35 36 weeks of pregnancy

On 34 weeks gestation future mother is important to monitor the development of edema, and what is remarkable 35 week of pregnancy?

Let’s learn more about how the future mom’s condition will change at such a time as the baby develops, what the necessary tests will tell, and what problems the future mom may have.


In the 35th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother is increasingly thinking about upcoming delivery, about what her baby will be like. To direct thoughts in a positive direction, you should sign up for maternity courses, where the future mother will be able to learn a lot of important and useful information about pregnancy, the process of childbirth and how to properly care for the baby, as well as talk on “burning” topics with women like her in the same position.

Psychologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, pediatricians, and breastfeeding counselors conduct such courses. Depending on the program, the expectant mother will be able to learn anesthetic massage, breathing exercises, which will help to give birth without pain, proper organization of breastfeeding.

Also on such courses you can often hear feedback on maternity hospitals and doctors who can take delivery. Some of them come to lecture at such courses, and sometimes courses take place right on the territory of the maternity hospital, which allows you to get acquainted with the internal regulations of such a closed institution, ask its staff all the questions and get important and comprehensive answers.


At the 35th week of pregnancy, the bottom of the uterus is at a distance of 35 cm from the pubic joint, the head of the fetus with headache is located at the entrance to the pelvis. The child is already quite old, and although he stirs not so active because of the constraint in his movements, but on average once an hour he must give his signal. A prolonged lack of movement of the baby is a signal for a visit to the doctor.

During this period, the future mother may periodically pull the belly, and strain, and then relax the uterus. This is a fight Braxton Hicks – a kind of uterus training for childbirth. Braxton-Hicks contractions, unlike true labor contractions, are rare and irregular. Abbreviations last up to a minute, can be repeated after 4-5 hours. False contractions are painless. A walk or a warm bath will help to completely take a walk or a warm bath to relieve the discomfort.

Also at 35 weeks gestation, a woman often has to get up at night to go to the toilet. Frequent urination associated with a decrease in the volume of the bladder as a result of compression by its enlarged uterus. In order not to wake up once again, it is better to drink less liquid at night.


The thirty fifth week of pregnancy completes the eighth (calendar) month of pregnancy. It will take quite a bit of time and the child will already be fully prepared for life outside the womb of the mother. Now its length is about 46 cm., Weight – about 2500 g.

In the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the baby, fat continues to be deposited, due to which its skin becomes more and more smooth and pale. Also, on the skin of the child there is less fluff hair and original lubrication, now they are stored in the area of ​​the natural folds of the baby’s body. And the folds become more and more, so in the area of ​​the joints on the arms and legs, under the buttocks and around the neck, they are already quite noticeable. The cheeks. The cheeks are noticeably rounded, due to which the face has acquired soft children’s features.

The toenails of the baby have grown and practically cover the nail beds; he also continues to increase the striation of the feet, the hair grows and accumulates pigment. The eyes remain closed most of the time, the iris gradually acquires a genetically established color.

All organs of the fetus are almost ready to exercise their functions. In the lungs, the amount of surfactant that increases the airiness of the body when breathing increases again, meconium accumulates in the intestine, which will be released several hours after the baby is born.

35 week of pregnancy is characterized by intensive development of the adrenal glands. These endocrine glands are located above the upper poles of the kidneys and are responsible for the formation of hormones that regulate water-salt and mineral metabolism. In the adrenal cortex begin to produce active substances that mobilize the body during stress.


Pregnancy is not only physical stress for the body, but also tremendous psychological stress. The future mother asks herself a lot of questions that often cannot be answered. The mood often changes: a kind and cheerful state can suddenly be replaced by apathy and despondency, and the state of health and reflection in the mirror are not very happy.

The baby acquires its real outlines on the surface of the abdomen: now its handle, leg, or ass sticks out through the skin and the future mother can almost touch it. This helps her to realize her future parenthood, to understand to whom she reads fairy tales and sings lullabies, with whom she speaks when she is scared or lonely.

