancy.

Stomach in the 37th week of pregnancy

Most expectant mothers said that already in the 37th week of pregnancy, the stomach fell. And finally it becomes easier – the dyspnea is significantly reduced, it becomes easier to sleep, heartburn worries less. But the volume of the abdomen is already large enough, and Mom should be as careful as possible. When you go for a walk, try to do it with your spouse. Usually, mothers at this stage of pregnancy have an irrepressible desire to redo all the homework, do spring-cleaning, and prepare everything. Preparation for the meeting of the baby, of course, is very important, but mothers should now correctly assess their strength. Organize the help of relatives – they will be happy to take part in such household chores.

Fetal movements at week 37

The last weeks of pregnancy are accompanied by a decrease in the activity of the baby. Too little space in the uterus is now for active games. Mom still has to periodically count the number of movements, especially if she thinks that the activity has decreased dramatically and significantly.

Baby continues to grow. His movements are becoming stronger. Hitting the heels in the hypochondrium can be very painful. And since usually the baby is in the head-down position, it is precisely in the hypochondrium region that the maximum punching of the legs occurs. If it hurts mom, you need to try changing the position of the body, stroking the tummy, soothing the baby. Try a few minutes to stand on all fours, so the stomach sags a little, and the load becomes less.

Feelings Mom

The last month of pregnancy moms are often anxious, because the birth very soon. Often during this period training bouts intensify, often there is a feeling that the stomach is turning to stone. Do not be afraid to consult a doctor once again. Take a trip to the inspection if the pains bother you. The doctor will assess the condition of the cervix, the degree of its softening, tell you when the delivery is supposed to begin, and if everything is in order, just send you home.

Two to three weeks before the birth, the baby in the uterus descends, and Mom is experiencing significant relief, because the stomach is now less propping up the insides. But if this does not happen, do not worry. In primiparous, the stomach may sink a few days before delivery.

37 weeks of pregnancy: precursors of labor

All thoughts of the future mom in the last weeks of pregnancy are occupied by the upcoming birth. You have already completed training courses, read a lot of books and seem to know absolutely everything about childbirth. But most mothers are still worried: how not to miss the beginning of labor? In fact, it is simply impossible. In addition, there are certain signs that indicate that childbirth will begin in the next few days. These signs are called harbingers of childbirth. These include:

  • Abdominal ptosis: Mom feels that breathing has become much easier, but probably the back pain has somewhat increased, there is a feeling of pressure on the perineal area. All this indicates that the baby has already fixed its head in the birth canal and is preparing to be born.
  • Upset stool. Under the influence of changes in hormonal balance, liquid stool appears. So the body is cleansed of all the excess that can interfere in childbirth.
  • Discharge of mucus plug. A very characteristic feature that most moms pay attention to. The mucus plug is a collection of thick mucus in the cervix, which performs the function of protection. Immediately before childbirth, she departs, while the woman notes a single appearance in the discharge of thick mucus with streaks of blood.
  • Contractions become more frequent, acquire rhythm.

If you have found several such signs in yourself, you should be prepared for the fact that labor activity will start at any moment. Remember that the appearance of frequent painful contractions, the discharge of amniotic fluid – this is not a precursor, but the beginning of labor activity. If this happens, you should immediately go to the hospital.

Pain in the 37th week of pregnancy

The 37th week of pregnancy, as well as its entire final stage, is characterized by a multitude of painful sensations. Very often the back hurts, especially the lumbar region. If the stomach is already lowered, the pain becomes severe. On the other hand, the painful sensations of beating legs in the hypochondrium decrease, since the baby is already slightly lower.

Compression of the uterus of the venous vessels leads to edema, pain in the legs. You need to rest more often, placing your legs horizontally or even slightly lifting them. It is also useful to take warm foot baths (but not hot), to do massage.

Often mothers say that in the 37th week of pregnancy, lower abdomen hurts. In such a situation, it is necessary to consult a doctor. If the pain is not strong and is associated with training fights, it is quite normal. But pain can be both a sign of beginning labor and the pathology of the course of pregnancy.