Many future mothers complain absent-mindedness and forgetfulness, difficulty to concentrate on important issues. This state will pass after childbirth, so that there, when the baby appears, each mother becomes just a walking encyclopedia.


35 week of pregnancy – if the figure of the scales has long passed the permissible level, most likely, the doctor will recommend a diet that will bring the weight back to normal and improve health.

The main thing in the diet for future mothers is not to cut portions, but to eat less high-calorie meals, eat more often and in small portions.

Replacing high-calorie foods in your menu with products with a light sign, less kilograms will be gained, and vitamins and microelements in the body will be supplied in the same amount.

Help in weight control can skim dairy products or with a low percentage of its content – up to 0.5. They are also useful, but do not allow to recover, however, provided that they do not add starch. Therefore, do not forget to carefully read the labels and composition.

Be careful with sugar and sweet water. It is better to drink mineral water without gas, green tea, decoctions of herbs. They have many vitamins, minerals and enzymes that strengthen the immune system.

Love the unsweetened oatmeal, and every day in the intestine will be soft and natural cleansing. Is it difficult to eat cereal without sugar? Add jam, jam or thawed berries to it – it’s just delicious.

Pay attention to the muesli – there is no fat and sugar in them, but there are a lot of trace elements that not only normalize the metabolism, but also help the body to absorb vitamins.

35th week of pregnancy: doctor’s recommendation


In the 35th week of pregnancy, expectant mothers may experience leg cramps – causing severe pain, the gastrocnemius muscle located on the back of the tibia is compressed. The most common cause of seizures is impaired blood circulation in the legs and a deficiency of calcium, magnesium, potassium, or vitamin B6 in the body. The consumption of these trace elements increases in the body of the future mother. Also sometimes convulsions are associated with a decrease in the level of glucose in the blood, which is also important during pregnancy, because glucose is the main energy source and is actively spent not only on the needs of the pregnant organism, but also on the vital activity of the baby.

For the prevention of seizures, you can do a light massage, stroking, rubbing. At night, you can wear warm socks, cover with a warm blanket. Contrasting shower is an excellent means of preventing seizures – it should be taken in the morning and evening.

Insomnia – one of the companions of a pregnant woman. It is difficult enough to find a comfortable sleeping position due to an enlarged abdomen. It is not recommended to lie on your back, because the uterus puts pressure on the inferior vena cava, and there are problems with blood circulation, both in the mother and in the child, the posture on the right side is preferable. Sometimes a pillow placed under the belly or between the legs helps to get comfortable. Often at night a pregnant woman is disturbed by the need to go to the toilet, satisfy hunger or anxious thoughts about childbirth and future life with the baby.

35 36 weeks of pregnancy

Edema in the third trimester of pregnancy – a complex and multicomponent symptom. If the expectant mother is simply prone to edema physiologically, consumes a lot of fluid and does not follow a diet with a minimum amount of salt, the edema may not pose a threat to her health. However, if the swelling is accompanied by a headache, an increase in blood pressure and protein in the urine – this may be a sign preeclampsia – late toxicosis of pregnant women, with such symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


In the 35th week of pregnancy there are no necessary tests. Most often, all ultrasounds have already been done, and if at this time another visit falls in female consultation, then the doctor will examine the future mother, weigh it, measure the stomach, measure the pressure. If before that urine and blood tests have already been taken, the doctor will draw the necessary conclusions from him about the course of pregnancy.


Think about that in what position you will give birth: the classical maternity hospital position “supine” is now losing its leading position and more and more maternity hospitals offer vertical childbirth or childbirth into the water. It is important to study this question, both in the context of the technical security of the maternity hospital, and to find out from your doctor what he thinks about this, whether he practiced such types of delivery.

Do not forget that it is time to prepare and purchase things necessary for the baby. And there are not so few of them, so get ready to be busy with this process seriously enough. Among the things that will definitely need are a cot, stroller, bath, diapers, baby clothes, baby cosmetics, bed linen, mattress, diapers, diapers, a bed mobile. If the family has its own car, you need to consider purchasing a child car seat.


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