Discharge at 37 weeks gestation

Future mommy in the last weeks of pregnancy should closely monitor the discharge, so as not to miss the discharge of mucus plug. It looks like a collection of thick mucus with streaks of blood. If this happens – be ready for the beginning of labor!

Pelvic presentation

If at this period of pregnancy the baby is in pelvic presentation (that is, his ass is adjacent to the birth canal), then his position will remain so by the time of birth. Mom is hospitalized at the maternity hospital even before the onset of labor, in order to assess whether vaginal delivery is possible or a cesarean section is necessary.

Determining the tactics of delivery, experts evaluate the following factors:

  • age of the future mother;
  • pelvic dimensions are estimated by external measurement, in some cases – during X-ray Heliometry;
  • obstetric history;
  • the doctor during a vaginal examination assesses the state of the cervix, the fetal bladder to determine the overall readiness of the body for the onset of labor;
  • size, weight of the fetus is a very important parameter, because sometimes with normal pelvic sizes, the baby’s parameters can be large;
  • type of presentation: pelvic presentation can be clean when the pelvis is adjacent to the birth canal, mixed, when the pelvis and legs are attached, or foot. Foot previa is considered unfavorable;
  • head position: if the baby is in a position in which there is a risk of over-bending of the head, a cesarean section is recommended.

Sex in the 37th week of pregnancy.

Usually, the last weeks of pregnancy are accompanied by a significant decrease in sexual activity of the spouses, sometimes because of the feeling that the baby is about to appear, sometimes it is just inconvenient to choose a pose. However, doctors say that during the normal course of pregnancy, sex at week 37 does not hurt at all, you just need to be careful, and leave more drastic methods for later. Sexual contact will not cause damage to the fetal bladder and will not cause any harm to the baby. And orgasm contributes to better preparation for childbirth. Therefore, if you and your partner have a mutual desire – do not deny yourself the pleasure.

Research and Analysis

At the 37th week of pregnancy, all standard tests are carried out: a blood test, urinalysis, blood sugar. Be sure to visit a gynecologist. In the last periods, the doctor determines the size of the pelvis, their compliance with the size of the baby, evaluates the presentation, position of the fetus. If you note that there are already signs of an approaching birth, the doctor may perform a vaginal examination to determine the degree of readiness of the cervix for delivery. Ultrasound in the 37th week of pregnancy is rarely performed, only for the purpose of diagnosing abnormalities on the part of the mother or baby.

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Questions – Answers

I have 37 weeks of pregnancy, pulling the belly more and more. This is normal? Is this a sign of the onset of labor?

An increase in the frequency of training bouts, which women typically describe as a feeling of tension in the abdomen, may indicate an approaching birth. But if you have the first birth, and there are no other precursors (abdominal prolapse, mucus plug discharge and others), then the birth can begin in two or three weeks. If the contractions become very frequent and painful, be sure to consult a doctor.

My first pregnancy is 37 weeks old. The legs hurt more and more, and the lower back is very pulling, sometimes the pelvic bones hurt. What is it?

Such sensations are quite normal for the last weeks of pregnancy. Pain in the legs associated with compression of the uterus of the venous vessels, nerve plexuses. They are not dangerous neither for you nor for the baby, but they really do cause concern. Try to relax more, ask your relatives to do a foot massage, only walk in comfortable shoes. Increased pain in the lumbar region, in the pelvis, is probably due to the fact that the stomach has already dropped, and the head of the baby is now in the pelvis, while the pelvic bones are moving apart, the sacrum moves back a little, which causes pain.

My weight on the 37th week of pregnancy increased by 17 kg. I try not to eat much, but I am afraid that I have gained too much. This is not dangerous?

Normal weight of the mother is very important for the course of childbirth. 17 kilograms is slightly higher than acceptable, but not critical. You still have 2-3 weeks ahead, and it depends on you how the delivery will take place. Limit all sweets, bread products, try to consume more vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, milk products. It is important to know that weight is not gained due to edema. If you feel fine, and the weight is gaining gradually, there is no reason to panic. If you notice that the weight gained very quickly, literally in a week, be sure to consult a doctor.

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